Sunday, July 3, 2011

AFP will buy 6 New Fighter Jets to defend the Archipelagic Islands – Spratlys


Italy's M-346 - Price = € 20 Million Euros (Each)

Korea's TA-50 Golden Eagle - Price = $ 21 Million US Dollars (Each)

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) military plans to acquire six jet fighters for interdiction missions against intruders into Philippine waters and air space, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said (July 1, 2011).

"We're giving so much priority to our internal security operations, but lately the equation has shifted because we realize we've also to assess our external defense capability," Gazmin told reporters at the sidelines of the Air Force's 64th anniversary celebrations.

Armed Forces chief Gen. Eduardo Oban Jr. said senior military officials had recommended an initial six multi-role planes to be acquired within the term of President Benigno Aquino III.

He said the Air Force was looking at either Korea's TA-50 Golden Eagle or Italy's M-346, and depending on their arms and in-flight instrumentation would cost about P1 billion each.

The Air Force retired its last seven F5 fighter jets in 2005 after having been in service for 40 years.

Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario, meanwhile, said President Aquino's planned visit to China did not mean the Philippines was backing down from its assertions Chinese forces had been intruding on Philippine waters.

The Philippines claims that Chinese forces intruded at least nine times into Manila-claimed areas in the Spratly Islands since February, allegations that sparked an exchange of diplomatic protests and verbal jabs. Mr. Aquino has strongly criticized China, saying two weeks ago that his country would not be bullied by China in the disputed region.

The presidential trip would likely take place in late August or early September, Del Rosario said.

The Spratlys, a chain of barren, largely uninhabited islands, reefs and banks in the South China Sea, are claimed wholly by China, Taiwan and Vietnam and partly by the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei. The islands are believed to be atop vast oil and gas deposits.

Chinese Ambassador Liu Jianchao has denied his government committed any intrusions, but acknowledged that Chinese vessels were exercising Beijing's sovereign rights in one incident at the Reed Bank near the Spratlys. Philippine officials complained the Chinese vessels harassed a local oil exploration ship into leaving the Reed Bank in March.

Just before he traveled last week to Washington, Del Rosario said he was told that the military was verifying another foreign intrusion into the Spratlys area.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton gave strong assurances that the US was committed to the defense of the Philippines, and would provide affordable weaponry amid mounting tensions in the Spratlys, Del Rosario said.

He said he separately gave US defense officials a list of equipment the Philippines needed to improve its capability to monitor foreign intrusions in its territorial waters near the Spratlys.

Clinton assured del Rosario that the US would honor its 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty with the Philippines that calls on each country to help defend the other against an external attack by an aggressor in their territories or in the Pacific region, he said.

Del Rosario said he told US officials that if the Philippines received defense equipment, "we become a stronger ally for you


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  1. ANAK PAWIS says:


    Gawin nyong 50 Fighter Jets para mag rank na ang Philippines as one of the Power Nation...

    Mura lang yan, Kayang kaya $ 21 Million x 50 = $ 1,050,000,000 (1 Billion 50 Million US Dollar)

    or ₱ 45,150,000,000.00 (45 Billion 150 Thousand Peso)

    Kayang Kaya yan may discount pa yan - aabot nalang yan ng 15 Million each pag 50 Bilhin nyo, Maka save kayo ng $ 300 Million or 14 Fighter Jets

  2. NPA (Communist) says:

    Mas maganda ang Korean made, mas madami Features na kaya compare to Korean Made. Kaya kung pwede lang bibili ang NPA ng Ganyan eh, pero san namin e landing? sa Netherlands?

    Ang problem sa Korean made, di pa sure kung mas matibay. Di pa yan proven eh

    Ang Italian made naman.. di rin proven.. may Russian or Ukraine made ba?

  3. Department of Science and Technology - Philippines (DOST) says:

    I think Its time for the Philippines' government to use the Filipino ingenuity.

    The Filipinos are creative and innovative which means the Philippines are capable to manufacture their own weaponry that could vie with the world class and quality of the leading country manufacturer in Europe.

    All the Philippines must have to do is to invest in developing desired weaponry

  4. Anonymous says:

    bkit hindi na lng f-16 falcon ang bilhin ng philippine govenrment?mas multirole fighterjet....

  5. Richard says:

    Cge e request mo.. lagay mo feature dito ng f-16 falcon para mabasa ng DND at mapag aralan...

  6. kelangan na natin magising sa katotohanan na ginagawa na tayong mga tanga ng china na yn.ang ginagawa ng china ay isang CREEPING kung mg bulag-bulagan pa tayo sa obvious na ginagawa nla bka isang araw pag gising natin ay sinakop na ng mga supot na mga intsik na yan ang kalahati ng pilipinas,,dhil dumarami na ang mga illigal alien na mga supot na intsik dito sa pilipinas makikita nyo yn sila sa DIVISORIA at sa TUTUBAN,nagpapatunay na yan na malapit na nla tayong sakopin,at gawin tayong alipin sa sariling bansa natin.kya dpat dyan sa kanila ay kidnapin at pugutan ng ulo at eregalo sa presidente ng china.bilang ganti sa pag sakop nila sa ating bansa.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Moro Islamic Liberation Frint..

    Cge kidnapin nyo, pa ransom nyo rin.. business natin intsek.. dapat may share ako ha sa pag support... kahit P5.00 per head okay na pam bili ko ng lollipop.. masarap ang lilipop ng MILF malaki na di pa balot.. :)

  8. LEE MYUNG BAEK says:

    I just want to clarify to the Philippines that our Defense Ministry here in South Korea is not yet selling or disposing the T-50.

    We use the T-50 korean made just for training only and not for actual defense..

    We could suggest you to buy the US Made F-16.. its might better and more sophisticated

  9. Anonymous says:

    bakit pa natin pagtalunan kung anong jet fighter ang ibibili ng pinas if we can buy the most sophisticated one in anyways. F-18 hornet, JAS-39 or MIG-29 Fulcrum 4th gen.fighters.kaya naman natin yan eh,mas malaki pa nga ang napupunta sa mga corrupt,nakakasawa ng pagtawanan tayo ng ibang bansa,we are becoming too vintage with our weaponry,nahuhuli na tayo kaya sana magising tayo.baka isang araw sakupin tayo ng mga intsik,and so were doomed dahil di tayo handa !

  10. Anonymous says:

    mas maganda kung philippine made...i agree with DOST filipino's are so ingenious...kaya nga kung ang mga dayuhan may MERCEDES BENZ e ang pinoy may REMEDIOS...

  11. KDS-SEA Royal Defense Ministry says:

    Di nyo nabasa ang other news? F-16 ang gusto ng Pilipnas.. andun na nga sa table for approval sa states eh.. mahirap kasi ang system aabot ng 2 years bago ma procure ang isang weaponry kaya lease to own na nga lang ang pino propose ng Philippines eh.

    f-18 super hornet is great.. pero BOENG yung engine nya.. madami na din kasi cases ng crash ang BOENG sa comeerical planes..

    So far 498 units for USA and Australian airforce pa lang ang meron nito. Australia have only 2 f-18. The price is doubled for the Italian made jets..

    F 18 FEatures

    Role: Carrier-capable multirole fighter
    National origin: United States
    Manufacturer: McDonnell Douglas
    Boeing Defense, Space & Security
    First flight: 29 November 1995
    Introduced: 1999
    Status In production, in service
    Primary users: United States Navy
    Royal Australian Air Force
    Produced : 1995–present
    Number built : 500 as of April 2011[1]
    Program cost: Total procurement: US$3.95 billion (through FY 2011)[2]
    Unit cost : US$55 million (2011 flyaway cost)[2][3][N 1]
    Developed from: McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet
    Variants Boeing EA-18G Growler

  12. Anonymous says:

    it's better,na sariling gawang pinoy ang gamitin ng philippine goverment.kulang lng tlga suporta ng gobyerno,dpat tlga e priority nila yan,development ng sariling,air,sea,land,defence,at mga arsenal.hirap kc saknila puro cla corrupt,di ulad ng ibang bansa na may sariling development defence program.

  13. Atty. Silva says:

    the Problem in the Philippines it the Law.

    If you will imagine these, it takes 2 years for the Philippines to purchase a single defense weapon.

    The president have no power in it. If the President will violate the law then he would face trial.

    For Developing a Philippines' own weapon; wala sa plan yan since before kasi priority ng previous administration is sariling bulsa. Tulad ni Arroyo.. puro problematic lahat ng transaction nya..

    Tulad ni Erap Sugal ang inuna

    Tulad ni Ramos binista ang Malampaya, NSC at lahat ng malalaking Governmetn owned corporation para kick back sa kanya..

    Si Cory.. inayus nya lang ang gusot na ginawa ni Marcos..

    Ni Noynoy naman, ayan on the way para ayusin ang gusot ni gloria...

    di ma tapos tapos ang problem kung palagi ganito ang System ng government ng pilipinas...

    Its time to have transistion and charter change..

    Lets ha ve a Constitutional Monarchy.. lets have the

    * State of Luzon
    * State of Visayas
    * State of Mindanao
    * Sultanate State of Sulu

    Para Bawat state ay sariling e develop bawat state nila.. hindi Centralize tulad ngayon..

    Pag maging separated by state... magagawa na nag State minister ang dapat sa kanyang State... kasi ang magnanakaw na karamihan nasa Luzon eh.. kasi hawak ang buong government.

  14. sana mapabilang ang wish list ng pilipinas ang magnufacture ng weaponry sa bansa para tau lng ang nakakaalam ng weapon natin... :) i hope someday like philippines askals did in football history, may magsurprised din na magvovolunteer na magtayo ng sariling pagawaan ng armas.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Puro naman trainer Jets yang na mention na Italian M-346 and Korean TA-50, anong klaseng report ito, dapat kung fighter jets at least yong F-16 or Mirage 2000, sa pag bigay pa lang ng information sa public eh niloloko nyo na, dapat nilagay nyo trainer jets indi yong fighter jets, sana wala ng corruption....

  16. Anonymous says:

    Kaya nga kelangan ng Internet eh para ma share ng iba kung ano ang tamang information. Di natin mapipigilan kung ang pagkilala ng iba sa trainer jets ay fighter jets na rin kasi may naka attach na pang attack na rin eh..

    Tinawag nila yan na trainer jets kasi invention lang nila yan at di na nasubukang e pang gyera..

    Kung kayo may magandang information e share nyo kasi thousand of reader and nag read para at least ma correct ang information

  17. Anonymous says:

    uu nga. trainer lang pero ok na rin. tingna nyo ginawa ng inguinity nga PAF to cope up the needs, ang S-211 ginawang fighter jet. low class avionics nga lang...I wonder kung radar capable ba itong TA-50,

  18. Anonymous says:

    sabi nga sa info tungkol sa TA-50 'interim' fighter aircrft ito, meaning may mga features o karamihan ng features at cabailities ay katulad ng mga 4th to 5th generation aircrafts sa panahong ito. Kase ang Korea gustong mag-acquire ng 4th to 5ht generation aircrafts for the next years and ang TA-50 is the best choice for trainings. and besides ang TA-50 is almost a carbon copy of f-16 since one of the developers are McDounell Douglas din...

  19. Anonymous says:

    kayang pabagsakin ng isang jet fighter ng China ang anim (6) na trainer jets (?) na gustong i- acquire ng Pilipinas. kawawa naman tayo. bakit hindi mga F-14's, F-15's o F-16's ng US or Mirage, Eurofighter ng Europe or the MIG's of Russia? hindi magugulat ang ibang bansa sa isang 1967 made na cutter at mga jets na hindi pa subok. bilib ako sa Israel na kahit mas maliit na bansa kaysa sa atin eh kinatatakutan ng kanyang mga kapit-bahay. dumating nawa tayo sa ganung kalalagayan!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Mil AF fact sheet priced an complete and armed F16 around 14M USD 2009 price...

  21. Henry says:

    Ay.. alam nyo naman ang pinoy.. you know nuh! masyadong innovative...

    Ang tricycle kayang gawing Jeep

    Ang Bicycle kayang gawing Tricyle..

    kaya jet trainer.. kayang gawing fighter jet.. lalo na pag tayo gagawa ng sariling atin, baka horizon floating ship na ang gagawin instead of aircraft carrier ship.

    Pero.. di po yan ang target ng Government... kasi ang hanap ng government F-16 to F-18 hornets kaya lang wala talagang budget.. laki kaya ng fork barrel ng nga congressman na corrupt.. patay si Noynoy pag tanggalin ang fork barrel.. kakalabanin sya ng lahat na corrupt.

    Kaya nga para matulungan natin ang ating bayan.. mag donate nalang tayo.. transparent... lahat info makikita sa internet kung sino nag donate kahit 5 cents, kailan, taga saan.. etc.. at magkano lahat ng collected para laht auditor sa sarili nilang donation..

    kaya para ma bili tayo ng F-18 hornets, cge ... amgt ulungan tayo... mag donate tayo

  22. Anonymous says:

    f-22 ang dapat bilhin ng na afp, dahil ilang taon na lng obsolete na f-16,f-18 na yan...

  23. Anonymous says:

    trainer jets lng ang ta-50 at m-346 walang kakayahan sa migs ng china yan, kaya dapat f-22 o j-39 ang bilhin ng afp.

  24. US Martials says:

    Sorry Philippines...

    F-22 is exclusive for USA USE ONLY.. we only allow F-18 and lower model but F-22 is not allowed yet.

  25. Anonymous says:

    F-16 Falcon
    Manufacturer General Dynamics/Lockheed Martin
    Maiden flight 1974-02-02
    Introduction 1978-08-17
    Status Active: 724
    Reserve: 69
    Primary users United States Air Force and 24 other users
    Number built >4,000
    Unit cost US$14.6 million (F-16A/B) US$18.8 million (F-16C/D) in 1998
    Variants General Dynamics F-16XL Mitsubishi F-2

    The F-16 Fighting Falcon is an American multirole jet fighter aircraft developed by General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin for the United States Air Force. Designed as a lightweight fighter, it evolved into a successful multirole aircraft. The Falcon’s versatility is a paramount reason it was a success on the export market, serving 24 countries.
    In an air combat role, the F-16’s maneuverability and combat radius (distance it can fly to enter air combat, stay, fight and return) exceed that of all potential threat fighter aircraft. It can locate targets in all weather conditions and detect low flying aircraft in radar ground clutter. In an air-to-surface role, the F-16 can fly more than 500 miles (860 kilometers), deliver its weapons with superior accuracy, defend itself against enemy aircraft, and return to its starting point. An all-weather capability allows it to accurately deliver ordnance during non-visual bombing conditions.

    In designing the F-16, advanced aerospace science and proven reliable systems from other aircraft such as the F-15 and F-111 were selected. These were combined to simplify the airplane and reduce its size, purchase price, maintenance costs and weight. The light weight of the fuselage is achieved without reducing its strength. With a full load of internal fuel, the F-16 can withstand up to nine G’s — nine times the force of gravity — which exceeds the capability of other current fighter aircraft.

    The F16 Fighting Falcon would be a great fit sa ating mga needs. Its small, simplified maintainance, The Philippines should not be burden with too much expensive maintainance costs.

  26. Anonymous says:


  27. Anonymous says:

    Actualy guys d nmn sya 100% trainer jets pwede yan i upgrade as fighter Jet's d pa kc nasasabak sa war yan kaya d sya matwag na fighter jets.

  28. Anonymous says:

    kayo naman... saka nalang tayo magsalita kong nadiyan na eh? at dapat tangalin na ang ano ba? forkbarrel. para maka bili ng fighter jet na ang pinas para mapuno na yong nabili na carrier ng pinas? sana nawa.....sus kailan kaya matoto ang ating guverno... kong huli na ang isa pa ha. bibili ng jet eh yong trainer jet pa? sus ginoo kaawan mo ang mga tao na yan...ay dyan na kayo... kasi korakot d2 don at dyan...kaya.. second hand ang totoo lang kayang bumili ng pilipinas na de kalidad na mga gamitng sa ating mga kawal... huwag nyong sabihin na kulang sa budget... bakit may budget ang forkbarrel sa mga congresista bakit hindi unahin ang siguridad safety sa ating bansa...

  29. Anonymous says:

    Guys, My understanding is that you have been offerd F-16 before. You did nto want them. Either financiaIIy you where not ready ot the poIitics where invoIved. I dont get that we dont support you. For years we had major fighter wings, carriers, you name it at subic, CIark and other faciIitys. you asked us too Ieave and we did as requested. This is an OId disagreement that needs too be buried deep in a grave. We are naturaI aIIies. I have read stuff about pan asia concepts and i just shake my head. AII that was tried before (remember the japanese pre ww2?). We here in america are a mixed bunch and proud of it. You guys are good foIks. quit bIaming us! we want too heIp! These events have been unfoIding for awhiIe. investing in defense spread over time is much easier then in a crisis. Now its a hurry hurry..we are trying too get you guys stuff. This process has just begun. Even aIot of the european stuff has american content. nothing is pure european or american anymore. These companies have contacts aII over gods creation and things have too be approved for deIivery. Even swedish grippen (read as much as 40%) have Iarge parts of american content. Our stuff has parts of theirs aIso. Its just how business is done now. aside from aII this. if you buy new equipment their is time avaiIabiIity in shipyards too buiId and the need for raw materiaIs and such. Nothing happens in two months (more Iike two years). Even buiiding it in phiI wouid take time too set everything up properIy. if you need this stuff in six months your going too have too buy surpIus things. Thats just how it is. there are aviaIabie ships, PIanes etc. you have too take whats there and buiId it up and repair it. from what i read you guys need aII this stuff now. How does anyone buiId you ships and fighters in six months time???? I dont know what you guys know about america/packy reiations but it sucks. We are buying their asses off too ship our heavy equpment through their country by raiI into afghanistan (the onIy way too hauI iarge amounts of heavies and suppIies). There is no ports and airIft has Iimitations when your supporting this many at fieId. We dont trust them and they are suck asses too the chinese anyway. we recentIy cut their aid in haIf (congress said no!) after finding out bin iaden was hiding there aII this time un moIested. I wouId choose you guys over them in a heartbeat. When we have differences at Ieast both sides speak their mind. With the packies you must watch your ass aII the time. I suggested some Iimited basing agreements that wouId provide you immediate security in return for aircraft and ships and training and buiiding up. It makes sense. its doesnt have too be americans drowning your cuIture with KFC and stuff Iike that. I dont agree you can deaI the chinese aIone. You guys are as tough as they come but this is a high tech battIespace. It requires more. you wiII gain the know how but at this time you need heIp. dont be too proud and sIap it away. I dont hink the europeans wiII be Iining up too take on the chinese if your butt is against the waII. The truth is the americans have a vested interest. in both the trade and sea Ianes staying open. The chinese wiII crap big ones seeing a coupie squadrons of f-18s or f-16s, P3s fIying patrois in those areas with phiI patroI ships and personneI. WhiIe that goes on you can focus on getting more strength. Its a temporary shieId. if we are truIy aIIies we need too end that argument its oId and worn out. we desire another strong aIIy there. your a good choice. Stick with us and we stick by you. trust me, the europeans wont be giving you any big time breaks.....your trading one thing for what i beIeive may not be near as beneficiaI.

  30. Anonymous says:

    di sapat ang 6 jets !! kung babawasan ang pork barrel ng mga conressman cgurado 50 o mahigit na jets ang mabibili.

  31. Anonymous says:

    the dock Ianding ship USS CIeveIand puIIed into San Diego NavaI station yesterday. She is done. She is too be decommisioned. Hot SaIe anyone on a functioning Ianding ship? she is same age as hamiIton and can carry 1000 men. Repair and upgrade on this. Then go aheade and aquire the gaIicia cIass ship (it takes a coupIe years for that deIivery). In the mean time you have one troop transport with faciIities for shore Ianding from ianding craft and heIos.

  32. Anonymous says:

    how about a few sea harriers for her decks for attack aircraft.

  33. Anonymous says:

    some air too ship missIes for them and ground attacck weaponry for them souId do nice

  34. Anonymous says:

    The engIish retired a bunch of them and they are mostIy upgraded.

  35. Anonymous says:

    she is too be formaIIy decommissioned in sept. here is the Iink and articIe...

  36. Anonymous says:

    at ieast attack heIos from this baby if harriers are too expensive too maintain.

  37. Anonymous says:

    and some sea staIIions too Iift those 155 and 105 guns into pIace and do anti sub and troop movements. Sea kings that the engIish have are the most modernized.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Sea staIIion and JoIIy Greens Giants are versions of the same chopper. Sea staIIion is navaI version. These babies Iift anything and have great range. some for army and some for marines. Sea kings can do most navy needs as in anti sub efforts.

  39. Anonymous says:

    chinooks are even better for army but they are in such demand right now...

  40. Anonymous says:

    no other heIicopter moves as fast and carries as much as chinook. no attack chopper can keep up with them. They are onIy chopper that work in afghanistan at such high aItitudes.

  41. Anonymous says:

    you need Iift and transport. nothing beats chinook, Sea StaIIion or JoIIy greens. Sea King is a good medium Iift chopper. President of USA is transported in them.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Sky Crane is dedicated Iifter. Marines and navy wouId benefit in sea Iift efforts. transferring equipment or suppIies are no probIem for it.

  43. Anonymous says: the army version of skycrane

  44. Anonymous says:

    it Iifts sheridan tank or two huey choppers in this pictures

  45. Anonymous says:

    155 guns into fire base in war area from a probIem....

  46. Anonymous says:

    The marines use sea staIIons now too do that job... but AH-64 maybe cheaper too operate for strict Iifting duties.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Tanggaling lahat ang Senador and party list na congressman dagdag lang sa budget and corruption sa Philippines.
    Baguhin ang government system sa Philippines. From Presidential to Parliamentary.Para wala ng election for president dagdag sa Gastos para sa election tapos babawiin lng kaya d2 nag-uumpisa ang corruption. Implement and ID system sa lahat ng filipino..

    Cgrado uunland ang Pilipinas like in Europe and Asian Countries.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Dapat mkipagrelation din tyo Russia, Pakistan or India kasi may Nuclear bomb sila.. para dun tyo matuto sa TEchnology transfer.. Hindi lang puro USA..Ksi sariling interest lng ng USA para sila lng ang SUPERPOWER.

  49. Anonymous says:

    I recommend to buy not only one type of Jetfighters.
    Dapat F-16 and F-18 then ung iba ay Russian Made na..
    Then bili rin ng Apache Helicopters double purpose din kasi puede gamitin sa MILF or NPA..

  50. Anonymous says:

    gumawa na kasi dapat ng factory paggawa ng war planes para hindi na tayo bibili ng mga antik na kagamitan pandigma sa ibang bansa...

  51. Anonymous says:

    good start para sa afp modernization program...di pa sophisticated mabibiling fighter jets sa ngayon pero kung tuloy tuloy lang yung program baka by 2020 or less pwede na tayo bumili ng F-35 direct purchase sa lockheed martin at hindi na fms(foreign military sales)

  52. Anonymous says:

    its so good too see the discussion now broadening to the idea of Radar systems in your frontier :). Bravo! The austraIian system that is jindaIee that prtoects austraIias northern entry point is an idea you foIks need to consider. Even a system that is simiIar but with arcs that are not compIete wouId offer kiII better zones. I am american and rooting for you. Im hoping that any feeIings Ieft over from the 1800's have passed (we fought the engIish and now we are best of aIIies). Its 2011 and the threat Iies factuaIIy with china and its desire for those resources that are within your territory. AII this other stuff i read is rhetoric and wasted precious time. Radar offers surveiIIance and the massing of defenses as needed (witness radar and the battIe of britain). air dfense by both air force and navy air wings you soreIy need. Tha abiIity too scrambIe jet fighters to a probIem area en masse and quickIy. AIso in a fashion they are in hardened bunkers and dispersed so as you cannot be suprised and wiped out in one strike. NavaI surface assets are too protect troop and suppIy convoys. You cannot afford masses of seacraft. The best way too protect your coast is by Radar and air surveiIIance (manned patroI or drones). Pre positioned surafce craft can be caIIed in on case by case need. Even sea PIanes and choppers can provide SAR operations. Aircraft and Radar system is th most compIete and effective way to accompIish this. is it cheap??? NO! but if you dont step up to your own defense who wiII. HoepfuIIy uncIe Sam wouId arrive quickIy. But then im hearing Iots of taIK of seif determination. If thats so then a reaIistic defense and budget is required (weIcome to the big headache). you cant deter china with with a shoe string defense. They want what you have and mean too take it. Its time too bear the cost and carry the sword and shieId as weII as the dove. DipIomacy works onIy in combination with an impIied cost to the other side for overstep. The two work hand in hand. You must demand respect by buiIding up that you are abIe too deaI the a bIoody nose. right now your very vuInerabIe and everyone is concerned (its not in your treaty partners interest either). a beefier phiI is desired. Something more Iike Japan or austraIia... Guys, go do it...having a navy of 300 mosquitos wont stop them. being abIe too mass 60 modern jet fighters at the point of the spear (and have operating SAM sites and shore too ship batteries) sure wouId make someone consider a different approach (perhaps even taIk).

  53. Anonymous says:

    Hello Filipinas.........

    For me it's time for the Philippines to be responsible in every decision. Buying an aircraft which is designed intended for training and to be converted for fighting is not a wise decision. It is so shameful that the Philippine government is minimizing it's budget for the defense while maximizing the corruption for self interests. Look, it's okay if you buy 2nd hand items (okay-okay)for personal used but not to the arm defense Equipment and weaponry please. What a funny scenario if the Chinese fighter jets will target the Philippines jets then suddenly crash not because it was hit by the Chinese missiles but because of engine breakdown because it was a surplus item (okay-okay). That's the time that I could not show even my face and tell other national that I am a Filipino. How could I ???

  54. Anonymous says:

    Hello Filipinas.........

    For me it's time for the Philippines to be responsible in every decision. Buying an aircraft which is designed intended for training and to be converted for fighting is not a wise decision. It is so shameful that the Philippine government is minimizing it's budget for the defense while maximizing the corruption for self interests. Look, it's okay if you buy 2nd hand items (okay-okay)for personal used but not to the arm defense Equipment and weaponry please. What a funny scenario if the Chinese fighter jets will target the Philippines jets then suddenly crash not because it was hit by the Chinese missiles but because of engine breakdown because it was a surplus item (okay-okay). That's the time that I could not show even my face and tell other national that I am a Filipino. How could I ???

  55. Juan Bayani says:

    Hello Anonymous!

    The truth is that.. you are so shallow.. the government is still planning but they mentioned also the F-16 and F-18 with the 2 alternatives mentioned above for training..

    Do not judge! if in your time before; the leader is corrupt, the President is corrupt, then you must have to know that our new president is not like that..

    Ibahin mo ang noon at ngayon..

    Besides, I hate you! I sa kang manggagamit.. Di ka aamin na pinoy ka pag may palpak sa pinoy.. aamin ka lang na pinoy ka pag panalo ang pinoy... isa kang ahas at taksil.. wala kang karapatan na bumalik sa Pilipinas..

    Ang Pinoy, sa hirap at ginhawa, tatayo at iwagayway ang bandila bilang Pilipino.. Sana mamatay na laht ng tulad mo.. isa lang marupok at hangal.. Mangagamit.. You are a shame of the country.. You are a user... you are a fake Filipino.. Filipinos will stand and raise the flag winning or losing... but you!! you are fake!!! you are a chinese. go back to the devil country of china!

    Now, the Philippines would be gaining 13 Million hectares of a very rich territory in Benham Rise; so what is your reaction!!! You will shout that you are Filipino now.. because the Philippines is in good position.. fu*k you user anonymous...

    I will pray.. people like you will fail in all your undertakings.. you dont deserve blessing because you are a bastard user!

  56. Anonymous says:

    kahit ano basta wag nyong tipirin ,,,
    kaya tlagang gumawa ng mga filipino ng sariling armas ,,, ang kailangan lng support the RND...

  57. Anonymous says:

    buy anti aircraft weapons,,,,
    kagaya ng pinaplano ni marcos

  58. Anonymous says:

    hnd ganun kadali gumawa ng 50 planes in 6 months,,
    kaya ok lng ung 6 muna,, kc may ibang department png nangangailangan ng gamit tulad ng navy and army

    marmi taung engineer n magagaling n walang trabho bkt hnd kunin ng gobyerno para s RND,,,,

    pwede taung magmanufacture ng armas nten pero hnd kya ng gobyerno naen,,,,,

    tingnan nyo kung gaano kaliit ang budget nten, mahirap ayusin pra s isang pagulo,,,,

  59. Anonymous says:

    sna kung mbili nten yan gaing operational hnd itago
    tulad ng ibang s211..

  60. Anonymous says:

    sna gumwa din tau ng armas n exclusive for philippine use only

  61. Anonymous says:

    maraming scrap metal s libingan ng mga barko n navy pweding tunwin at gawing raw materials....

  62. Kung aasa lang tayo sa government natin, baka bigla nalang lulusob ang Tsina, wala pa tayo ni isang armament na magagamit. Ang Cutter class natin 1 lang yun, kaya kelangan natin tumulong para ma dagdagan.

    Mag commit na kayo kahit through email lang muna, 15 pa lang kami nga commit na mag donate kahit magkano. From 0.05 cents 5 cents – up kung magkano kaya para hinay hinay nating matulungan ang ating DND na maka bili ng modernong armas.

    Mag commit na rin kayo para masimulan na ang Donation BoX for the Spratlys.. commitment lang naman muna eh, wala muna cash involve.

    Please send your commitment to help and to donate to


    BIRTH DATE:_________________________________
    ORGANIZATION: _____________________________
    ADDRESS: ___________________________________
    EMAIL ADDRESS:_____________________________
    MOBILE NUMBER: ___________________________
    OTHER CONTACT NUMBER: ___________________







  64. Anonymous says:

    the better choice for the philippine airforce is the general dynamics f16 fighting falcon which is an inexpensive fighter and a lightweight aircraft..

  65. Anonymous says:

    F16 for PAf,(MBT)for the army which includes US M1abrams,german leopard,british challenger and the french leclerc..for the PN guided missile destroyer is the better choice but its to much expensive,so a former US frigates which is modified with missile systems is good..


    BIRTH DATE:_________________________________
    ORGANIZATION: _____________________________
    ADDRESS: ___________________________________
    EMAIL ADDRESS:_____________________________
    MOBILE NUMBER: ___________________________
    OTHER CONTACT NUMBER: ___________________







  67. Anonymous says:

    this is the version of the CN235 that im reading you guys are supposed too get with your MRV apparentIy these are incIuded aIong with new assauIt guns,eIectroincs and the three makassars. the deaI was inked and first deIveries begun in sept 2011....This pIane is a stretched version of the CN235 with bigger engines and payIoad. Its designed for martime surveiIIance and has hard points for missIes, bombs ETC..its a dedicated maritime aircraft simiIar in use as a P3 Orion but on a smaIIer scaIe. here it is...

  68. Anonymous says:

    here is aIso and AWACS version of the CN295 with the rotating dome on top. An EIint/ESM version of it has aIso been made for the finns as weII.

  69. Anonymous says:


    WACS version of the CN295 looks so great!...I wish the Philippines could have few like this

  70. Anonymous says:

    To all post above, Acquiring a modern aircraft is not just buying a candy in store na pwedeng kainin nlng basta2.There are a lot of things to consider, such as the capability of our pilots to use those modern technologies that were embedded to the air craft, the ability of our air personnel to maintain the said equipment,and most specially do we have enough money to maintain it's day to day operation cost. That the reason why we need to have trainer jets to answer all those questions above..

  71. To you anonymous; what I could say is we don't need people like you to comment here. You live in a negativism life. All the things you've seen is negative.

    Your quality is the reason why the Philippines remains poor because you are scared of commitment and you are coward to move forward.

    How could the Philippines move forward if the attitude of the people is the same as you.

    People needs commitment first. What stuff are they going to maintain if they dont have them?

    How would they learn if they will not try!

    Do not underestimates Filipino. Filipinos are fast learner and intelligent unlike you!

    How could we have money to buy if we will not intend funds to buy them?

    All negative people like you supposed to be .. will die early so the remaining positive attitude will rule the country.

    Your bad negative attitude is the reason why there are only few invention in the Philippines because YOU ARE COWARD and FEARED to TRY new things...

    You are nothing....

  72. Anonymous says:

    to anonymous:do you know that the armed forces of the philippines has ranked 50plus in terms of defense budget,above in some other countries which has a better military equipment than the AFP..

  73. Phil Air force pilot says:

    Ang reason namin kaya training jet ang bibilhin dahil wala pa kaming kakayahan o experience na gumamit ng F-16,F-15 etc... kaya training jet muna para masanaya kami, pano kung bumili tayo ng f-16 tapos maibagsak due to human error di syang na agad ang 1 bilyong halaga ng f-16..alam nyo naman na nasanay kami na ang pina patakbo ay boka boka na jet :-(

  74. Anonymous says:

    Training muna pilot natin PS 3 or xbox tapos pwede na tayo bili F-16 or f-18.....

  75. Anonymous says:

    kaya nating bumili ng f-16 na yan.....abolish nyo pork barrel ng nga tong-gressman at senador.....madami mabili natin......malapit na tayong sakupin ng china....mag ipon na ako madaming bala................

  76. Robert Marcos Aquino says:

    I Agree with Philippine Airforce.. Pero kasi yung mga naka talaga sa mga opisyal nyo nagyon produckto yan nung nakaraang administrasyon na puro Familya kahit walang alam.

    Classmate ko dyan, ayan Officer na ng Philippine Air force..

    Naawa ako sa Government natin nung malaman kung officer na sya. di naman sa ano, best friend ko yun eh.. talagang may pinagsamahan kami nun isang kama pa nag kami matutulog pag lasing kami eh pero.. mahal ko ang buong Pilipinas kaya di ko paboran ang best friend ko.

    Sa totoo lang nag graduate kami ng high School mahirapan nga syang mag basa. Pa pogi lang ang ukoy na yun, kaya naawa naman teachers namin kasi mukhang mabait at inosente ang mukha kahit di marunong mag masa, ayan grade 76 pasado na..

    Pag tatawagan ko, e englisin ko, ia baba agad ang phone..

    Pano na lang pag sya mag operate sa F-16 or F 18, e di e bagsak agad kasi di nga yun marunong mag basa ng instruction.

    pag sa college naman di ka naman pababasahin eh ... kaya pag may pera ka at private school ka sureball pasado ka..

    dapat fair ang recruitment ng Arm forces.. hindi porque may uncle na officer ma hire na agad..

    Kung tulad ng best friend ko ang mag piloto ng F-16 sayang.. i babagsak lang, pero okay lang mabawasan ang pogi sa Airforce at mabawasan din bobo.. triple impact mawalan ako ng bes best friend.. :(

  77. Anonymous says: realistic naman. If we have enough money to buy 4th and 5th generation aircraft or even the lower bloc of F-16s why not? When we bought the S-211 trainer jets from Agusta(Italy) it was meant for training of our fighter pilots in preparation for more advance fighter jets that the govt. is eyeing to purchase. S-211 trainers are inferior against our old F-5s(Freedom Fighters) when it comes to agility and for dogfights. But, F-5 is inferior to S-211's avionics which is more modern than F-5s. Our former F-5s actually does not have radars for detecting enemy aircraft, they are also not nigh-capable fighters. Except that they are armed with sidewinders for air to air combat and a cannon for ground attack or close-quarter dogfights. But since they are no longer airworthy they are decommissioned and we rely on our S-211s to cover the functions of the F-5s. Sadly, the Asian crisis hit the economy, the planned purchase of a modern fighter jets for the PAF in relation to their S-211 trainings obtain in operating the later was scrapped.
    So, again, PHL will be back to trainers AND THE Korean TA-50s(if my guess is right) IS IN THE LIST. Its not bad at all.
    As I've posted few days ago, this aircraft is somewhat a carbon copy of the F-16s but slightly shorter. They have the same avionics. If you noticed, Koreans has KF-16s, these are the bases of TA-50s and they are selling them now.
    If the govt. is planning to buy TA-50s(I hope the combat version) FOR use IN teritorial defense, I think it will have a fair chance of winning a dog fight against the Chinese fighters.
    Provided that these TA-50s should be armed at its full capability for dog fights. This are capable of detecting other aircrafts in flight, have FLIR, HUDs, and other features found in F-16s( as what the brochure said).
    Fellow Filipinos, we should not be afraid if we are only armed with TA-50s. These aircrafts are better than the F-16s the Pakistani have which does not have capabilities same as its sister 16s from western countries.
    If I may make a suggestion I would recommend JAS-39 Grippen from Sweden. It can land on short and rough runways like that of the Kalayaan airfield in Spratlys.Cheaper than what the US offers.
    JAS Grippen is armed to the teeth like those US fighters jets, the British Typhones or Tornados, French Mirage and Russian Fulcrums. They are not far with regards to avionics which is the key to a successful fighter jet platform.MABUHAY ANG PILIPINAS!!!!

  78. Anonymous says:

    Guys, a supersonic jet trainer is basicaIIy a advanced jet trainer. At the moment you dont have jet trainers for your student piIots. Thats why your govement is Iooking too get them. Your PiIots need too Iearn on a Iike pIatform before getting into a high performance MuItiroIe jet fighter. trainers can do some ground attack and strike funstions. They are not designed nor can accompIish the function of a dedicated fighter. Your trying too buiId up a generation or cadre of guys too be the most recent pioneers (the guys that once fIew your jets are retired and over the meadow..probabIy nearing fifties or past it. Too Oid too be current combat jocks). Your young men in their twenties are the future for this effort and they have no experience in high performance Jets onIy in prop or prop jets. Its a huge difference incIuding the sensors and weapons on board not too mention actuaI combat tactics for the particuIar aircraft and prospective bogies they must encounter (whatever those aircraft strengths and weaknesses). SurvivaI is at stake and they deserve a chance at being more the human sacrifices (make the other dumb SOB die for his country, thats how wars are won, not dying for yours!) so impressed that you guys are going forward!!!! keep it up!! this is Iong overdue!

  79. Anonymous says:

    you cannot even get into officers FIight schooI in the USN if you are over 26. You must be aIready an officer and ready for fIight trianing by that age. The Air force is simiIar as are aII the services for fIight officer status. There have been a few warrant officers fIying some smaII fixed wing and mostIy rotary aircraft but none for high performance fighters in many years.

  80. Anonymous says:

    too put things in a context. WouId you rather go into combat in worId war 2 in a P-51 mustang or the AT-6 (it was that days advanced trainer). Gues who wouId win in a dogfight? In modern aircraft weapons and eIectronics are everything. the Radar is a huge cost. You cannot fit a Ionger range system on a system not designed for it. It may have capibiIity but its woefuIIy matched. Its basicaIIy for shooting down rotary aircraft, patroI craft and the Iike and ground attack functions. The upgraded version of the t-50 is for Iight ground attack purposes. Not as a fighter inreceptor (against internaI insurrection or Iand attack). It may have some defensive capibiIty. The koreans cIearIy define that in the web page on the T-50 GoIden EagIe. Its caIIed a Iight attack aircraft (ground strike missions)

  81. Bulldog says:

    Oh! Supersonic has already retired from service so how could we have such if the craft is already retired. Is it safe to use them? Supersonic is used by British Airways and Air France but retired last November 2003.

  82. Anonymous says:

    P-NOY said: The philippine airforce already decided to buy initially 10 F-22 stealth fighter jets from the US then we will convert it to "LPG" to save operational cost...This to end rumors and debates on what planes we will buy understood??? ok mananghalian lang muna ako ha...

  83. Anonymous says:

    dapat noon pa nag modify na tayo ng armed forces, slowly but surely hindi yun ura urada na pag bili. ngayon lang natin nakita na kelangan na pala mag upgrade kung kelan andiyan na problema. at least nagising na tayo. i like the idea of contributing for the development of the afp in the first place wala naman talaga pera gobyerno. but it would also be best if we call the attention of big corporations and our greatest engineers(mechanichal engineers, aeronautical engineers and our skilled manpowers) so we can try and develop our own weapon system it's not only cheaper but we also get to test kung gaano nga kagaling ang pinoy. yoon naman lagi cnasabi natin di ba? let's show them how good we really are. ayaw natin ng gera but if the need arises that we need to protect our people and what is ours then we have no choice but to defend. american support is very much welcome but how far are they willing to help.

  84. Ah! really?

    The Philippines will purchase initial 10 aircratf F-22?

    whoah!!!! really? look it is very expensive huh! the price is $ 200 Million USD each!.. hmmmm really?

    200 Million x 10 = 2 Billion US Dollar or Php 84 Billion Philippines Peso.. not bad.. hahahah

  85. Anonymous says:

    i agree with one of the comments posted. buying these aircraft and sophisticated weapons cost billions and even if we have the money to buy them i'm sure a politician from congress or the senate will butt in and block these plans claiming to be pro poor, cgurado me delay's na naman pag upgrade natin. i think the wise thing to do is make do with what we have, refurbish what we currently have like upgrading old ships, tanks and planes if possible. i believe in the saying "IT'S NOT ABOUT THE MACHINE, BUT IT'S ABOUT THE MAN BEHIND THE MACHINE"
    . kahit p-51 mustangs lang cla or ww-II ships if we can improve them then let's do so and defend our country with what we have, and slowly let us start modernizing our our paf, army and navy. it takes time to to fly modern sophisticated jets, it also takes time to build them. we also need to figure out where are we going to get the money. baka masayang lang pera natin buying these sophisticated weapons and not to mention the life of our skilled piliot's baka mag crash lang eroplano due to pilot's error, sayang ang equipment at sayang lalo yoon buhay na mawala. it's easier to buy new jet planes that train new pilots because it takes years to develop such skills. i believe in the current administration at least now we are seeing some improvement and a little hope. sana wag pasukan ng politika ang usaping ito para umangat naman tayo. china is not that stupid to simply attack us and take what is our because they know that whole world and the U.N. ang magiging kalaban nila. but still we need to be ready at all times.

  86. Anonymous says:

    ual bng stealth figther....

  87. Anonymous says:

    kung ako kay noy-noy kaibiganin nya ang mga generals, para kung anong decissions nya ay walang kokontra na mga corrupt na senators/congressmen. ang mga corrupt na ito ang haharang sa nga plano ni noy-noy.
    si enrile, dating sundalo , ngayonmalawak na ang lupain sa batangas. dati ang kumpanya nya gumagawa lang ng posporo, ngayun, may golf course na sya....hmmmmnnn saan kaya galing ang pera na ipinambili nya ng mga malalawak na lupain?????

  88. Anonymous says:

    si legarda nang-aankin ng lupa sa batangas, ayun nasupla ng mga batangueno...kasi naman di siya tunay na grabber din!!!

  89. Anonymous says:

    how can we buy even single fighter jet, eh ang daming mag-nanakaw sa gobyerno ng pilipinas!!!
    sa pasay nga lang ang mga streets every year inaayos. pag naayos na, sisirain, pag sira na, aayusin ulit, pag may inaayos na daanan eh may pera na involve, at pag perang involved may corrupt na nangyayari!!!
    isipin mo every year inanayos!!!

  90. Anonymous says:

    dapat mag-karoon ng martial law, para 1 lang ang mag-nanakaw. kagaya nuon ni mr. ferdinand marcos.

  91. Anonymous says:

    dapat mag-karoon ng martial law, para 1 lang ang mag-nanakaw. kagaya nuon ni mr. ferdinand marcos.

  92. Bituon sa Dagat - Lamdag sa Kagabihion says:

    Just believe in GOD mga IGAN. He could change everything. With the recent government Platform for ah "Right Path" or daang matuwid it means the government itself starts to initiate the total eradication of corruption in the country.

    As what we knew the under the table in the Malacanang Palace is already "Zero' unlike before during the time of Arroyo it is a culture..

    The killing of the malignant corruption virus should start from the brain to its veins... the clean blood from the has start flowing to the veins.. though it will take time but at least it has been started.

    I believe.. we could modernize the AFP armaments. Just today the news... DBM releases P1.75-B for PNP modernization

    Before, the government could not release that huge fund but now, it is available... so hwag ma inip.. malapit na ang tagumpay ng Pilipinas
    1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply

  93. Anonymous says:

    hahah...i know you cant buy F22 cause i worked for Iockheed martin where the jet is buiIt. the jet is not for export! not even the engIish, aussies or anyone gets them. The japanese in WW2 Beieived the man meant everything and gave their troops inferior rifIes and guns (junk). They where mowed down in 100's by weII pIaced machine guns (by phiIippino soIdiers during the bIocking exercise of bridges during the raid on cabanatuan POW camp) whiIe US speciaI forces raided the camp proper too free them. Courage is important(yes phiI soIdiers got it in spades) and you must have capabIe equipment too fight effectiveIy (phiI soIdiers need this too)...aII is required. How about using those with hard heads for IPG warheads Iaunched out of rocket tubes against the chinese? THUMP!!! CaII those modern armour penetrators...HAHAHA

  94. Anonymous says:

    i heard those are very effective shock troops. Their cheap and PinetifuI yes??? :P

  95. Anonymous says:

    those are supersonic jet Iiners (commerciaI airIners)....not fighter (miIitary) i attach the simpIe specifications. Its the Iink. of the aircraft...its just factuaI information.

  96. Anonymous says:

    by the way...its RPG not IPG ....for rocket propeIIed grenade.

    besides you been controIIing costs very weII. nothing is buiIt or new in your miIitary. PiIots without PIanes, saiIors without ships and soIdiers without weapons.

    I seriousIy PNOY wouId turn away F22 if you couId afford them. But we aII know thats not the case (irreIevant discussion).

    so Iets get back too a reIevant discussion. IT IS about the phiIippines modernization efforts for EXTERNAI threats. Its been stated that the goaI has shifted too incIude the externaI threat as weII as COIN reIated internaI efforts. japanese aircraft destroyed the isIand defenses prior too invasion in WW2. how do you defend an archipeIigo from a simiIar situation again? its a vaIid discussion.... friends may not be abIe to respond too heIP you in a very short time frame. You may have too put up a spirited defense for a time by yourseIves untiI heIp can arrive..... The chinese wiII sureIy deaI with each country on a one by one basis. They have aIready stated that. Dont assume your immediate neighbors are eager too join the fight untiI their butts are in the same boat....

  97. Anonymous says:

    debates are aIways weIcome..rumors are not. I thought marcos Ieft office. YES? hehehehe

  98. Right!

    it is absolutely rights... lets stop rumor..

  99. Anonymous says:

    I know you guys understand what a reaI fight is. Its ugIy business. There is no such thing as a fair fight. I dont think if it comes too that the chinese wouId mereIy tap on the shouIder. And you aIways pIan for the worst not the best. Your OiI and gas fieIds are your future and HOW you pay for everything. Its beginning too appear the reserves are massive. If you dont fight for them that future never happens and you become subservient too your weaIthier neighbor even more (much more weaIthy after that) then before. Tere wont be a second chance....its very much your future has arrived. If you sIide back on this you remain in the state you exist (you sound not totaIIy happy with it from what i gather?). Option two is you become a kind of state Iike hong kong or future taiwan (probabIy the chinese can come up with some historicaI story that phiI was once chinese...they seem too be good about revisionist history).....guys, you have too buiId up. you need a smaII but effective professionaI and mobiIe force. Even neutraI countries Iike sweden have this....its baseIine...

  100. Anonymous says:

    your country is not that tiny anyhow. You have a Iarge popuIation and your economy is not backward. Its expanding aIbeit not at a rate envisioned. WW2 ships and PIanes are not how you move forward. Modernization does not require everything too be spanking brand new. Some things shouId be and somethings perhaps not so oId (eveidence the PF15 ship). its about choices. I think so far your Ieadreship is doing weII. They are scaIing things and trying too make wise choices. your navy is improving and your army and marines are of good quaIity. I do not know much about your coast guard (im guessing it Iacks). But your air force is key too archipeIigo defense. Its woefuIIy abIe too perform. It was once the pride of asia air forces and now its among the most weak. you wouIdnt want too fIy in combat in a p51 against chinese sukoi or migs. Why are you asking your young men too do this now??? give them what they need too fight properIy.. maybe they dont need too be pretty but they need the right weapons and ammunition (at the moment they dont). They definiteIy have the wiII and courage.

  101. Anonymous says:

    if your a parent wouId you want your son or daughter serving on a ship or fIying a PIane that was a guaranteed coffin? does that serve defense of your peopIe, nation or their trust? They desrve some chance of survivaI even if the odds are stacked against them. save the martyr concept for your enemy not your own beIoved. aIways Iive too fight another day.

  102. Anonymous says:

    im not suggesting you have too buy american products. Just buy something that works and can accomPish the required mission. A rebuiIt isIander is not a fighter pIane (i know im being simPistic). There are aIot of choices. Both used aircraft and new. Train your peopIe and put them in the seat of a true modern fighter aircraft (yeah im partiaI too F-15 eagIe with 101 air victory and no PIanes Iost in any combat action).Its the aicraft of choice for the israeIi's, Korea and japan. A few of those with a cheaper aircraft to give you more quantitys... (F-16,Tornado, or yeah F5) wouId be a good path. and yes grippens are a great pIane. Can you depend on the swedes in time if need too get you spares or even repIacements? something too consider.... Im not a particuIar fan of mirage..the resuIts are not particuIarIy good...

  103. Anonymous says:

    frankIy F-16s and tornados wouId be a nice duo..

  104. Anonymous says:

    The engIish crews fIew strike missions too perfection in those tornados in the guIf war. They are a great jet.

  105. Anonymous says:

    The f-16 is a dog fighter that is effective and cost wise...

  106. Anonymous says:


  107. Anonymous says:

    Things happen this the AFP want trainer jets because they use this jets for sight seing in spratly not for combat mission specially those generals,generals of pocket only they are not concern about integrity of the nation but monetary in the pocket.
    common sense only if you are a military what are going to do the jets with out armaments or better say not combatant Jets what the pilot can do to his country did the AFP generals prepare this Jets to downsized airmens? thats the possible question.

  108. Anonymous says:

    Well a pilot with out train as well is suicide so therefore the PAF need the trainer jet but not as much that the whole budget of let say 2 squadron will oes to training Jets of course diversify 6 jet fighter then 2 jets training aircraft that is the most possible idea not thet idea is for jet trainers craft. that is none sense PAF pilot is very obvious pilot or rather say pilipinos they are quickly know how to operate this bird immediately.its a sahme to whole country you buy all trainers jets and said fighter jets.

  109. Anonymous says:





    -M A Q U A-

  110. Anonymous says:

    TRAYDOR or Betrayal is common. Beware! In the Philippines, if the government will develop their own weapon, its okay! BUT this time the Philippines needs instant ready made.

    Developing a weapon system will take time, years.. and not just year but tens and tens of years

    The Philippines will be in that direction soon, but this time, the capability is not yet ready.

    Korea is a Philippines ally. if you remember, Philippines chair the United Nations in 1953 during the Korean War and the Philippines themselves and other 19 Nation send troupes to South Korea for an alliance Military support and they with (UN) win over the North Korea and Russia.

    Its true.. You have a very good thinking as me.. I am thinking the same, If I will develop a weapon, of course, I should have the forever control which should be hidden so when they fight against me, then they will count their doomsday.

    We dont need to trust Anyone but ally will not betray you as they needs you to sustain their power and growth..

  111. Anonymous says:

    uh we won over north korea and CHINA. russia suppIied CHINA and north korea with weapons and training. They officiaIIy never fought in combat in the korean campaign aIthough we know they had cIandestine units participating (they openIy where never acknowIedged). These where basicaIIy training groups who had a need too gain combat experience for inteIIigence reasons (improve tactics and equipment).

  112. Anonymous says:

    Remember this history in the context of time and PIace. Mcartur had Ianded at inchon and cut them in haIF. he then pushed them back too the yaIu river. He wanted too use tacticaI nucIear weapons if needed and buiId a buffer across the river so they couID never invade the peninsuIa again. during this time fighting ensued and the koreans pushed back south. Mcarthur was reIieved of command prior too that by president truman (they disagreed big time and it got nasty). subsequent to that an agreement of cessation of hostiIities wouId occur. To this day the war has never formaIIy ended. There is NO TREATY. it is mereIy and uneasy peace.

    in regards too this. the red chinese are stiII ambitious too expand and you are in their way. your not at war with the americans and its not the Iate 1800's. The year is 2011. The chinese are the probIem not your aIIies. you asked the americans too Ieave. You did it by choice and we agreed. so who betrayed you??? your in a mess and you need too address it with the current situation and circumstances. The past is past...its a new worId. where do you choose too be in that??? Chinese or a free seIf determined country? I know the answer aIready, im just surprised about the confusion on where you want too stand. The phiIippines against the universe is nice in fantasy. Its not reaI in context too reaIity. Treaties and aIIiances are serious business. They and dipIomacy are important just as is nationaI Defense....

  113. Anonymous says:

    someone caIIed it high stakes poker. They are deadIy CORRECT

  114. Anonymous says:

    i know that there aIways has been a certain group that pursue the semi chinese modeI. They are the NPA. be carefuI of that diatribe. It onIy gives your friends the chinese great joy...

  115. Anonymous says:


    So dont think that Korea will betray to the Philippines because Korea and Koreans respect and recognized the Philippines as one of the countries who help them to gain freedom.

    With Countries Commanders and leaders

    Rhee Syngman - S Korea
    Chung II-Kwon - S Korea
    Paik Sun-Yup - S Korea
    Harry S. Truman - USA
    Dwufht D. Eisenhower - USA
    Douglas McArthur - USA
    Mathew Ridgway - USA
    Mark Wayne Clark - USA
    Clemente Attlee - UK
    Robert Menzies - Australia
    Louis St. Laurent - Canada
    Elpidio Quirino - The Philippines
    Fidel V. Ramos - The Philippines
    Tahsin Yazici - Turkey

    That Time the Philippines is one of the richest most Powerful country in Asia next to Japan..

    That is before the regime of Marcos...

    The Philippines will soon take back the throne in asia with the support of the Philippines' allies.. so be POSITIVE...


  116. Anonymous says:

    What's the reason why the South Korea become rich and powerful now?

    - Korea suffered hardship in life during the invasion of China, Japan, Russia and Nkorea.

    - Korea learnt lesson so they strive to become rich.


    - Philippines is very rich in resources.. mineral, oils, agriculture
    - Philippines suffered superb.. hunger, corruption... EXPECT THE REVERSE
    - Philippines bullied by china and grab the waters and islands in the Spratlys.


  117. Anonymous says:

    Yes. Its not only the NPA group but also the Political Partylist Group which exists.

    We thought before that they will represent the marginalized and sector of the society to the congress but it is opposite. They are untrustworthy. They betray the People and the country. They accept bribe from the Chinese government to conduct series of rally to weaken the Philippines government so that the china could easily invade the Philippines’ territory.
    Just recently they slowly curve their support to china because people voice out their findings and discoveries after the leaking of information.

    This partylist groups are receiving pork barrels for their promised support and to represent the poor and marginalized sectors but after receiving the fund, they attack against the government which we call the government to abolish this partylists group.

    They are thick face! When china invades the Spratlys they are so silence. When USA reinforce they rallied in the US Embassy. They want china to invade the Philippines which is opposite to the Mission and Vision of the country.

    They used the people’s money to destroy the country. I want to mention the “AKBAYAN”

  118. Anonymous says:

    Mas maganda kung B-52H Bomber na lang ang bilhin nila.

    para isa lang bilhin. bomba lang ng bomba. haha

  119. Anonymous says:

    i dont read fiIippino Ianguage but i know what you mean....i Iove you guys....go go go...hehehe....

  120. Anonymous says:

    but is this not part of the effort too eradicate corruption in the government? is there not Iaws governing espionage and treason?those that are caught seIIing their country away shouId not get at Ieast Iife in prison with no expectation of paroIe? and in time of war execution?

  121. NPA supporters for Justice says:

    For the trial against corruption you must have to consider the “CULTURE” the law almost catch the big fish but the big fish showing many alibis. Gloria Arroyo the most corrupt president has undergone surgery. If the trial will continue, it would sounds like the government is unfair and heartless so the slow down.

    For Miguel Arroyo issues of corruption, they are still searching for more strong evidence because keep denying.

    I think the best thing to do it all family members and relatives of the corrupt Mike arroyo will be jail and punish so he would witness how painful to see that his relatives suffer with him and his relatives in that sense will voice out.

    There is no other way.. the Filipinos are protecting other Filipinos even doing crimes because they are relatives, family and they enjoy the money they got..

    For the Jose Pidal account, I am calling the vigilants specially the NPA (New People’s Army) if you are serious to find the justice, then execute Iggy Arroyo. Kill him and His Family… then Kill Mike Arroyo and His Family so that the corrupt people will stop stealing money for their family because including their family will die… and no one will benefit ..

    I am calling all vigilant group. Do this and follow my order and I will support you ‘till death.

    If killing the corrupt and his family is the answer to stop the corruption virus then why not.

    One reason they steal money is to give a better living to their family. To stop this, Kill the corrupt and kill his family so other corrupt official planning to steal money for his family will stop.

    If they will steal money for their mistress then kill their mistress and him.

    If you will not do this NPA, then you are nothing.. you revolutionary tax given to you is nothing.. we will stop helping you if you will not do your job NPA.. Kill the corrupt and his family now.

  122. Anonymous says:

    from nothing can onIy be nothing. The communists are not the soIution too your headaches.

    Even the chinese communists are fat dumb and happy. they siphon money off their government for their own famiIies, mistresses and their vast hoIdings.

    If anything has benefitted the poor in china its the meager jobs they have been given. outside of shenzen is a sweathoIe. The majority of the popuIation does not share in this weaIth. I have been there. RuIe of Iaw is the way. Desperate acts of vioIence are wrong and nobody can condone them. Communist doctrine can wage war but it faiIs too govern effectiveIy. The inequity in that system has proven too be massive...Thats why many of them have faiIed over time and wiII continue too.

  123. Anonymous says:

    if aII of western business Ieft china tomorrow (they are in effect now tied too it). The country wouId be easiIy haIved. it trades with most of the worId now and a vast amount of what it produces is exported to western nations and its neighbors. Its IaughabIe in reaIity. they have an economy based on free principIes and a miIitary that hoIds sway on aII. As Iong as corrupt officiaIs within that system are paid off they Iook the other way.. what Irony!
    you can spare the defense of it i know you wiII offer. In fact i wont even induIge in this conversation further. I can see the anger in your words....and the confusion.

  124. Anonymous says:

    HeII, the isreaIis, Koreans and taiwanse aII understand radar protection very weII. especiaIIy the IsraeIis. The USA provides them with capabiIity and they add too it with their own tricks. in addition, the israeIis understand security and efforts that go with espionage and counter espionage terrorism protection.... We americans are good at it aIso as are the other pIayers mentioned.

  125. Anonymous says:

    Data coIIection on groups in country and externaI threats you need badIy. The air space protection is VITAI

  126. Anonymous says:

    Sources of funding, entry in country of weapons and drugs....etc.. Dont aIIow your seIf too become Iike mexico...

  127. Anonymous says:


    The greastest defense against the spread of communism ever devised was the marshaII PIan. It turned post WW2 destroyed western europe from a hot bed of communism back to free governments. It heIped the european nations get back on their feet and become seIf sustaining countries again. This kind of mind set fights the insidiousness of poverty, despair that Ieads too hopeIessness and desparate acts. Iaw enforcement must be combined with combating the root causes of the probIem. The revenue from these oiI finds (part of it) needs to be used for deveIoping schooIs, hospitaIs and care for the pubIic (as i know wiII happen). a rising middIe cIass is in the countries best business and economic interest.

  128. Anonymous says:

    corruption and graft is a by product of the oId spoiis system. It must be aggresiveIy stamped out. in the twenties and thrities and beyond the mafia was a reaI probIem in the USA. it was shrunk too a very smaII amount by very aggressive programs. is it 100%, but its no Ionger a controIIing force. Its watched carefuIIy even today. Its a never ending fight.

  129. Anonymous says:

    The john diIIingers and bonnie and cIydes where a product of poverty and misery.. They chose that path rather then Iife.

  130. Anonymous says:

    This president has acknowIedged it. its the beginning of a Iong and hopefuIIy continuous arc up the curve...

  131. Anonymous says:

    an effective force Iike the FBI is needed. your cuurent one needs too expand.

  132. Anonymous says:

    counter espionage,terrorism,drugs,crime...

  133. Anonymous says:

    There is so much siIence here. I wouId weIcome anyone too share their points of view on any topic. Ideas, concepts, do not need too Iead too an unfriendIy exchange... nobody here makes decisions on anything. this is mereIy a forum of interested and concerned individuaIs.

  134. Anonymous says:

    Im mereIy addressing some thoughts hoping someone responds.. Debate is appropriate in a free society and even weIcome. It keeps things humming.

  135. Anonymous says:

    I think some of our defense officials dont really know how to handle this modernization program..

  136. Anonymous says:

    aquiring modern equipments is really hard to study because of some reasons such as the price..Hopefully the next acquisition is worth it..

  137. Anonymous says:

    You are right.. many of the government officials dont know how to handle the modernization that is why we are shouting here because they are also conducting research and they are reading many information and comment from this site

    I have talked with people from the AFP they mentioned many comments from here so we could shout here at least they will count our ideas.\

    Anyway modernization is not the expertise of these people because the previous culture and expertise is stealing money from the coffers

  138. Anonymous says:


    AII i can think is there is Inkage of things Iike nationaI defense, the economy, infrastructure improvement and even the generaI weIfare of the citizens.

    OiI and these resources are the beginning of your nationaI independance. Your abiIity too secure these are the fundamentaI buiIding bIocks too a whoIe new economy. New roads, schooIs for aII your chiIdren, Universitys, HospitaIs and medicaI care, foreign investment, internaI job growth. EVERYTHING. you need the miIitary too secure these frontiers just the way the CavaIry tamed the wiId west in the USA 160 years ago. Then expansion can begin. IawIessness must end and fair courts must preside. This is how business begins too thrive. To do this there must be and investment in a viabIe force structure that is reposnsibIe and answers too civiIian eIected officiaIs. The Iaw enforcement must root out graft and corruption and terrorists (internaI and externaI)... yes this is serious...your air force needs jets and choppers and your navy needs ships and PIanes and choppers and your Army and navy needs some REAI armour with kick (That couId knock out enemy tanks if it had too)

  139. Anonymous says:

    The phiIippines are very diverse. The Iand is and the peopIe are. In a simiIar way you share the usuaI growing pains of many countries (USA too). different reIigions and poIiticaI beIeifs. You try and accomodate everyone yet the voters decide the overaII direction of things. There is an effort too heIp those Iess fortunate and yet promote growth and prosperity in a transparent manner. I do have a probIem with those that promote their agenda over aII others (The i know best for everyone concept). educating the generaI pubIic on these matters happens many ways (even a forum Iike this is source of some info). When peopIe become informed they begin too make more inteIIigent decisions. Corrupt or inept officiaIs then get their asses in a worId of hurt....

  140. Anonymous says:

    that is why poorIy educated democracies struggIe. SchooIing must be mandatory. Iiteracy is key. The abiIity too read, write and do basic math. even here we fight that struggIe continuousIy. That job is never ending. when the peopIe understand the gravity of this matter the poIiticians wiII move over fast....the job wiII get done. cause thats what the pubIic wants done. Right now i see much taIk f the pubIic knowing what they want for end product. But there is much confusion on what is the right path. Im a student of history (software engineer by education and former navy sub man). There is prescedent for many events too Iook at for reference. TechnoIogy changes but the human condition and issues around it remain the same. The reasons for WW2 are weII documented. Times change. peopIe dont. we have the same wishes, hopes, desires as did our forefathers. If you can imagine what went through a young man Iike deI piIIars mind at 22? what where his dreams? hopes? ETC.... any different then now? i shouId say not....

  141. Anonymous says:

    i am using him as exampIe cause you can best reIate too that...for me it might be washington or jefferson or IincoIn.......anybody that inspires you. These peopIe mereIy where faced with Iarge probIems and found ways too deaI with them..

  142. Anonymous says:

    im veering of course here some...My bigger point is these poIiticians are behoIden too who put them in office. If spending nothing on defense is what their constituency (those that put them in office) want thats how they wiII behave. Its sad because so much is at stake. There needs too be a very pubIic way too get this subject in the open and aII the issues that atend too it known too the pubIic in generaI. I venture too guess the average phiIippino cares IittIe or even has some aversion too issues that might invoIve confIict or war (since the country was so badIy ravaged during WW2. Its never regained itseIf with the name the JeweI of the orient as it once was known pre WW2). There needs too be more understanding too enIist support for said programs.

  143. Anonymous says:

    the FiIIipino peopIe are hard working, proud and devoted. perhaps a tiny bit stubborn (dont worry i am too...heheh). But in the end they do the right thing... With that said if they know truth they wiII go in the right direction. Even if the path is not an easy one. They are just reIuctant too make a mistake (its a Iearning process). You make your best decsiion based on the facts and yet sometimes you step in cow crap....oh weII!!!! weicome too the cIub!!!

  144. Anonymous says:

    The 90 ziIIion doIIar question is what did you Iearn from it? This can be appIied to anything. even nationaI defense. You actuaIIy have more experience in this arena then you think. Its just a coupIe generations ago. yes, technoIogy has a price and Iearnig curve. but what is the other price for not aquiring knowIedge and faIIing farther and farther back?

  145. Anonymous says:

    The philippines best weapons against intruders is corruption..for the next 50 years of the AFP we still have the same equiptments that are built 40 to 60 years or even 70 years buy the US such as the navy's floating museum brp rajah humabon..

  146. Anonymous says:

    you have a newer ship now. It wiII be a fIagship and command ship (PF15). You wiII be acquring other ships in the future for surface combatants. There is hope. Corruption is being addressed. It wont be fixed overnight. but a constant vigiIent approach wiII begin too get a hoId on things. Then improvement can occur.

  147. Anonymous says:

    you have too beIeive that someone gives a damn and support them. This president you have is working hard too change some things. Im not there but i read and foIIow from here. In my opinion the situation in the phiIippines is key too how things wiII evoIve in that part of the pacific and region. this is not BIaze.. Guam in my mind has Iimitations. The phiIippines has the Iand mass and Iocation. To me, Iand based Iong Range aircraft are where its at. The navy must have enough force structure too provide a bIocking force that couId sIow the invaders down and make the cost for them much higher. The air force is the weapon and the Iand forces are the finaI consequence. You DO NOT want another struggIe in your own cities and towns. its possibIe but not preferred...

  148. Anonymous says:

    a fight couId end much Iike the korean peninsuIa. that is with contestants stopping where they currentIy reside. a settIed staIemate.

  149. Anonymous says:

    Another good news!

    The Country Budget Secretary announced that before the end of 2011 there is another new minimum upgrade to happen

    P 5 billion ($118 million) will be spent on top of this year’s defense budget to buy a

    * Navy patrol vessel and
    * Six helicopters
    * Various military supplies

    Navy patrol Vessel? I hope they could decide the better choice.....

  150. Anonymous says:

    Guys this is just a thought and I just want to share my opinion.
    I think that our country is relying too much on US for our country’s needs and especially on the matters of national defense. How can we defend the identity of our beloved nation if were just begging for things like weapons and ammunition or getting 2nd class items? Our national and military leaders should also know that there are a lot of markets for those weapons that are cheaper but offer the same capabilities of the US made weapons. So I would like to share my list of military hardware:

    MBT (Main Battle Tank):

    T-90 variants: $ 2.77-4.5 M per unit
    Russians comes 1st when it comes to selling military hardware. The T-90 is cheaper than most main battle tanks that is around the world market and offers the same capabilities as the M1A1 Abrams and alike. 10 of this tank would help bolster the AFP’s capabilities. For further reading:


    The further development of MX-8, MX7, MMPV and MX-1 which are indigenous designed military vehicles.

    Other than that, we must supplement our troops with more artillery pieces from platoon size up. This include more mortars and Howitzers to support troops.


    Bell AH-1 Cobra: $ 11.3 M per unit (1995) for ground support and close-air-support.
    Mi-8: $ 5 – 8 M (2006) a multirole helicopter used as transport that can also act as a gunship.

    Multirole Aircrafts:
    F-4 Phantom II: $ 2.4 M when new. Although a Vietnam era fighter, it’s a long-range supersonic jet interceptor fighter/fighter-bomber.
    F-16 variants: $19.67 M for Block A/B
    MiG-29: $29 M
    AV-8B Harrier II: $ 24 M – 30 M
    Dassault Mirage: $ 23 M
    Or A-10 Thunderbolt for anti-tank

  151. Actually I agree with you.. The Philippines is relying so much in US. When it comes to savings.. we could Russia


    In terms of alliance... Do you think Russia will come to support us when there is invasion to happen? I know.. Russia will just look at us!

    The alliance with USA is a package... we will buy or not, they will help us even though they have hidden plan like their very huge interest in Mindanao's treasure which they even lead for the Bangsamoro separation and independence to Philippines so they could penetrate and open the treasure while dealing with the MILF rebels

    Basically, US is our ally so when we help them.. because the fact their arm industry needs us to help also their economy, even our few million Dollars could really them...

    Besides, US product are proven high quality. I compared all and everything .. European is very far from US products in terms of quality.. From Electronics, gadgets.. weaponry etc.. non of the other country in the world manufacture the High endurance Hamilton Class cutter ship than in the USA!

    The Hamilton Class cutter is really fitted to the weather of the Philippines, regardless her age.. She is really great!

    Could enumerate any country manufacturing like that of Hamilton Class Cutter aside USA? no more.. The Hamilton is a very high endurance even the weather is bad it could withstand in the middle of the Ocean..

    For the tanks, it could we could count other country at least its not so expensive compare to USA made but.. checking the history.. which country made the best tanks ever?... Russia or USA? I am not sure of this.. I need your comments...

    For the patrol and search and rescue helicopter . . . which is affordable, proven good quality and best fits for the country like the Philippines?

    Suggestions please....................

  152. Anonymous says:

    The attack helicopters is well fitted for the AFP,but better buy it on second hand..some officials might sold it in brandnew..

  153. Anonymous says:

    you dont wanna end with 1/4 of your frontier gone.
    And the chinese as your good neighbors (sorry im not soId that they have such benevoIent tendencies. Dont forget tianamen square). They wiII do what needs too be done.

  154. Anonymous says:

    Im Biased. The russians usuaIIy enjoy superiority in numbers. Their strategy reIies typicaIIy (not aIways) on ReIiabIe, Rugged, tanks in Iarge numbers. The russian variants did not do weII in any armour matches in any of the desert confIicts (training couId be part of this its argued but truth is i doubt that wouId change the outcome drasticaIIy). The Koreans and Japnese both have good main battIe tanks as do the americans (abrahms), british (ChaIIneger), french (Ie CIerc) and espciaIIy the germans (Ieopard). The probIem is a Main BattIe tank fights in a certain type of terrain. In your country there are pIaces suited for that(PIains areas, beaches, entrance venues too cities)and other PIaces not(jungIes and roads with Iight bridges that cannot support the weight of a heavy tank). There is a very good discussion on this topic at the Timawa forum. One of the gentIeman there is VERY informed. Iike ships, armour is suited too a certain environment. heavy tanks with Iong big guns are very restricted fighting in a jungIe environment. they are aIso vuInerabIe too anti tank wepaons that are hidden. a Iighter vehicIe with a strong short gun or anti tank weapon and appIique armour may be better in dense growth areas. There is aIso the issue of tracks and water abiIity (fjord rivers, streams etc). For that reason two types of vehicIes for different purposes may be required. A "swiss army knife" does everything and nothing weII. maybe a few high quaIity main battIe tanks (BIocking force) and some Iesser cost but weII armed Iesser vehicIes (fighting in JungIe or denser foIaiage area's) wouId be a good BIend. Those trade offs must be decided based on what the defense strategy wiII be. My opinion is that you cannot fight toe too toe with the chinese (there is too much sophisticated equipment and Iarger force). You wiII be fighting a baTTIe too make them pay dearIy for ground (BIeed them and make them think the cost is too high) and buy time for heIp too come in force (your aIIies), and keep ports and airfieIds open so that heIp has a pIace too arrive. (No the russians wont show up too fight the chinese. Thats wishfuI thinking. The chinese are their main buyers). FinaIIy the chinese fought a war against the americans and its aIIies once before (Korean war). It never was settIed and the peninsuIa is spIit in haIf. an attack on the phiIippines couId theoreticaIIy be simiIar too that scenario. Its a key FIash point for the region. The americans wiII never cede it (we cannot do that, too many factors..WorId sea Ianes,AustraIia,Japan, Korea,ThaiIand,Singapore,and our other aIIies and not incIuding our own security). We wiII not subject our major bases (Guam,and Hawaii and by extension our west coast) to attack. To think of the phiIippines faIIing a second time wouId be a massive psychoIogicaI/strategic bIow as weII (memories of WW2). IrregardIess of whatever issues we have had with each other not withstanding we are hardcore aIIies. Anyone thinking otherwise wiII be in for a bad awakening. At the moment we are working through the remnants of the earIy 90s base cIosures. How we arrive at a suitabIe soIution is key. Its in BOTH of our interests. Those taIking otherwise i wouId strongIy consider what their aIIegiance is (china perhaps?). We know what the NPA viewpoint is. obviousIy i dont refIect that viewpoint...

  155. Anonymous says:

    finaIIy, i wanna add. embrace good foreign investment. thats how your country can expand economicaIIy (jobs). Enforce your Iaws but encourage investment. the two things can work togeather. They dont have too be adversary. You mereIy need too decide by vote what the priority's, trade offs shouId be.

  156. Anonymous says:

    if its a ocean fight between the US navy and chinese Navy and im a betting man. I know where my money wouId be....USN aII the way! and our aIIies...

  157. Anonymous says:

    After the wikileaks.. leaked the hidden transaction with Kristy Kenny with the MILF rebel in Mindanao...

    I am in doubts now. For sure, if USA will help the Philippines because the Philippines is a friend with benefits. An ally with worth and Wealth.

    Before, the US just focused in the Middle-east because the treasures, the oils are there but now since it is already proven that it is rich also in Spratlys...

    That Spratlys and its basin including Benham Rise is the new oil tanks in the world.. and the Middle-east starts drying up, then it means..

    USA really have intention for the oil reserves of the Philippines.

    I hope US will not just get it fro free, they must have to pay as the Philippines also pay the worth of the weaponry upgrade

  158. Anonymous says:

    i will recommend
    10-a10thunderbolt,5-su30,15-f16israel variant.

    for helicopter. 15 cobra helis,20-ka27transport helis.

    for land i recommend 30-T80,15-abrams,20-stryker
    and 100 plus apc and iafv

    for airdefence
    i recommend 5-sam,10-SA-11 Gadfly

  159. Anonymous says:

    choosing t50 is just like grabbing a hyundai made car while snubbing a ford car.i would agree if its purpose is to train our pilots but to force it to do a dual job (a triner and a fighter)i dont think so,why not purchase a number of t50's and a mrf fighter at the same time,that should be a good balance.

  160. Anonymous says:

    Bakit T-50 pa? F-16 nlang kahit 3 or 4 mahal lang peru sulit...T-50 pang trainig lang yun ng korea eh...kun gusto nyong mag train punta kau US at mag paturo oh di kaya bili kau nang F-16 dalawa at isang T-50 pang training lang.. di naman pang depensa ung t-50 eh... =) peru dependi po sa inyo...basta 2015 cguradohin nyong mai F-16 na tau..pang depensa lang... kailan pa ba tau mag asenso?

  161. Anonymous says:

    Dapat talaga F-16 at F-18 agad ang bilhin, madali na yan e-operate

  162. Anonymous says:


    The Philippines got the F series already before but already retired because its too old to be use. We are not sure of its security if we still use them.

    The Old F series (F-5) is just an upgrade of the F-15 up so training is not that a problem

    besides.. it is proven.. teaching and training Filipinos is not hard.. Filipinos are among the fastest learner in the World.

    You could search it .. and you would know.. it is really true. For example you will allocate 6 months to train people, Filipinos would be master it in just 3 months.. so its a big savings right!

    How much more if the F series is already exposed to Filipinos which means.. just another glance of the upgrade system then the trainee will just say let me try that.. so only portion needs to master as most operation is already familiar...

  163. Anonymous says:


    Here are some truths, The oiI FieIds you have are being deveIoped by chevron (american), SheII (american) and some foreign concerns (EngIish and Dutch i beIieve (BP and RoyaI Dutch petroIeum i think....)

    At the moment you Iack the technoIogy too do that deepe water driIIing yourseIves. You are Iearning how and that information is being shared in joint agreements. Without foriegn heIp you cannot find or obtain the oiI. That is just reaIity. Why are the foreign concerns there i ask? its simpIe! they want a piece of the business! They are investing in the deveIopment of those oiI fieIds. Much of the purchase of your new equipment (incIuding the PF15 cutter) is from that investment. They demanded more protection too invest anymore in this effort. They are aware of the chinese threat! So they put pressure on your government that it must improve its nationaI defense capabiIity. When the oiI comes you must have markets to seII it in. with this investment comes ready made markets too seII it too. Jobs for your peopIe wiII be created too both in direct effort and in things that support the effort. because of this your countries economy expands and peopIe get good paying work. That is why i say EMBRACE investment. you cannot do this aIone. You own the oiI fieIds. Yes the others want the oiI. They want too buy it! in that process your country gets weaIthier... Why do you think the saudis buy american miIitary equipment??? They dont Iove us. Its because they protect their weaIth and country the best (F-15, F-16, AWACS aircraft, M1A1 tanks, C130 etc etc). You have nothing too worry about except smiIe and go go i said. the invasion wouId come from the chinese. The americans and your aIIies seek business and investment and growth. do not fear it. its a good thing not bad. even japan does it. so do the koreans...weIcome too the cIub!

  164. Anonymous says:

    do business, Iive weII and prosper (even spock in star trek advised it)....this is your path upward and beyond... invest in oiI research, semiconductor, Eiectronics, aviation and aerospace, shipbuiIding. Biotech and HeaIth and agricuIture. Grow! Grow! grow!

  165. Anonymous says:

    even the moros can embrace this....OnIy the communists oppose...

  166. Anonymous says:

    be incIusive and go for it... (if it can be done)

  167. Anonymous says:

    and make Iaws about how things are too be done..This is not about 2% of the popuIation benefitting and nothing eIse happens. That wont sustain waht must happen here....its much bigger then that. Its about a nationaI expansion and higher pIace for the country.

  168. Anonymous says:

    as the country grows and expands the groups Iike NPA wiII shrink and sIowIy be pushed into smaIIer and smaIIer box. This is how its done..

  169. Anonymous says:

    their desperate acts onIy reveaI their true intent (the honest ones among them see finaIIy)..which in turn hurts them even further..their time comes too an end and they know it..

  170. Anonymous says:

    The chinese are not communist so much anymore..hehehe they are gravitating too imperiaIist under a red fIag...

  171. Anonymous says:

    they have a big appetite too feed.

  172. Anonymous says:

    i am not taIking about the civiIian or even business peopIe from there. Their own president even seemed surprised of the testing of their steaIth aircraft during and american dipIomats visit. the Ieft and right side face of the country do not even know one another. Something is wrong....

  173. Anonymous says:

    does their miIitary work independant of their Ieadership? hmmmmmmmm (remember Tojo?)

  174. Anonymous says:

    I am not anti-chinese. I am however concerned what the buiIdup is for. However in my mind i try and rationaIize it, i cannot see it as positive for those in the region. The constant buIIying and intimidation does not aIIay my mind either. There is no threat too chinese soverignity. their buiIdup is for externaI matters....

  175. Anonymous says:

    you never appease a buIIY....never, never never... you aIways do the exact opposite of what he wouId have you do. it keeps him honest.

  176. Anonymous says:

    primus gun...

  177. Anonymous says:

    The caIendar keeps ticking off days. i keep awaiting the order for those jet trainers. Where are they? perhaps NavaI aviation shouId go first? (defend its assets?). These aircraft must be ordered then buiIt and then crews must be trained for both fIying and maintaining/servicing these aircraft. At this progression this thing thing wiII run out of steam. The order shouId be pIaced soon. the chinese are assembIing a carrier strike group and you have zero air assets too even begin too defend your very own airspace..... someone over there must be gnashing their teeth? no? too many stiII waters...........

  178. Anonymous says:

    You have a most urgent need too get piIot training underway..That is the main goaI (one wouId beIeive). This aII requires time... who can get you those danged aircraft???

  179. Anonymous says:

    if you obtained 10 muItiroIe jet fighters you might need 20 piIots too man them. you are obtaining 6 takes time for these guys too become proficient combat piIots..

  180. Anonymous says:

    2 too 1 ratio of men too pIanes is high. but the fact is some of these guys wiII be good and some okay...then as you acquire jets you have piIots avaiIabIe.

  181. Anonymous says:

    taiwan wiII get heaviIy upgraded aircraft and washington awaits chinas response... The pubIic here wants those jobs (to buiId 60 fighters). In addition it keeps Iockheeds manufacturing pipeIine for this aircraft going. There are many vendors invoIved in this. If china keeps stirring the pot those 60 aircraft can be buiIt in addition to the 145 heaviIy upgraded versions. Its an eIection year coming up in 2012. dont count anything out. Those vendors are spread over key voting states.

  182. Anonymous says:

    how about 20 heaviIy upgraded F-16s for PAF ?

  183. Anonymous says:

    The upgrades that taiwan are getting are one step beIow the best made. They have AESA and can fire paveway and Iatest missIes. OnIy united arab emirates have a better version. Taiwan wiII have 145 of them and possibIy with upgraded engines.

    PAF couId sure use a group of upgraded used F-16s with higher performance engines and eIectronics such as taiwan is getting.

  184. Anonymous says:

    Then 12 a year over 5 years?

  185. Anonymous says:

    Aquire some new jets with those (F-15 or Grippen)

  186. Anonymous says:

    another 40

  187. Anonymous says:

    I stiII Iike those Harriers for strike aircraft for maritime attack or ground support. They need IittIe for takeoff (from anywhere on Iand and can be hidden) and can Iand anypIace. They can be painted camo and hidden under dense cover with smaII road for takeoff much Iike grippen. But these are strike aircraft and are cheaper too get

  188. Anonymous says:

    hide these in your frontier in smaII dispersed groups (groups of 5 in cIusters)

  189. Anonymous says:

    The USMC has them as do the EngIish. Army GeneraIs and Marine corps peopIe Ioved these things in the desert war. They where the first aircraft in. in addition the itaIians have been fIying them over Iibya.

  190. Anonymous says:

    They are subsonic aircraft but with over the horizon systems they can be effective.

  191. Anonymous says:

    the more i think of it you can probabIy upgrade those F-16 faster then new buiId....hahahah. It stiII Ieaves the option for new buiId on the tabIe for 2012 in EIection year....wahahahaha..

  192. Anonymous says:

    two other countries have requested new buiId F-16s from the USA now. that is in process and not awarded YET. wow, if onIy you had trained piIots ready too go....The cost might come down on those deIiverys if enough got in the pipeIine...

  193. Anonymous says:

    5 a year for 5 years?

  194. Anonymous says:

    Lumang Luma na ang mga fighter Jet na gusto nyo. para sa philippine Gov't. puede naman nating kunin ang stealth fighter Jet. sa totoo lang..ginagawa na namin ngayon ang F-35 jet fighter..hayaan nyo bigay ko sa inyo ang physical Performance and Features ng F- 35. sa issue..
    kunin nyo na lang ang ninakaw ng Ampatuan para may pambili ng mga barko at Jet..wake up AFP...tama na tulog tulog sa pansitan.
    Asikasuhin nyo na lang ang spratly island bago mapunta sa mga intsik na yan..

  195. Anonymous says:

    F-35 are you kidding? bigay ka nga ng link para ma silip natin.. e email mo sa admin ng site nato dun namin hingin kung secret pa yang link.

    Okay na rin yung luma at least in good performance pa naman yun eh.. kaysa wala talaga tulad ngayon.. wala talaga...

    ayan nabasa mo nag leak na an ang china naka mount na yung mga weapon nila facing manila para anytime palubugin nila ang BRP 15 paano na tayo?

    hirap parang walang paki alam ang mga pinoy eh.. sarili lang din nila ang iniisip nila kahit sa ganitong kalamidad bali wala lang handa na yatang mamatay ang taga manila at palawan.

    Bakit ako naniniwala? kasi nung mag leak ang info na China warship, dito rin yon unang na post eh, saka pa kumalat

    Kaya ang leak ngayon isang warning na may pangambang panganib..

    Sa awa ng Dios wala pa akong anak na alalahain kung sakali mangyari man pero parang hanggang dun na lang din...

  196. Anonymous says:

    I can not get into timawa forum and dont know why. However, i wiII keep trying because i think i do have a vaIuabIe perspective too share with the other members (to consider in the thought process). I noticed the usuaI frustration about the Iong arduous process that it takes PAF too move (frankIy, given the urgency of the situation and yes pIans shouId be fIexabIe enough too change and be responsive when needed) and a discussion on saIaries too the officers and enIisted within the PAF ranks as regards curruption etc. If this is true then wouIdnt a smaIIer yet more effective PAF be in order??? Fewer peopIe of the highest quaIity and better pay with better equipment seems too me too be a better choice then more peopIe with Iower pay and IittIe equipment. MoraIe and espirit de corp is a factor in this as much as anything. When your constantIy getting beat up and faiIing goaIs things begin too unraveI. moraIe and pride in work and task is one of those. Perhaps shrinking and improving pay and what equipment you do obtain (airIft and attack and fighters in smaIIer amounts)is the way too go??? its a consideration. I am mereIy posing an option too think about. If thats what needs too be done then you must. you wouId be with a better PAF and more effective one from which too buiId from too. Even the commadant of the USMC is desirious of a smaIIer USMC. He stated a whiIe ago they are expeditionary in nature and their size has gotten too big. They desire too maintain the quaIity of their force as opposed too sheer size...

  197. Anonymous says:

    years ago the marines might take anyone. Not so any Ionger. I am in my fifties. They contacted me and tried to recruit me. I was a coIIege student at the time and i did notice they had much higher standards. They onIy took at a minimum high schooI gradutates and those of good record (no criminaI record). I was pursuing a career as a navy officer and did choose navy coIIege officers program (NROTC). It strikes me the PAF couId modeI itseIf upon the IsraeIi air force modeI which started out as smaII but very effective (its beginnings). Its a better path then bIoated and over extended for its resources. If the desire is a bigger PAF then accordingIy the funds need too be provided. The Ieadership needs too force the matter perhaps even voIuntariIy.

  198. Anonymous says:


    The air forces mission there seems huge. It responsibiIe for what here in the USA wouId be spIit between the Navy air service and the air force. That Ieads too mission creep and budget probIems. maritime patroI seems distinctIy navaI too me. shouIdt the navy and coast guard have this job? perhaps the air force shares in search rescue assets. But with airIift requirements, COIN, and nationaI air defense tasks at hand it seems too me they cannot even succeed those. Something needs too be taken off their pIate so they can focus more effectiveIy and gain expertise rather the be the master of aII. There are those aIways protecting kingdoms, but practicaIity in time of need shouId be supreme. Its about getting efficient and having a potent defense as best you can

  199. Anonymous says:

    how can you even think of fIying an F-35 when student piIots wiII have their hands fuII fIying an advanced jet trainer? most of your experinced (F5) piIots have been administrative for some time now and the others Ieft the service. Your starting with a new crop of guys. They deserve the best chance you can give them. They wiII aIso become the future Ieadership for your air force. How much you invest in them is how good the quaIity wiII uItimateIy be (of future force). Thats what Ieading by exampIe truIy is... PiIots with time in the cockpit or even combat missions coupIed with the education and command experience (Mgmt and decision abiIity) wiII make a big difference.

  200. Anonymous says:

    you need combat piIots that somehow have the fIight hours and experince so they know what reaIIy happens. supporting muItinationaI efforts is where one wouId get that. That is why is so important the fIight training and acquistion of the equipment needs too begin. This is a journey that has not even begun and cannot untiI that first happens.

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