Monday, October 7, 2013

Philippines open bidding for ₱18 billion 2 New Frigates; No to Refurbished Italy Maestrale-class frigates as expensive


Lockheed Martin's Multi-Mission Combat Ship family Reportedly being offered is the 118-meter design (middle) (photo from Lockheed Martin website) 

5 Countries joining the bidding, namely:

United States of America (May Showcase their Lockheed Martin's Multi-Mission Combat Ship family, which is where the USN's Freedom-class LCS was based)

 Israel (Sa'ar Israel's Newest Next Generation Frigates to be offered to the Philippines)

Croatia (A newest member to EU effective July 1, 2013 May join with Swedish Manufacturer of Göteborg Class corvettes)

 Australia (Independence-class LCS, to be constructed in Cebu's Austal Philippines A consortium between Austal Australia and Austal Philippines)

 South Korea (Daewo's may offer the DW-3000H frigate and Hyundai Heavy Industries may offer their Incheon-class frigate Designs)

The Department of National Defense (DND) has finally earmarked 18 billion for two brand-new frigates for the Philippine Navy and opened the bidding for the ships aimed to boost military modernization.

"The DND/Armed Forces of the Philippines now invites bids for the acquisition of two units new construction frigates with ammunition for the Philippine Navy," DND Undersecretary for Bids and Awards Committee Fernando Manalo said in the invitation to bid.

As stated in the bidding announcement, the contract for the frigate project includes complete weapons systems.

The bidding will also be conducted through a two-stage competitive bidding procedures using a non-discretionary "pass/fail" criterion as specified in the Republic Act 9184 or otherwise known as the government procurement reform act.

Bidding documents may be purchased starting Thursday (October 3, 2013) worth 75,000. The pre-bid conference will be on October 11 at 10 a.m. at the DND BAC Conference Room, Right Wing Basement of the DND Building at Camp Aguinaldo.

Bidders are required to have delivered a project of similar scale in the last 10 years and will have to turn over the new vessel to the DND within 1,460 calendar days (4 years) from the opening of the letter of credit, or expected delivery by 2017-2018.

The DND said it will hold the pre-bidding conference on October 11, while the first stage of bidding is set on October 25 at the DND Bidding Awards Committee Conference Room, Basement, DND Building, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

The agency has acquired two second-hand Hamilton-class cutters BRP Gregorio del Pilar (PF-15) and BRP Ramon Alcaraz (PF-16) the past year. While the Del Pilar has started its service under the Navy, the Alcaraz is set to be commissioned this month.

Philippine Navy flag officer-in-charge Vice Admiral Jose Luis Alano has said that five countries have so far expressed interest in joining the bidding namely the US, Israel, Croatia, Australia and South Korea.

DND also said that purchasing brand new vessels are more cost-effective than pushing through with plans to acquire Italy's Maestrale-class frigates.

"We found out that it will be more expensive to maintain second hand vessel(s) than buying a new one," DND undersecretary Fernando Manalo said in a previous report.

The acquisition of the two frigates is part of the 24 projects that the DND plans to acquire through the AFP modernization funds worth 75 billion.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Frustrated na sana ako doon sa pag cancel ng Italy's Maestrale-class frigates akala ko kickback issues na naman.. mabuti at utak ang pinagana nila... tama naman magastos ang maintenance sa 2nd hand.. we have 2 already... ang 2 Hamilton Class na pwede pang ratsada kahit mag bagyo pa sa West Philippine Sea.. Wala ang China ng ganyan.. pag may Bagyo okay pa rin tayo pag patroll sa Spratly ang china limited na sila pag datin dyan kasi yung recent typhoons mga barko ng china sa Paracels lumubog at maraming patay at missing..

    Ito 2 strengths natin ngayon..

    1. 2 Hamilton Class warships could survive patrolling even if there is a typhoon /Storm in West Philippine Sea

    2. Malapit lang.. nasa kasi Spratly is just a municipality of Palawan Province at doon inihanda natin ang ating new Naval bay at gagastusan natin g Half Billion Peso yon... para awing tahanan ng 2 New Frigates Samantalang sa Subic naman ang 2 Hamilton Class cutters

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good news indeed.. No China in the bidding..

  3. Anonymous says:

    pero masyadong matagal ang four years at pagkadeliver 1 year traing pa na mga crew pagdating nang mga yan baka controlado na ng china ang buong spratly island at scarborough shoal naten. Hinde ba pwedeng bilisan ba yan? i-fastract ng walang sinasakripisyong kalidad. Brasohin na dapat ang pag acquire ng mga barko to protect our rights!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Israel may submit a bid using a derivative and highly modified version of the Israeli-designed Sa'ar 5-class corvette which was built by Ingalls Shipbuilding (now under Northrop Grumman).

    The reported version is considerably bigger and addresses a lot of issues they encountered with their own Sa'ar 5 ships. The offer is said to include a very considerable percentage of Israeli-made sensors and weapons systems to decrease the ship's overall price.

    BUT if the The Sa’ar 5 corvettes American Version would be adopted then it would be great!!!

    The American Version of Sa’ar 5 corvettes have moderate anti-air capabilities, thanks to twin 32-cell launchers for short-range Barak surface-air missiles, a Mk15 Phalanx gun option, and IAI Elta EL/M-2218S and EL/M-2221 GM STGR radars. Bow-mounted and towed sonars, plus 6x 324mm torpedo tubes for ATK’s Mark 46 torpedoes, give them moderate anti-submarine capability. Surface warfare is addressed well, with Typhoon remotely-operated 7.62-30mm gun/missile systems to deal with guerrilla craft, Harpoon or Gabriel anti-ship missiles for use against larger ships or land targets, and a 76mm Oto Melara naval gun option that can be installed in place of the Phalanx CIWS system. The Eilat Class’ helicopter hangar can accommodate AS565 Dauphin/Panther, Kaman SH-2F or Sikorsky S-76N helicopters, and the ship is also capable of launching small special forces boats, or robotic USVs like RAFAEL’s Protector series.

    Some have called them a better model for the USA to adopt, as it seeks an affordable Littoral Combat Ship (LCS). But it could be more expensive as $700 in one ship

  5. Anonymous says:

    Of course No China will not submit any bidding wala namang sariling da best na Frigate ang China kundi gaya-gaya lang din... and besides hindi gagawa ng Frigate ang China para sa Philippines para kakalabanin ang sarili nila maliban nalang kung gagawa sila para may self destructive control na pag sakay ng navy natin ay pwede sasabog .. hahahha

    Mahirap e fasttrack ang Construction ng mga ships na yan kasi State of the art ang mga planned offers.. it takes years bago matapos.....

    Nothing to worry na ma control ng China ang Spratly because we are optimistic na ang United Nations will judge that the claim of China is illegal...

    Reason why USA is planning to have a semi-permanent presence in the Philippines so that China could not easily attack the Philippines..

    Remember USA used the Philippines in WWII and 1 Million pinoys died in fighting for USA's democratization in Asia...

    for the second time USA want;s to use the Philippines to control the expansionism of China and USA will not allow that China will control the world's largest oil deposits otherwise Chinas' power will take over USA.

    USA could afford to have the Philippines to be the World's most powerful country at least the alliance with them is secured and the Oil for USA is also secured.

    I like this news really.. superb!!! may transparency na talaga in terms of this kind kasi we Netizens are on watch and any mistakes of the DND will slap them right then..

  6. Anonymous says:

    USA is worried to THE Philippines become like the communist Cuba reason why it is limiting its support for modernization. The history of USA and Cuba were best friends and best ally but after turned into mortal enemy in 1950s. After ousting the USA in the Philippines; USA is in doubt if it will fully modernized the Philippine Defense would turn into an enemy to fight against them as experienced between USA – Cuba’s friendship turned into mortal enemy when the communism system took over Cuba in 1950s.

    The Philippines has 15% and keep growing through China’s Aid, a chance to become communist like China, Vietnam or North Korea and 85% declining chance to remain a free country but transparency might be a hurdle for communism to succeed as people would be vigilant and against communism.

    In the Congress now, Reds or NPA gained their seats now which means the Pork barrel must be abolish as soon as possible to lessen the grip of this communist minded people.

    There is nothing wrong with socialist minded as long as it will not impede the Freedom of the people.

    Even me, I am a conservative type and I also advocate a self-sufficient Philippines and limit the abused freedom but I disagree with communism.

    Freedom is a requirement for every pinoys but It must not be absolute. Every citizens are Free to do anything except killing people, destroying other’s reputations without valid evidence, and I advocate ofr National ID system and all transactions must be connected to National ID so we would know if the person is not a money launderer, funding terrorism, or tax evader.


    I love the Philippines more than my life and the Dignity of being a Philippine Citizen must be intact forever.. and am a big No to communism and big no to China’s control in our SEA.. So I agree that even the Philippines will spend 1-3% of the total GDP yearly ($2.55 – $8.93 Billion USD) - for Arm modernization and for the Military welfare and benefits so we could have highly equipped and conventional numbers of protectors to our country then I thumb up for it.

    The Military spending is still very low… we will not aimed a highly militarized country but just a respectable with credible defense country to avoid bully.

    I am calling also the passage of the law for a “Mandatory Military Service” to all men age 18 years old and above and voluntary for women 18 and above who want to serve the Military.

    The love of country has been eroded to a lowest level. Majority of the Philippine Citizen have a hatred to the country now.. most of the mindset is to finish their study and to work abroad, to leave the Philippines or to forget the Philippines and many are anti-Philippines because they do not love the country.

    By having a mandatory Military Service, it’s not just about learning how to use the weapon but also the history of the country to could instill the pride to say “I am a and I would be a Philippine Citizen yesterday, today, tomorrow and Forever”

    Mandatory Military Service could also lessen the Jobless of the country. Mandatory Military Service must have a salary also as the other regular Military of not lower that P10,000.00 Per month

    In this sense, Chinese company who are employing people with less than P10,000 Salary would be force to raise the Salary otherwise all men and women would love to serve the Military for having P10,000 month salary higher than Chinese employer giving salary of P1,500 – P3,500

    Mandatory Military Service also will rank the system from Elite to the lowest. Like South Korean System.. lowest class Military servicemen will work on the Field doing rice and vegetable planting for the food supply for Military.

    The Budget for the Pork Barrel must be divided now into 2. 1 is for Education Assistance, Medical and Infra Project and other is for Mandatory Military Service Fund.

    By having a Mandatory Military Service, it would eradicate the NPA because people joining the NPA are jobless and loves guns. It will eradicate Muslim Rebel group because people would love to join the Military service because they could have salary. Reason of Rebellion in Mindanao is Joblessness and other factor is islam extremist.

    Having a Mandatory Military Service by 2015 it would mean the Jobless rate of the country would fall into 3-4% only for working class.

  8. Anonymous says:

    very nice idea or proposal Mandatory Military Service for Filipino. kaso ang ROTC na abolished sa mag isip naman sila itong Mandatory Military Service.I now beleived that seryoso ang Admin ni pres. PNOY sa AFP modernization program. sana ma abot natin yong desired force mix for PN with 5 years

  9. Anonymous says:

    I will be biased for now, but I preferred Australia (Independence-class LCS, to be constructed in Cebu's Austal Philippines A consortium between Austal Australia and Austal Philippines). Because as per said it will be constructed in CEBU this would mean Employment to our Kababayans.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Me too I agree I would prefer Austal because it means JOB and the payment of the government to the Frigate Construction would rotate majority to the Philippines. Defense and authentic wise, Austal is one of the Leading firm the supplies Frigate to the USA Navy.. Though Lockheed Martin's Multi-Mission Combat Ship family is great and Israel is also great but SARILING ATIN IS ALWAYS THE BEST.. JOBS FOR THE PHILIPPINES..

    Let's watch who will win the bidding.. all of the bidders are great!!! really great.. Price will matters later then

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sweden was offering 2 Göteborg Class corvettes as freebies to Croatia if Croatia decided to purchase 8 JAS Gripen fighter jets. The deal reportedly fell through because Croatia couldn't come up with the financing.

    Since the Gripen NG likely is the best choice for an air superiority fighter for the Philippines, due to it being an inexpensive 4.5 generation fighter, its low operating costs, and its ability to land on short runways, the Philippines could try and step in and take over the deal offered to Croatia.

    The Göteborgs were commissioned in the early 1990s, are heavily armed, and the Swedish Navy takes good care of their ships, so the PN would not only be getting two ships that would be great for familiarizing their crews with modern weapons systems, but would also have an immediate force-strengthening impact, have very low operating costs(!), and would be in use for a long time as submarine and ship hunters, unlike second-hand ships built in the 1970s.

    And adding 8 Gripens to the 12 FA-50s already being purchased would basically immediately give the Philippines a credible air force.
    Could Croatia Finance this project? What if not? The Bidding DND Team must check this well if the banks letter of credit from Croatia is authentic.. I am worry if they wold failt o finance then....

  12. Anonymous says:

    Our government must act appropriately and subsequently after this announcement para hindi na lang puro daldal.

    No corruption please, not even a hinge!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I hope our government will encourage the chosen manufacturer of these frigates to produce them here in the Philippines. We can actually start producing locally made frigates and then we can either export them or acquire them for local use.

    They are doing this practice of transfer of technology in other countries, why can't we do this - anyway we are already "INVESTMENT" grade as per Moody's, etc.

    If we do this, this will generate more jobs and economically best for the Philippine government and the Filipino people at large.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hinge is also a corruption.. you must know that and a violation of their sworn professional ethic

    Corruption in the Philippines I thought nag change na .. hindi pa rin pala...

    I arrived the Philippines few weeks ago sa NAIA Terminal III kasi patapos na contract ko hinay-hinay kung hinahakot ang mga gamit ko kasi its a long holiday naman sa Korea. Though I have my vacation last August for my 3 years stay in Korea madami na akong nabibiling mga big jackets na sayang naman kung hindi e uwi





    kung talagang sinabi nya sa akin magkano e babayad ko sa kanya mapahiya sya sa akin kasi alam ko ang batas.. basahin nyo mga OFW

    “Balikbayan Program” of the Philippines under Republic Act (RA) 6768?

    The Balikbayan Program of the Philippines was enacted in November 1989 to attract and encourage overseas Filipinos to visit the Philippines.

    The following categories of persons can avail of the Balikbayan privilege: (a) a Filipino citizen who has been continuously out of the Philippines for a period of at least one (1) year from the date of last departure; (b) a Filipino overseas worker (OFW); (c) a former Filipino citizen who had been naturalized in a foreign country and holds a foreign passport.

    re Balikbayans also entitled to certain duty and tax-free privileges?

    A “Balikbayan” is another term for an OFW or a former Filipino. A returning resident is also a BALIKBAYAN when has has stayed abroad for at least one (1) year. Therefore, Balikbayans are entitled to duty and tax-free privileges.

    What is the extent of duty and tax-free privileges of returning Filipinos or Balikbayans?

    The extent varies as follows:

    (1) Returning Resident – Personal effects and household goods used by him and abroad for at least six (6) months and the dutiable value of which is not more than Ten Thousand Pesos (PhP10,000.00) are exempt from duties and taxes. Any amount in excess of PhP10,000.00 is subject to fifty percent (50%) duty for the first PhP10,000.00 exemption across the board as provided for under Section 105 (F) of the TCCP.

    (2) Overseas Contract Worker (OCW) – in addition to the privileges granted to Returning Residents as described above, an OCW may be allowed to bring in, duty and tax free Ten Thousand Pesos (PhP10,000.00) worth of used home appliances provided:

    (a) The quantity is limited to one of each kind.

    (b) The privilege has not been enjoyed previously during the calendar year which must be declared under oath by the owner.

    (c) The owner’s passport is presented at the port/airport of entry.

    (d) Any amount in excess of PhP10,000.00 will be subject to taxes and duties.

  15. Eto pa nga OFW batas para magagamit nyo, e print nyo at pag aralan nyo para pag kinukutungan kayo ng Customs diyan sa NAIA eto esampal nyo basta cgurado kayo tama kayo.. at walang mali huwag matakot sa mga yan...

    see the link

  16. Anonymous says:

    Kulang pa yang Frigate na yan.. gawin nyong apat mag ambag-ambagan nalang ang sinong may pagmamahal sa bayan.. Basta Austal ang mananalo re request namin gawing 4 frigates para 8 years na job employment at mag contribute nalang tayo mga kabayan kahit piso-piso hanggang ma bayaran ang other 2 frigates peperma tayo ng contrata sa Austal at duon nyo e direct deposit ang contribution nyo hanggang ma complete ang another P18 billion para sa anotehr 2 Frigates

  17. Anonymous says:

    Kaya naman kahit na mga 6 pcs of Frigate na brand new - ang laki laki ng Pork barrel, DAP, Malampaya Funds, Pagcor Funds, PCSO funds, etc. kung gugustuhin kaya naman eh.

    Kaya rin naman i-produce sa Pilipinas basta magkaroon lang ng joint venture agreement with foreign company iyong may transfer technology - we can produce these frigates locally and we can even export to other countries.

    Aba to produce them here in our country these frigates ay definitely mas mura - para naman makapag-generate pa ng maraming trabaho sa mga Filipino at ganoon din ma-boost pa ang economy natin lalo.

    Kaya ito ng Pinoy - basta iyong mga leaders natin ay maayos mag-isip at hindi corrupt.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Kung Austal Australia ang mananalo Sure 100% sa Cebu ang Construction through its subsidiary in Balamban Cebu.. ang e import nalang is the Engineering and Design ng frigate at mga Armas.... Sana Austal ang mananalo

  19. Anonymous says:

    May point ang piliin and Austal Autralia pero mas importante kung ang pipiliin ay da best at
    pwede panlaban sa mga chinks. Sana nakabili na ng apat na ganito kundi lang sa pagnanakaw

  20. Anonymous says:

    sege payag kami piso piso bawat isa,,kahit kami mga ofw 1000k samin bawat isa basta hindi lang ilagay sa bulsa ng mga hinayupak at gahaman na mga putang inang mga politiko na yan.hindi sana kami maghihirap ng ganito..segi bibili tayo kahit mga anim na frigates agad.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Mga kababayan ko, to help solve our problem, mas maganda somebody will initiate ambag ambag lahat na pilipinos kahit tag 10 pesos nlang bawat isa para makabili tayo ng marami pang frigates and missiles for our country.

    Aside from that, have you heard the DEUTERIUM? I think if our government will manage to get this, our problems will quickly solve.

  22. Anonymous says:

    nakita nyo na mga kababayan ang Rebuilding for the better Philippines noon pa man ay nag advocate ng piso+piso contribution para maka bili ng gamit pandigma pero noong humingi sila ng approval sa APF under kay Dellosa, inisnub sila.....

    Pero tayong mga followers ay hindi titigil sa hangarin nating makabili ng gamit pandigma .. ipakita natin sa gobyerno na kung naglalaro lang sila ng Dirty politics tayo hindi... seryoso tayong makipag laban para sa bayan.

    Hihintayin natin ang dating organizer ng rebuilding for the better Philippines o sino mang mas mabilis at nasa pinas ngayon o sa ibang bansa na magaling gumawa ng contract..

    Gagawa tayo ng contract sa Austal Philippines sa balamban Cebu...

    Ngayon lama na natin na kaya pala nila gumawa ng frigates gamit ang Austal Australia's Engineering and Design para sa frigate... sa Cebu nalang tayo mag order...

    Gagawa tayo ng contract sa Austal Cebu na mag create ng Bank account para gagamitin natin lagayan ng pondo... Sa Austal na account na pero joint signatory ... hindi ma withdraw ng Austal ang pera kung walang perma sa lahat ng organizer...

    sa 2 years na fund na iipunin natin, kung sapt na maka gawa ng Frigate go na tayo pag hindi eh e convert natin nag project into smaller fast craft boats para sa navy na kakasya sa fund...

    agree mga kabs?

    Help.. naman diyan... sino magaling gumawa ng contract sa ganitong system....

  23. Anonymous says:

    magandang drawing to. yun nga lang DRAWING!

  24. Anonymous says:

    eto namang isa nasa itaas walang selfconfidence..mabuti pa magsalsal kana lang jan,wala ka asenso sa buhay mo kung ganyan pag.iisip mo poro lang drawing...segi editor of rebuilding better phil.wait lang kami kung magkakaroon na ng kontrata.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Isa Rin po akung OFW nagtatatrabaho d2 sa Oman, Ok po sa akin na mag ambag lahat ng OFW, 1000 pesos or kahit 5000. Basta para sa seguridad ng ating bansa at ating mga isla. Mabuhay po ang Mahal nating Bansang Pilipinas

  26. Anonymous says:

    OFW din ako sa Saudi Arabia. at kapag seguridad na ng bayan ang pinag uusapan, kahit mag ambag ako ng 20000 para sa bagong frigates ok sa akin.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Simulan na natin ang ambagan system mga kababayan. Ito ang magandang ehemplo ng tunay na makabayang Pilipino..wait lang kami ng update kung papano

  28. Anonymous says:

    I am an OFW from SAUDI. I am willing to pay even PHP 10,000 for this advocacy. Mr. Presient Ninoy Aquino Sir, hope you will have the chance to read this posts. The ordinary Filipino Citizens are very much willing to help uplift the Philippines. We Filipinos in foreign lands were sometimes belittled primary due to bad Phillippine Government image mostly because of the bad doings of the politicians. If our government is right and respectable, so as well it's citizens - (JIG)

  29. Anonymous says:

    i like the MMCS Better

  30. i am a law student and i am touched by your concern for security of our country. i will share as you share for the good of our country. i love you guys for coming up the idea of sharing to buy frigates. i salute you for this GREAT idea of TRUE Filipinos.

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