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AFP- Philippines 48 Fighter Jets, 6 Submarines, anti-ship cruise missile – Washington CNAS


WASHINGTON – The Philippines needs up to four squadrons (48) of upgraded Lockheed Martin F-16 fighter jets, more well-armed frigates and corvette-size, fast to surface combatant vessels and minesweepers and four to six mini submarines, possibly obtained from Russia, to build a credible defense force in the face of China's increasing belligerence in the South China Sea, the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) said.

This level of capability would far exceed current Philippine planning and finances and it would be in Washington's interest to make it easier for Manila to acquire excess US fighters, frigates and other weapons system and encourage other countries such as Japan and South Korea to help modernize the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), it said in an article "Defending the Philippines: Military modernization and the challenges ahead."

The CNAS article on Thursday written by Richard Fisher said the AFP's modernization program was estimated to cost about $1 billion over the course of President Aquino's six-year term – an amount that pales in comparison to China's 2012 official military budget of more than $100 billion.

A high-level Philippine delegation led by Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario and Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin was in Washington this week for discussions on each other's needs to ensure freedom of navigation in the South China Sea. 

A Hamilton-class frigate, now the flagship of the Philippine Navy, was turned over by the US last year and a second one is forthcoming. A third frigate is being sought.

The article lauded Aquino's determination to build up his country's military forces and said he has spent more than $395 million on AFP modernization since coming into office, compared with $51 million annually in the previous 15 years.

It said he is seeking to purchase a small number of F-16s supported by six to 12 Surface Attack Aircraft (SAA)/Lead-In Fighter Training (LIFT) aircraft such as the subsonic Italian Aermacchi T-346 or the supersonic Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) T/A-50, both of which could be modified to perform secondary combat missions.

A considerable investment in training, logistical support and basing will have to precede the aircrafts' service entry, estimated to be in 2016, the article said.

In 2011, the Philippine Navy (PN) restored a program to acquire two multi-role vessels in the form of 5,000-to-10,000-ton Landing Platform Deck (LPD) ships capable of supporting Marine amphibious operations supplying outposts in the Spratly Islands or conducting disaster relief operations.

The PN is also looking for a land-based anti-ship cruise missile like a version of the US Boeing AMG-84 Harpoon which has a range of 120 kms and could also be used by frigates and F-16s, said Fisher, a senior fellow with the International Assessment and Strategy Center, in his article.

"Finally, the PN would like to acquire a submarine by 2020, which would become its most ambitious and expensive program to date," the article said.

Given the economic and political stakes in ensuring that all East Asian countries maintain unimpeded access to the sea lanes near the Philippines, both those nations and the United States now share a real interest in the success of the AFP modernization.

The timing is also fortuitous, the article said, because "the United States now has a pragmatic partner in President Aquino who has proved his intention to invest in national defense and is willing to rise above nationalist resentments from the bases era."

The left wing Communist party dominant in the Philippines booted the biggest Americans Airbase in the Pacific in 1992.

USA real-time satellite surveillance assistance over maritime territory to the Philippines

The three-week standoff between the Philippines and China at Panatag Shoal (Scarborough Shoal) in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) has led the US to agree to provide the Philippines, its old ally, with satellite surveillance assistance, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said on Friday.

US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in Washington announced the American assistance after a Philippine delegation conferred with him.

"In a meeting with the Philippine delegation at the Pentagon, Secretary Panetta agreed to intensify Philippine-US cooperation on real-time information-sharing to enable the Philippines to know what is happening in its maritime territory on a 24/7 basis and enforce its laws within its territory," a DFA statement said.

Panetta also gave assurance the US "will do everything possible to work with the Philippines."

The DFA also added that the US, one of the most advanced countries in intelligence gathering via surveillance satellites, will be sending PHL "real-time" information about territorial intrusions to assist the country in addressing and preventing similar incidents in the West Philippine Sea.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario and Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin had met this week with Panetta and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Washington.     

The US has declared that it will be aiding the Philippines once it is attacked to honor its 60-year-old defense treaty with Manila, but until then it shall not take sides.

It also pledged to increase its foreign military financing allocation for the Philippines to $30 million from just $15 million last year, said Assistant Secretary Andrew Shapiro, head of the State Department's Bureau for Political-Military Affairs.

"The State Department will explore additional creative funding streams for the Philippines," Shapiro added.

A second Hamilton-class cutter will also be transferred by the US to PHL for use in monitoring the West Philippine Sea and other maritime territories.

The standoff between the Philippines and China began on April 10 when Chinese fishermen were said to have intruded and poached at Panatag Shoal. The Philippine Navy tried to arrest them but two Chinese government ships intervened which started the standoff.

Both countries regard Panatag Shoal as their territory with the Philippines claiming it to be part of its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) which is within 200 nautical miles of the nearest Philippine land mass. China said the shoal, which it refers to as Huanyang Island, has been theirs since the Yuan dynasty in the 13th century.

However, the Philippines pronounces its claim based on the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) rule, which gives it the exclusive right to explore and develop Panatag Shoal, a part of its EEZ. UNCLOS was approved by both countries.

The shoal is a coral reef surrounding a lagoon located 124 nautical miles from the Philippines' Zambales province and 472 nautical miles from China's Hainan province.

Composed of more than 200 islands, rocks, reefs and coral outcrops, West Philippine Sea has always been a place of uneasy conflict where the Philippines, China, Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam are all claiming part of it. The sea is home to immeasurable natural resources

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow very intresting news.... but question is? How to get that weapons, jets, sub marines etc?
    Does we have enough money to buy that? or still we proud to be a beggar, ask our beloved uncle to protect us?
    come on guys....wake up.....
    Remember our funding father who fight againts colonialist,...our country is our reaponsibilty, ....
    (kabayan timog @

  2. Anonymous says:

    good news if it is true, bka hanggang publication lng, wlang katuparan kgaya nung batas for AFP modernization hindi natupad dhil hindi pnundohan ng mga mgnanakaw n senador........

  3. Joseph says:

    CHINA should at least take off the Philippines flag as a sign that that Scarborough Shoal is NOT EXCLUSIVELY belong to Philippines alone and US said that she did not want to take side. Further, history had stated that Philippines had not become a "nation state" not until she was annexed by Spain after the Magellen voyage. Lest anyone forget, the Spain actually massacre 60, 000 Chinese in Manila ghetto sometime when Koxinga (Zheng Cheng-gong) threaten to invade Philippines (Please refer to the authoritative book - "Lord of the Rim" written by Seagrave, a pastor's son). The Spain monarchy should apologize to the Chinese for their sin of their fathers. Otherwise the monarchy or by extension the Spain and Philippine government should be prosecuted for "crime against humanity" .

  4. Joseph says:

    CHINA should at least take off the Philippines flag as a sign that that Scarborough Shoal is NOT EXCLUSIVELY belong to Philippines alone and US said that she did not want to take side. Further, history had stated that Philippines had not become a "nation state" not until she was annexed by Spain after the Magellen voyage. Lest anyone forget, the Spain actually massacre 60, 000 Chinese in Manila ghetto sometime when Koxinga (Zheng Cheng-gong) threaten to invade Philippines (Please refer to the authoritative book - "Lord of the Rim" written by Seagrave, a pastor's son). The Spain monarchy should apologize to the Chinese for their sin of their fathers. Otherwise the monarchy or by extension the Spain and Philippine government should be prosecuted for "crime against humanity" .

  5. scout ranger group says:

    why should u asking a respect a bastard chinese, u did not even respect ur own people, ur not a human being, ur the animals in this planet, no human rights, no God., nothing at all, that is a communist tirorist china., the mother of all tirorist in the world, we will kill all chinese people here in the philippines if war erupts......

  6. Anonymous says:

    It said $1 Billion USD budget of the Philippines needed.

    Of course the Philippines is very afford to buy these stuff..

    The Philippines have an existing $77 Billion USD Gross reserves

  7. The Philippines needs also the Israel - SPYDER Short Range Air Defense BIG Brain Missile..

    RAFAEL and Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) have teamed to introduce a short range (15km max range) low level (20 – 9,000m altitude) integrated, all-weather air defense system, which consists of the Python 5 IR guided, and Derby RF guided Beyond Visual Range (BVR) missiles.

    Read here

  8. Anonymous says:

    Quote : It said $1 Billion USD budget of the Philippines needed.

    Of course the Philippines is very afford to buy these stuff..

    The Philippines have an existing $77 Billion USD Gross reserves

    wow is it true? so why there is so many poor people in this country?
    what's wrong with that reserves?

  9. Anonymous says:

    You could not blame the Gross International Reserves because the earning and Taxes collected by the Country is not being earned and collected JUST TO FEED THE HUNGRY LAZY FILIPINOS. CLEAR..


    The Gross International Reserves is used to backup the Continues Economy and trade with foreign countries..

    You have no rights to ask what's wronf with that reserves because it is not yours.. It is not ownd by the CPP NPA communist like you.. gets me?

    CPP NPA never owns anything in the country than just to ask money .. beggar...

    You are just so annoying... a social responsibility

  10. Anonymous says:

    Poor Filipinos for Gross Reserves?

    Lol! Funny!.. Whatta question?

    Why many Filipinos are poor?

    1. Just Lazy
    2. Lack of Motivation
    3. So complacent and lack of initiative in life
    4. Contented of being poor

    Do you want to get rich? Work in farm or make your own farm.. and sell your products.. Philippines products are so in demand around the world..

    I traveled may islands in the Philippines and its undefiled.. why dont you convert it into small farms..

    Many grassland and idle lands... why keep on paying taxes in it? Convert it to Farm..

    Philippines have the rights to become a powerful country... for external and internal security.. Philippines must invest for advance technology weapon to avoid bully

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sa Malampaya gas lang may 2 billion USD royalty fee na pwedeng gamitin pamili ng mga advance technology weapon. kaya wag naman ninyong sabihing sobrang mahirap ang pilipinas. Nag iingat lang sila sa pag release ng fund dahil baka mapunta pa kung saan. Yong mga naghihirap dyan sa maynila di umuwi na sila sa kanilang mga probinsya at mag sikap at wag i-asa lahat sa government ang mga buhay ninyo para umasinso din kayo. get nyo ba..sikap lang kayo..

  12. Anonymous says:

    Whaaa! Do you guys know most farms are owned by the rich people? Most idle arable lands that can be owned by private citizens are already owned by the few elites. Some of them are called haciendas.

    Why do we even need to buy weapons? Didn't our government declared loud and clear that war is not an option? Also, what is the use, all those in the list will not be enough to fight China for less than a week! Whaaaa! and US will NOT fight besides us. They will support us only by sending supplies, just like what happened in Israel vs Arabs and Afghanistan vs USSR. Why? Because this war will be fought by proxy and not direct fight US vs China or else it may trigger a bigger war!

  13. Anonymous says:


    - Prove this word! I am not rich, I am aboriginal or Native or say Lumad of the Philippines. BUT I have farm. I have 4 hectares.. even it is small but it is a farm.. It could yeild hundred thousand a month...

    - Haciendas are just few! but you are right! Land of the lumad must be return to the Lumad.. Elites in the Philippines Squatted those lands from the Lumad during the Spanish regime and they did not return it to the lumad... I agree with this point.. but do not say that most.. because majority farm owners are poor and farmers.. Maybe only in Manila to have that but in the other islands and provinces.. it is still not being developed.


    - To be called as independent country, to stop relying USA powers, and to experience the freedom in deciding for the country's security.

    - To deter China and other neighboring country envading and squatting the territory and islands of the Philippines (North Borneo, Spratyly, Scarborough and Miangas)


    - It is the rights of the USA of refuse to side the Philippines because they have other problems and other interest too.

    -USA could not afford that WAR will happen now and it could hurt their economy and chances the WAR in the South China Sea could be more expensive and chances also that 60 to 90% of Filipinos will die in the war.

    - ISRAEL is the Land of Jesus Christ and this land must be protected from Anti Christ.. so the ISRAEL must defend the Land of GOD. Most Americans are God Believer so they must support for peace not war.

    - Israel is one of the most important partner of America because of its most advance and sophisticated Weapon technology that did not exist in America such as the SPYDER and the Invisible, intangible Kinetic Ballistic Protection.

    Read this link

    and this link

  14. Anonymous says:

    Kung nagkaron man ng Haciendas ang ibang mga Pilipino dahil sa ngasikap sila, wag lang don sa politikong yumaman dahil sa pagnanakaw.. Meron tlagang mali, ang mali yung bigyan ng malawak na lupain yung ibang lahi na ngconvert ng kanilang cetizenship bilang maging pinoy. dapat mahigpit ang policy tonggressman dyan!!! na para bang darating ang panahon na yung purong pinoy ay wala ng mabibiling lupa sa kanyang sariling bayan.

    Hindi ako naniniwala na porke wala kang malawak na lupain ay hindi ka na magiging productive at aasa ka nalang aasa sa gobyerno at magnoynoying ka nalang sa kalsada at reklamo ka nlang ng reklamo ay wala tlgang mangyayari sayo, ikaw ay part ng problema ng bayan at hindi ka part ng sulosyon ng bayan.. bibigyan kita ng isang halimbawa, kung yung mga preso sa bilibid prison sa muntinlupa ay nagiging productive, ang kanilang obra ay nakikilala na sa ibat ibang bansa sa pamamagitan ng online at kumikita sila. Ang ibang preso pa nga ay naka pagpaaral ng kanilang anak kahit nasa loob sila ikaw pa kaya na laya ka wala ka sa loob ng kulongan.. Ang kelangan maabilidad at flexible..

    para naman sa gobyerno.. paigtingin ang education para maging maabilidad ang mga mamayan.. asistihan o etrain para maging productive..

    Doon naman sa pag upgrade ng military ay tama lang.. bakit kayong mga aktibista o NPA ay totol kayo sa pagupgrade totol kayo sa balikatan? eh kung yung china na superpower ay nkikipag joint military exercise sa RUSSIA eh tayo pa kaya? maliit na bansa at walang kakayahan idepensa ang sarili.. wag puro yabang lang.. sa panahon ngayon ay hindi pwede yung para my sarling mundo tayo.. kung my interes satin ang US dapat my interes karin sa kanya. Kung ginagamit ka nya gamitin mo rin sya.. wag naka kahon ang isip..

    From: Construction Boy

  15. Anonymous says:

    ang logic dyan, kung bkt tutol ang mga aktibista n bumili ng mga mkabagong kgamitan para s ating national defense, cla mismo ang unang mapupuksa ang knilang armado, ang mga NPA,kung tutuusin hindi n dapat pinansin ang mga aktibista s usaping ito, dhil wla nman clang naiambag hindi nga cla ngbabayad ng buwis kya wla clang krapatang mgreklamo, khit sedula nga wla ang mga ito, kya tumahimik n kau mga communist tirorist activist punta n kau s china samasama kau dun..........

  16. Anonymous says:

    1) HIndi sa pagsumikap kaya nagkaruon ng hacienda. Bigay yan ng mga spaniol dito nuon o kaya kinamkam nuong araw. tanga. Tingnan mo ang ayala, bigay yan ng pari sa naanakan niya. ang luicita, ganyan din. magaral kayo.

    2) Israel for Jesus? magbasa ka, ang hudyo ay di naniniwala kay jesus. anak daw siya ng puta. tanga ka ba? ang palestinyan na pinapatay nila ay mga Kristiano at Muslim.

    3)Israel is most advanced in weapon? Wala kakayahan gumawa ng fighter a/c.

    c)Japan -potential only because they have the tech but their constitution prevents them from making offensive weapons.
    e)Germany, France, UK

  17. Anonymous says:

    ang sinasabi ko sayo tanga hindi ka nagbabasa ang IBANG mga pilipino.. hindi ko sinabi na LAHAT.. ikaw yata ang tanga eh.. kasi utak nyo sarado

  18. Anonymous says:

    ahba ang diwa nyo pla parehas ng china TANG TANG TANG-INA Dynasty eh my umiiral na nga na International law ngayon na pirmado sila.. history pa rin ang basihan..

    History na yan pare at my umiiral tayong policy dito sa bansa yun ang sundin natin kung meron dapat amyendahan ay amyendahan.. kasi tulad ngayon sinsabi mo yung mayaman na nabanggit mo ay patuloy ang pagbili ng lupa history b yun? hindi na natin maiibalik ang nakaraan na tlagang galing tayo sa pagkaalipin..

    huwag tayo balik ng balik sa nakaraan natin umusad tayo.. kung my dapat baguhin baguhin, kung dapat dagdagan dagdagan..

  19. Anonymous says:

    p singit ahh,.. kung ako tatanungin mas gugustohin q pa ung buhay date kay MARCOS retired n sundalo c papa,.. Nung panahon dw ni MARCOS mataas ang MORAL ng mga pilipinong sundalo at sibilyan sa kakayahan ng SANDATAHANG LAKAS NG PILIPINAS noon,.. takot dw lhat sa pilipinas dte ehh,.. kahit china umiiwas,... sayang talagah!!,.. etong mga maka CORY n 2 sinira nila ung kinabukasan ng PILIPINAS!!,... wla n dpat NPA ehh,.. pinalaya lng nya!!,.. BWESET!!,..tpos balik sa pg ki spoiled ang mga pilipino!!!,.. nwalan n ng disiplina nung panahon ni MARCOS disiplinado lahat!!,.. para saken APLICABLE SA BANSA NATIN ANG BATAS MILITAR!!,..

  20. Anonymous says:


    Sundalo di ang Lolo ko at Veterano. Sinira ni Marcos ang Kinabukasan ng Pilipinas. Nag simula ang Rebelyon sa Panahon ni Marcos. Lahat tintawag na Masa, naka piring ang mga mata kaya pati ang uncle ko naging NPA na rin kasi pinipilit sila ni marcos kahit ayaw nila.

    Sa panahon ni Marcos, doon nangyayari na makapangyarihan ang mga sundalo, lahat ng gusto nila sa kanila.. lahat ng babaeng maganda kahit 13 year old ni rape nila..




    Kung gusto nyong matigil na ang isyu kay MARCOS na GAHAMAN, tumigil kayo sa pag banggit ng hayop na yan.. mas lalong gumugulo...

    Panahon ng Gyera kay marcos ako ipinanganak... ang masakit na history na wala na kaming bahay at duon sa damuhan ako isinilang kasi evacuation at wala nn madadaana kasi hinarang ng ga sundalo ang Rebelde ang daan.




  21. Anonymous says:

    ayan ang napapala sa pag singit kay Marcos is nating kababayan nag uumapaw sa galit.. sunugin ang bangkay ni marcos.. heheheh Di ko alam ang history ng mga marcos kasi puro lang sama ng loob ang mararamdaman mo kung isipin mo yan.

    Hayaan nyo na ang pamilyang marcos na mangarap karapatan nilang mangarap at mag hari ulit at wasakin na naman ang kinabukasan ng Pilipinas.

    Mag iimagine na naman ang Bong2x na yan na Parang sinapore na raw ang Pilipinas kung hinayaang mag nakaw ang Papa nya.. tanga!

    Cguro nga.. pwede sin laki nalang ng Singapore ang Pilipinas kasi ang Visayas at Mindanao ay ibang bansa na.. Ayaw na nila kay Marcos

  22. Anonymous says:

    Andaming matalino dito..Sino kaya sa kanila ang maiboto sa darating na election; sila sila nag dedebate...

  23. Anonymous says:

    Iboto mo sa susunod na election si Ferdinand Marcos alias Bong2x para next singapore ang pilipinas. Next sinkiit ng singapore ang Pilipinas. Kayo nalang mag pilipipinas sa lugar ng mga marcos. At new country na kami sa Visayas at Mindanao.

    ang spratlys at scarborough sure e binta yan ni Bong2x sa china kasi lumaki yan sa nakaw na pera kaya magnakaw din yan para mabuhay.

    May kasabihan po... Vow!

    "ang taong laki sa hirap ay matutong magsusumikap"

    "ang taong laki sa nakaw ay mabubuhay sa pagnanakaw"


  24. Anonymous says:

    mga kababayan ko

  25. Anonymous says:

    Dapat siguro sa kalagayan natin ngayun magising na ang lahat ng pilipino, ngayun ang tamang pagkakaisa at tunay na demokratikong bansa.

    Matuto na tayo lahat, dahan-dahan tayung ginagapang ng ibang bansa dahil alam nila ang kahinaan natin...Mayaman tau lalo na ngayun na unti-unting nadidicover ang mga oil at gas mine sa ating bansa...

    Sana lang matuto ang ating mga politikong magnanakaw at mapagsamantala ng kapangyarihan. aanhin mo ang billion billion mong pera kung unti-unti naman tau pinapasok ng kaaway...

    Sana nman po magisip kau at maging update sa mga pangyayari ng sa ating bansa lalo na sa usapin ng phil-china dispute....

    Hinde lang ikaw o ako ang makikinabang kundi ang buong pamlya natin at ng mga next generation kung sakaling maprotektahan natin ang sarile nating bansa,,, hinde lang ang sarile mong pamilya dahil sa pagnanakaw mo..
    ikaw na politikong magnanakaw itigil mo na yung asal hayup na pagiisip di kna rin naiiba sa ugali ng chinese na magnanakaw ng teritory...

    Kung sa usapin ng Military modernization ang paguusapan ,,kailangan natin yun upang ipakita sa mga mananakop na hinde tau basta simpleng bansa, oo watak-watak ang ating island pero kung bawat tao sa bawat island ay magkakaisa at hinde natin mararanasan pang muli na maliitin tau ng mga tiwaling chinese na magnanakaw na mga yan...

    Kaya ng ating bansa ang palakasin ang ating military.. sana lang hinde na maulit ang nangyari yung issue tungkol sa mga millions na involved mismo ang mga generals natin....

    sa ngayun ang dapat ay pagkakaisa.. marahil maliit nga tau kumpara sa china pero kung ang kahit paano ay mapapalakas natin ang ating military defence, hinde man tau makapantay or makaadvnce man compare china im sure makakapuwing din tau sa kanila.

  26. Anonymous says:

    kayong mga magugulo sa comment at nagtatalo dito sana kyo ang mauna tamaan mg missile ng china kpag naggyera...because of that attitude and behavior you are showing are signs why this country does not progress same thing with the idiot leaders in this beloved country

  27. Anonymous says:

    Pinoy should take the risk of spending billions to defend our country. acquire those this year. ask help to all filipino's, we will help by donating our savings to the government to buy those.Php 1,000/Filipino x 80m= Php80B

  28. Anonymous says:

    Pinoy should take the risk of spending billions to defend our country. acquire those this year. ask help to all filipino's, we will help by donating our savings to the government to buy those.Php 1,000/Filipino x 80m= Php80B

  29. Anonymous says:

    Don’t let our self-falling and blaming each one another we need to focus our self and joint our hand together and what we can contributes the security of our country. I am suggesting that if every one of us can contribute $ 100 each of us ofw around the globe we can achieve something. Do you believe that sometime a crazy idea is a good idea? I remember one thing before while, I read the speech of most famous President and he told people, what the government could do to this nation, now I realize maybe its time for us to ask our self, own what we can do to our country.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Latest news: Philippines REJECTED USA's F16 citing maintenance costs of old jets as too expensive. Ph will buy brand new f16 clone (pirated copy) from either korea or italy. Russia has also entered their trainer/ light fighter for Ph cosideration.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Ohhh where did you get this news? post the link please?

  32. Anonymous says:


    I would like to encourage and call all my fellow OFW around the world; this is the time that we must unite and to protect our own motherland again dominance. What our old folk told to us before that if we used the small fiber of coconut tree us a broom they cannot even move small piece of paper but if the handful of brooms joint together we can achieve our goal. We joint together to stand behind our Filipino soldier again any belligerence to our nation.

    Don’t let our self-falling and blaming each one another we need to focus our self and joint our hand together and what we can contributes to the security of our country. I am suggesting that if every one of us can contribute $ 100 each of us ofw around the globe we can achieve something. Do you believe that sometime a crazy idea is a good idea? I remember one thing before while, I read the speech of most famous President and he told people, what the government could do to this nation, now I realize maybe its time for us to ask our self, own what we can do to our country.

    As of these time our government still negotiating to the American government regarding (12) F16 equivalent to one squadron and to South Korean fighter jet if the OFW in general will agree and full our resources to donate the same what our government are acquiring to protect the Philippines and our love one, our future generation and territory. The price of one F16 in our calculation around $19,000, million dollars I think if we can joint together, we can gain something. There is a lot of thing we can select and contribute to our arm forces only we need the resources. Regarding armament like airplane, ships, submarine are subject to negotiation by our government. However, it came to selection on what airplane the Philippines need, my self I prepared American made like F16, is multiple role fighter jet. What we need now, how to share the burden of our government when the time like this. Don’t let our Filipino soldier face there enemy with empty handed if we can support them these is the time. Our governments they will not asking us anything it defend on us how to share the burden.

  33. Anonymous says:

    These topics are open to any suggestion to my fellow OFW no needs for us to criticizing each one another what we need now are action while our nations are engage in bullying by other country. No need for us to play or involve in any politics discussion because we are not Politian’s, let focus our self on how to agree. The fruitful result is defend in our hand on how to help by changing our ideas each one of us and continues dialogue.

    I would like to enlighten more this topic to my fellow OFW that may be you will ask why we are always asking for help to United State, beside America who else?, try to look this way in America, anything the Philippines need regarding military hardware, technology, name it, maybe they can provide. Some of us always asking there integrity, I remember one time when I travel, my set mate is American and we starting sharing good stories and he told me that one time he assigned in bataan during world war 11 and he explain that some of his friend even American Nurse was capture by japanes when the corridor was surrender. I verify these stories when there is one American woman capture by and Iraqi soldier during Kuwait war. Maybe some of us forget every thing during world war 11 who among Filipinos fight side by side only American that why (tinagure-an tayong mga Filipino na may sakit salimot) we always forgot every thing after all. Guys don’t do like that, our old folk share more good time stories during that time we must acknowledge the good thing they deed to our country, yes I agree with you that sometime they got mistake, but we must admit that we are only human.


    If some of you have a good ideas?

    1. How to secure our resources
    2. What Bank
    3. What type of battle ship
    4. Offshore Banking
    5. What entity
    6. What is the mechanics
    7. How to procure


    Our homeland is in collision with other nation don’t let this things happen to us again we must protect our natural resources our future generation. Remember always that Filipinos are loving people according to the west. Let start talking on how to agree and to execute our plan in earlier time as possible.

  34. Anonymous says:

  35. Anonymous says:

  36. Anonymous says:

    Well it is very good advice indeed i also agreed with the suggestion that OFW all will be donate ihope this will be process ASAP.

    100USD is a small amount for OFW but it takes willingness to donate, furthermore the solicitation of account i never heard yet. please continue to post and convince many OFW. for myself i prefer this Armaments;;

    1. Teconderoga class guided missile destroyer. at least 4 ships.
    Oliver hazzard perry class guided missile and ASW frigate at least 4 ships plus WHECS.

    and fighter jets.

  37. Anonymous says:


    May 26, 2012

    The resent comment of our friend regarding on how OFW, acquire and support to our arm forces it give us more enthusiasm to continue what we believe. Will, regarding the funding, for now that is the focus of our changing ideas. I always believe that more heads are better than one. I would like to encourage more people to joint this OFW crusade to make our fellow Filipino aware what is going on in our motherland.

    If we agree they thing our arm forces need, we will discus the mechanics, on how to create a joint communiqué to our fellow OFW. The funding is most critical part in our discussion; remember that some of our colleagues they presume this will make us moneymaking machine that why I always said we must agree and create a new guideline and the fruitful conversation it defend on us on how to generate a serious dialogue.

    1. How to solicit the funding
    2. Registration of ofw
    3. Bank transfer
    4. Type of payment

  38. Anonymous says:

    Ang unang isipin ang siguridad ng gsto tumulong, yung dito sa pinas na gusto tumolong ay hindi pwede lumantad.. baka andyan si KA AMBOT.. hindi pa nga tapos ang usaping pangkapayapaan sa kanila.. isa sila sa problema..

    ang isang sulosyon, ang unang gawin magkaron ng accounts.. yung pagpapapirma don nalang sa mga taga abroad o OFW kasi hindi makakasunod don si KA AMBOT.. pagka my accounts na madali na yan.. ang isa sa malaking usapin dyan ay pano mapngangalagaan ang pera.. pwede naman mgcommunicate through online. basta may regular na communication ok lang at regular update ng pera sa bangko. at ano ang unang target at priority na bibilhin.. suggestion lang.. tapusin u na kaya ang usapin sa mga NPA..

  39. Anonymous says:

    ang dami dami pa nga problema andyan pa nga MILF at ABU SAYAF.. invite tayo ng invite ng mga torista kung sisirain lang ng mga bandidong yan ang imahe natin sayang ang effort nyan sa campaign its more fun in the PH..

  40. Anonymous says:

    Maraming mayaman sa bansa natin hindi lang dapat OFW.. tsaka dapat talagang maging mgadang halimbawa ang mga politisyan sila dapat nangunguna dito sa pagdodonate meron nga politiko ang lakas lumabas ng pera tuwing eleksyon.. tsaka dapat tama yung ibang comment dito eh, huwag buburahin yung tamang sulosyon na inimplement ng daang administrasyon, bagkos dagdagan para my marating.. tayo nagsisikap sa pagbili ng advance military equipment tapos pababayaan lang ng mga susunod na administrasyon sayang lang pagpapakahiram natin nyan..

  41. Anonymous says:

    OO agree ako sa donation. kasi gusto nating may mabilis na advance military equipment dahil sa sigalot sa west phil. sea pero hindi tama na na magcocomit tayo ng life time donation sa bawat meyembro dito..Ano pa ang silbi ng ating gobyerno? bakit may gobyerno at tax pa tayong binabayaran.. Sample.. japan. ang mamayan ba ng japan my ganitong systema na life time donation sa kanilang defence..? kung meron mang gusto magdonate yung wlang commitment.. tama sa sitwasyon na ito makibalikat tayo dahil urgent na pangangailangan, kung merong tuka sa kanyang meyembro ay ok lang pero hindi life time..

  42. Anonymous says:

    kung yung hamon ni corona na lahat ng congressman ay magsign na waiver para buksan ang kanilang mg accounts at nagbukas sa mga senators natin na magkaron ng batas na lahat ng goverment employee ay magsisign ng waiver para buksan ang knilang accounts bakit hindi natin gawin dito mgkaron ng panukala sa congress patungkol sa pagdodonate sa armaments.. yung ibang bayan nga tinatanggapa natin ang military aid nila eh tayo pa kaya.. bat yung sarili nating mamayan bakit bawal.. ipanukala na ninyo na yan para hindi tayo pare pareho nahihirapan.. bakit tayo gigisahin ng sariling batas natin?

  43. Anonymous says:

    Hindi po life time commitment ng donation ang ibig sabihin dun. Ang commitment is to commit the loyalty to the country at you could donate your time to share the info and some coins what you have and time to share your thoughts kung ano ang maganda at maka bubuti sa grupo.

    ANg lifetime na ibig sabihin dun is habangbuhay na haharapin ng bawat Pilipino ang armaments upgrade hanggat may threat.. hanggat may china na nam bubuly sa atin.

    I clarified your comment from them. I emailed them about this... and yun ang paliwanag nila sa Donate fro Spratlys

    Hindi po financial donation ang hinihintay nila kundi ORAS MO, at Pagmamahal sa Bayan...

  44. Anonymous says:

    nkapag email na ako dyan. pero i used alyas for security reason.. kung pagmamahal sa bayan ay daily ko inaaply maging sa katrabaho ko.. ang ayuko mamatay sa kapwa ko pilipino, lalo na kay ka-ambot.. mas gugustuhin kong mamatay na merong pakinabang. mas gusto ko pa nga mamatay sa kamay ng intsik kesa sa sarili nating kababayan..

    tanong.. Pano ninyo prenoprotektahan ang meyembro ninyo from KA-AMBOT? sana malinawan na kapwa natin pinoy na china kaaway natin dito hindi sila..

  45. Anonymous says:

    the question is will we be able to maintain those military hardware i know we can...but because of the corrupt officials in congress and senate not to mention the communist representative in congress and senate that are hiding in the shadow of their activist group that will prevent the military to gain more strength and equiptment that will threaten the future of their own communist army here like New Peoples Army

  46. Anonymous says:

    try natin, kung sino humarang dyan eh huwag ng ubuto sa susunod na halalan. makikilala pa natin dyan ang mga aktibista at npa dyan.. para mawala na sila dyan sa congress at senate.. mageelection na d ba?

  47. Anonymous says:

    Positive... Positive... Positive.. Atitudes are needed here hindi puro kayo doubts... Kaya kaya natin? Huh? Kaya kya natin... Hoi! Katangahan.. Kung kaya ng iba bakit di natin kaya.....

    Kahit bilyon.. Bilyon pa yang gastusin na yan... Kung kikilos tayo para kayanin.. Makakaya natin... Kung tanga tanga kayo... Puro tanong kung kaya natin.. Di natin makakaya...

    Nagkamali lang ang south korea sa paghanga sa Pilipinas... When we are richest and most powerful in asia (1943-1968) next to Japan.. Poor pa ang china at korea noon at nakita ng korea how successful ang Pilipinas kinupya ng korea ang positive attitude ng mga Pinoy. Sabi ni Mr. Chung ang founder ng Hyundai..mkung kaya ng Pilipinas bakit di natin kaya? Huwag nyong sabihing hindi natin kaya kung di nyo pa nasubukan...

    Kahit di nila alam gumawa ng barko para silang baliw gumawa ng planta ng kotse at pagawaan ng barko. Sinimulan nila ng hindi iniisip kung kelan ma buo ang kanilang pangarap..

    Nag tagumpay si Mr. Chung naka gawa sila ng barko at kotse ngayon tinitingala na sila ng mundo dahil sa tagumpay nila.

    Nasaan na ang hinahangaan ng mga korean na positive attitude ng mga pinoy? Wala na kasi marami dito nag cocoment mga duwag at ayaw harapin ang bukas...

    Dati ang pilipinas pa ang nag patayo ng pinaka unang gymnasium sa korea.. Ang Jang Chung Gymnasium. Gawa yun at funded ng Philippines kasi mahirap pa sa daga ang korea noon at tayo ang mayaman.

    Ngayon sino mahirap pilipinas o korea? Matuto kayong mahiya

  48. Anonymous says:

    1 NUKE is all we need. drop that shit and its done.

  49. Anonymous says:

    ang sinasabi mo ba makakaya ng organisasyon na ito ang ginawa ng korea, eh tayo na maging gobyerno.. pumalit na tayo sa kanila.. wag na tayo bumoto dito na tayo magfucos sa organisasyon na ito..

  50. Anonymous says:

    hoy kayong nasa malakanyang wla na pla kayong silbi dyan papalitan na pala kayo ng mga ng-iinitiate dito.. umalis na kayo.. at ito na manguna.. magsuporta nalang dito mas tama mga andito eh..

  51. Anonymous says:

    2020 pa magkaka submarine ang Pinas??!bka tayo parin ang pinaka HULI at NATITIRANG bansa na nagkaroon ng Submarine sa taong yun!Kamote.

  52. Anonymous says:


    May 28, 2012

    For the sake of all OFW, do you believe that the strategic position of Philippines is more important in Asia, beside of our natural resources. The Philippines is the only country in Asia that so rounded by its territorial water. If you recall the speech of one of the famous President, during world war II he says when I look the eyes of my fellow compatriot and I saw the signed of defeat, its remind me how important that word to us, some of us always considered their self-inferiority. Never say that we the Filipinos can do something to our country, by the way Thanks to your latest comment we make this appeal to all of you with the bottom of our heart for us we don’t expect Ka abot in our endeavor. I collecting your constructive comment may be we can use to guide us and to protect what we are projecting.

    Our commitment is only limited and what amount we generate, I see to it that everything is in order; I know some of you have a right to doubt and you are in titled for that. I always pray that some of our fellow OFW will joint us this crusade to our motherland no other will help us except our self only by combining simultaneously. God bless us

  53. Anonymous says:


    May 29, 2012

    If you are agreeing we can open OFW account in any Custodian bank with same signatories we have three banking in the Philippines, HSBC, Citibank and Standard Chartered bank. Beside we can use the escrow account this is the type of account used to negotiate to any transaction we entered. Now I need any suggestion regarding the opening of $ account, in my point of view I want any transaction must be transparent to avoid any doubt.

    By the way this escrow account is international we can open it even in America or Europe but we can‘t monitored, our transaction and I try to negotiate with this local bank if the can arrange the same what this escrow account offered.

    Escrow account – transaction between the buyer and manufacturers.
    Custodian bank – HSBC, Citibank, Standard Chartered bank
    Account: OFW Signatures

  54. Anonymous says:

    The account should open in the Philippines lets say this way, when open the account only open and after opening the bank will not allow to disburse any amount and soon after the amount is enough for the disbursement to procure armament the account holder will notify all the contributors and sign a waiver for disbursing the amount however, this would be transparent notice to all donators must be updated and donators must have the email address of the person for checking the amount time to time.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Perfect comment... Its good. I agree... Please identify yourself and send email to

    We need this very constructive idea.. This is good and be one of the Signatory... We hope that anyone who has the link to the Manufacturer and the AFP to act as liaison about this because we could not do it without the support of the Philippines Government...

    The Account must be transparent... I agree with that.. We will allow the media to see the flow of incoming of the account.

    We will never expect any outgoing flow except for the minimum tax that they will impose it the account will start gaining interest..

    This is a forever commitment... Support... Support.. Support..

    Wala pong sariling Gobyerno ang OFW. kung maka bili man tayo ng kagamitang pandigma.. ang Philippines Government naman ang mag maintain nito... kasi we will turnover the asset to them..

    Thanks for a very wonderful idea. ang problem now is sino, sino ang gustong maging signatory ng account.. hands up!!!!! Join ako para maka pag donate na rin kahit pakunti kunti every month...

    hindi na masakit sa bulta ko kahit $200 USD every month...

    Sino pang may magandang idea jan.. support.. support.. support email kayo sa

    ... God Bless

  56. Anonymous says:


    May 29, 2012

    I’m encourage to post this site but we are not the same entity what other claim we are trying to help, to our arm forces but I am very careful since the money that we are contributing are came from our sweat and hard earning.

    When everything is in order, but for the meantime you can post your suggestion as it’s. I need your comment that how we work, they more people are participating we have chance of good result. Regarding on what equipment we can share, first we consolidate our resources and then we can star to select remember the equipment we cannot buy in the market it done by negation, what I mean thru government.

    Since our government, they are starting negotiating with the responsible agency. We will discus to them the willingness of OFW to share the need of our arms forces. I always layout everything to show how we move, if you agree I will open and account in the name of OFW and in form of dollar in any of the three particular bank.

  57. Anonymous says:

    dapat magkaron ng malalimang kunsultasyon doon sa mga dalubhasa kung ano ang mga kailangan ng pinas pagdating sa pagadating sa military equipment. syempre alin ang unang una bibilhin sa lahat priority na bilhin, ang akin lang humingi tayo ng list sa gobyerno kung ano ang una, tapos magkaron tayo ng target na babayaran,para makita kung alin ang nabayaran ng donor at ng gobyerno.. xempre dapat dumaan sa tamang bidding.. agree ako dyan sa transparency.. ok na yang ESCROW Account.. later at my susugest pa ako.. busy lang..

  58. Anonymous says:


    June 2, 2012

    Gentlemen regarding military hardware on how to procure, bidding is required only for diesel and lubricants and only Foreign Sec. and DND are representative of Philippines government allowed to negotiate. As of now, our government are acquiring from South Korea TA-50 Golden Eagle and M-346 Master Alenia Aermacchi from Italy. The Philippines are acquiring 10 brand new patrol vessels from Japan.

    Regarding priority of our arms forces, I have the list of hardware our government negotiating, like TA-50 golden eagle, M-346 Master, F/A-50 for the Philippines Airforce.
    Our arms forces need up to (4) squadron (48) fighter jets and for the Navy they needs 12 corvettes, 18 offshore patrol vessels, 3 submarine for undersea defense and 3 mine countermeasure vessels. The list also includes 4 strategic sealift vessels, 18 landing craft, 3 logistics support ships, 6 tugboats, 12 coastal patrol vessels, 30 patrol gunboats, 42 multi-purpose assault craft, 24 rigid-hull inflatable boats, 8 amphibious maritime patrol aircraft, 18 naval helicopters, and 8 multi-purpose helicopters.

    All of this list of hardware are priority, regarding on how to negotiate that defend on us if our recourses are available we can contact this two department for the OFW willingness to shared the needs of our arms forces. (Be apart of it GOD will guide us)

  59. Anonymous says:

    nabasa ko na lahat nabanggit na pala dyan su2gest ko..

  60. Anonymous says:


  61. Anonymous says:

    Organizer puro ngawa lang daw mga member na OFW. totoo ba yun? mainam na may suggestion kesa wala. organizer hindi daw kayo dyan nagtutolongan? totoo ba yun? pakitaan mo nga ng proweba na may nagawa ang samahan na ito. wag kang parang militante na pag-naupo ka sa malakanyang eh parang magic magagawa lahat nai-solve ang problema sa isang iglap.

  62. Anonymous says:

    This brainchild of an idea about personal donations to help the AFP modernize has come just in time. When I immigrated to the US mmany years ago, I kept thinking on how best to help the native land. Maybe, pooling money to help fund modern weaponry to fight and combat foreign imperialists from patriotic Filipinos and freedom loving citizens of the world is one of the best ideas whose time has come. But in order for this to materialize, a lot of things must be seriosly considered and properly addresssed,e.g., 1. ID of responsible entity which will be the caretaker of the funds. This entity should be morally upright, transparent and acceptable to all parties concerned. At this point in time, nobody comes across my mind except the Roman Catholic Church of the Phil. 2. Donations to the escrow account need not be limited to our OFW heroes but to all freedom loving people of the world. Remember, this is a fight to preserve democracy and stop the unparalled appetite of Red China to dominate the world. 3. A monthly report to be published in a Phil. based newspaper re: current balance of the escrow acct. 4. A system Of checks and balamces to be establised to prevent potential corruption from taking place. 4. List of war materiel, weapons system, armament and/or fighting equipment which the escrow acct. would like to fund and the $ amounts involved. There are always potential donors who would lke to accelerate the procurement, hence, they might wish to donate more in order to make it happen. 5. Counterpart funding from he Philippine Government. 6. Concrete proof of Philippine Senate and Congress commitment to allocate sufficient funds to meet the Phiippines' national defense needs. 7. Resolve the CPP-NPA problem once and for all. 8. Perhaps, AFP should recruit among the experienced ranks of the CPP-NPA foot soldiers as well as from the MILF, etc. to buttress its ranks.

    I am almost certain that if and when we start on this fund campaign, we will hear a lot of negative remarks from other people of the world, but we should maintain the course. We should not be dismayed. We should not be disappointed. We should persevere and determine. Once we embark on this , walang atrasan. For after all, this fight is not only for the Filipinos but for the entire free world. Salamat po at harinawa ay magtagumpay tayong lahat.

    I hope we hear appropriate comments from all parties concerned, esp. from the Roman Catholic Church of the Phil., Phil. Congress, Phil. Senate, AFP and Malacanang re: this campaign. We all love the Philippines. The sooner we act, the better for the AFP. We are not promising miracles, but are aiming for one.
    Regards to all OFWs. You are the Philippines new breed of HEROES. Mabuhay kayo!

  63. Anonymous says:

    philippines has the poorest equipment in asia so I beg ninoy to modernize the afp every terminal of the presidents

  64. Anonymous says:

    This is why someone with the brains of Gibo is needed not the reputation of the mother. Imagine buying a CUTTER/PATROL SHIP devoid of anti-ships, CIWS, SAMs, AESA Low-Probability of Intercept radar, and an advance state-of-the-art ECM. If I were him, I'd be ashamed to call the del Pilar a milestone in modernizing the AFP because it simply suck compared to a Perry class frigate.

  65. Anonymous says:

    This wouldn't have happened if Marcos has just bought the less-capable but easy to maintain F-5E rather than an F-8H air superiority fighter. Still the equipments that Marcos bought ESPECIALLY THE F-5As, THE F-8Hs, AND SIDEWINDERS would still have been usable if it weren't for the IDIOCY of the post-Marcos gov't and the thinking that as long as you pamper the people you'll get reelected. And if PNoy will get reelected, WE'RE DOOMED! Wait till you see what other second-hand equipments the IDIOT will buy. We would have been better off with Gibo. Brains and Experience. Not RIDING on the REPUTATION of the parents

  66. Anonymous says:


    June 16 ,2012

    Actually I’m preparing every thing website it’s takes little longer but already on process plus the bank account this will be done simultaneously. On my previous letter if we purchase military hardware they include one basic load of armament.

  67. Anonymous says:

    I hope you coordinate and collaborate that matter with the Original Organizer because if not then we will request the Site Admin to block all your post.

    We are here for unity and not to make several factions.

    We must respect the brain child of the Armament upgrade of the AFP through donation.

    We will also ask for validity of your plan.

    As what we did for the Brain child of the AFP armament upgrade to be more transparent resulting them to slowdown because transparency required lost of documentation then you must face the same.

    The Original Organizer are passing hole of spikes to create the bank account so I hope you did it well.

    We support for the armaments upgrade but it must be

    1. Escrow Account
    2. Composed of many signatories in the bank account
    3. Transparent bank funding

    Publish it here and we will check it if it is in the right direction

  68. BOSES says:


  69. Anonymous says:

    dating gawe ng mga magagaling nating leader.

    Magaling lang sa plano pero BOBO sa gawa.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Kailangan ng Pilipinas ng ADG51 US Destroyer A. Burke mga dalawa nito at tatlong frigates from either US or Italy. Tapos initially mga 6 pcs. of F-22 Captor or 4 pcs. of F-35 (aside from 2 squadrons of TA-50) - pihado mag-iingat ang China na i-bully tayo.

    Kaya naman ng Pilipinas na bumili nito nagpapautang nga tayo, iyong nauna approximately USD350 Million tapos ngayon USD1 Billion ang ipapautang sa Europe.

    Kung P75 Billion and budget for our National Defense eh dagdagan ng P45 Billion pa.

    Tapos saka idevelop na natin ang paggawa ng fighter jets and naval/war ships. Siempre in collaboration with aircraft and ship building firms.

    God bless the Philippines! God bless our leaders!

  71. Anonymous says:

    To the Philippines.

    For I know the plans I have for you plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Says the Lord of Hosts.

    God bless our President, our leaders, our country and our people.

  72. Anonymous says:


  73. Anonymous says:


  74. Anonymous says:

    why not have a nationwide donation campaign to fund our weaponry? lets say 1 peso every filipino pambili ng barko at eroplano. com'on we can do this.. Philippines is great!

  75. Anonymous says:


  76. Anonymous says:


    July 4, 2012

    To all OFW are willing to participate this crusade and who among of you are on vacation this coming December 2012 we will discus the opening of account of OFW. The Bank we will select among of this three bank in the Philippines, in my previous post does topic regarding signatories and name of account the OFW to be used. I know some of you are very hard to communicate since both of us are working you can send your idea or suggestion to

  77. To you our Dear OFW, the bearer of

    Please post this info to the Forum of

    So at least we could collect all information in 1 place.

    We are happy to hear you and I hope you will unite with us.

    We are set to discuss with AFP Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Jessie Dellosa regarding this matter by First week of August.

    We will inform everyone the output of negotiation with the Armed forces of the Philippines regarding the OFW funding for armaments upgrade of the Philippines

  78. Anonymous says:

    I hate activist, communist, NPA and Abu Sayaf mga manipis pa sa platito ang mga utak nila kasi wala na ngang naitulong sa bayan perwesyo pa sa kasisingil ng revolutionary tax na walang ginawa doon sa bundok kundi magpalaki ng tyan habang ang mga mag sasaka ay nagpapagod at nagpapawis para kumita gumising naman kayo mga tamad na walang utak walang ginawa kundi manakot sa mga mamamayan

  79. Anonymous says:


  80. Anonymous says:

    mas maganda ang lahat ng mga enginers,electronic designer,archetic,programers,computer engr. gastosan ng gobyerno 200$billion pondohan sa research at study,magpagawa ng secret labaratory, par aralan ang pag gamit ng magnetic bomb, ito ay safe sana mabasa ng gobyerno ituturo ko ang pag produce ng mga weapon na to, by air and land ,sea magnetic canon,bomb,missile, at magnetic shield for anti- jet missile, or at submarine sensor bomb, marnetic gun, sana madiscover nila toh,,by the help of pilipino inventor, willing ako tumulong at bumuo ng member, samahan ng mga may agham,,ito na sulusyon di na tau kailangan bumili kundi mag produce lang ng weapon na to... with range of 200miles from our teritory mag lalagay tau ng magnetic bomb w/camera survellance kung sino man ang pumasok, sabog!!! invention ko yan...0509217381 call me poh mag produce tau.kailangan natin ng tulong ng lahat ng magagaling ng engrs.....ok

  81. Anonymous says:

    Ngaun kapag namodernize na ating arm forces e pulbusin na yang mga inayupak n communista n yan. hayup yan @ salot s lipunan.

  82. Anonymous says:

    dapat lang magtulungan tayong mga pilipino upang matamo natin ang kaunlaran,kapangyarihan at kaayusan sa ating bansa,huwag tayong masyadong umasa sa mga politiko bagkos magsikap tayo matamo ang kaginhawaa,huwag naman laitin masyado ang mga pilipino,kung kaya ng mga dayuhan na paunlarin ang kanilang bansa kaya din nating mga pilipino na paunlarin ang ating sarilng bansa kylangan lang kasi magsumikap at mgtiwala sa puong my kapal...idalangin nlang natin sa dios na huwag sana tuluyang mahulog sa digmaan ang pag aagawan sa teretoryo ...naway isulong natin ang diplomasya!!!

  83. Anonymous says:

    sana sumang ayon tayo na isulong ang diplomasya!!!

  84. Anonymous says:

    The Russian Kilo class submarines is the right choice for our Philippine navy. Nothing more.

  85. Anonymous says:

    are you russian or ofw in russia, or just a Filipino?
    Oh well,
    we should all continue to sing Mainit, Mainit, Mainit, MAinit, MAinit, Mainit, Mainit, sa harap sa likod, to the front to the back, kaliwa't kanan, to the left and to the right. Burn it up, burn it up, 3 Stars and a Sun MAINIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Anonymous says:

    sana sang ayonin natin ang diplomasya upang wlang digmaan mangyari!!! sana magcomment kau plzzz...

  87. jay_ says:

    sana manaig ang diplomasya!!

  88. Anonymous says:

    I believe in Filipino patriotism and bravery, but this cannot contain if our leaders are corrupt and selfish. They established their business as politicians of this nation. In short, they bolster their money for thievery and suck the resources of the masses. Poor Philippines, But I am still not paranoid and I believed that the next thing we MUST do is to ELIMINATE all greedy and corrupt officials first before going one step toward changes... Mabuhay ka Pinoy! Death to all dark politicians.... I Agree, if this war erupts(that this bastard china initiates), I will hunt all chinese here... and I have a lists.... beware you animal chinese!

  89. Anonymous says:

    The Russian Kilo class submarine, is the 1st choice for our Philippine navy.

  90. Anonymous says:

    That's after the death of the disgraced Angelo T. Reyes the DND secretary, and a AFP general.

  91. Anonymous says:

    Dapat mag tayo din tayo ng "Libingan ng mga Corrupt na opisyal ng Gobyerno" at doon e libing is marcos at si Angelo Reyes para walang katapusan ang kahihiyan ng mga magnanakaw na iyan.

    Bakit si Reyes inilibing sa libingan ng mga bayani? dapat hukayin yan at ililipat sa "Libingan ng mga Corrupt na opisyal ng pamahalaan" Cguro wala ng magnakaw sa gobyerno pag may ganyan kasi eternal disgrace sa pamilya nila ang aabutin pag nagkataon

  92. Anonymous says:

    kailangan iprioritize muna ntin ang air assets ntin, mas importante ang Multirole Fighter Jets kaysa Submarines at Battle Ships, kung wala tayo nun open for bombing ang pilipinas, at isang araw lng ubos lhat ng mga resources ntin at tapos ang gera, kailangan ntin ng mga interceptor fighter jets. maganda bumili tayo ng GripenE NG Multirole Fighter Jets at Embraer 145 AEW&C Airborne Early Warning And Control Plane. dapat ifocus ng government natin ang budget sa mga ito. dapat noon pa tyo naginvest s mga ito kahit wla tayong kalitan sa ibang mga bansa, eh di sana ngayn ready tayo at hindi mukhang kawawa. maxado kasi tayong komportable at tayo-tayo ang nagkakagatan at sinamantala naman ng mga corrupt opsyal ntin. sana naman natuto na tayo ngayn. at ngayon kailangan nting humabol sa air power natin para hindi na tayo daan-daan lng ng chinese fighter jets sa loob ng territory natin.

  93. Anonymous says:

    wag na tayong masyadong umasa sa ibang bansa kailangang tumayo tayo sa sarili nating paa. basta tumulong lang tayo sa administrastion ngayon wag mag isip ng negativo. kaya ng pilipinas bilhin ang mga yan.

  94. Anonymous says:

    In the meantime you can have a look at some great F-16 photos :

    F-16 Fighting Falcon Pictures

  95. unanimous says:

    bilhin na yan kailangan ng pilipinas yng mraming jet fighter kaya ng pilipinas yan marami tayong ntural gas yn yng pambayad ntin yng taiwan n maliit n bansa nkabili ng marami air defends at sea depends bkit yng pilipinas nahuli lage panahon n pra bumawi yng Navy at AFP...go now depensa againts china....

    In fact they are stronger than Arabs in the past 65 years.......If Israel is weaker...then they are under Arab control now.
    Remember the SIX-DAY war??!THEY beat Soviet Technology in Just Six Days and expanded their territory up to 200 percent!!!! Much Bigger than King David's United Israel a thousand years ago!!!!
    So don't insult Jews or They'll throw you the NOAH'S ARK onto your faces......Blasphemers!!!!!!

  97. Thanks for the news. Meantime here you can have a look at some great F-35 photos:

    F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Pictures

  98. Anonymous says:

    Are they also planning to buy AIRCRAFT CARRIER soon?,that can load atleast 20-30 fighter jets or high-end helicopters?

  99. Anonymous says:

    Well thank you my fellow OFW for the regards that you'd been expressed to the country. In my view, Philippines should not be tempted to buy all those junks from the foreign countries. Why? Name all the wars in the history? It's all about killings, devastation, and destruction of earth living things. Who appeared victorious?, even the great roman empire had collapsed. So, shall we let history repeat itself?
    The idea of acquiring those conventional war machines would be obsolete in compare to the future warfare using advance computerize technology, stealthy fighting armaments, and unmanned attack equipment. To be certain, Philippines has the potential to built its own nuclear powered aircraft carrier and submarines and stealth fighter aircraft/bomber. Deuterium for rocket/missile fuel have a huge deposit in the Philippines.

  100. Anonymous says:

    Tama! Dapat Air Defense maraming Patriot Missile mga 200 para hindi makalapit ang Jets o eroplano ng kaaway. at ang Military Base ay anim dalawa sa Luzon dalawa Visayas dalawa sa Mindanao. Bumili sana ng F-35 Jets. Wag second hand baka masira lang magdoble gastos kasi magbabayad pa sa pagrepair.

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