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The Philippines shops for US Made Defense Weapon for Armed Forces Modernization


In Washington DC, in the course of increasing concern over renewed tensions in the West Philippine Sea and South China Sea, the Philippine Embassy in the United States is shopping for excess defense equipment from the United States under Washington’s Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program.

Jose L. Cuisia Jr., the Philippine ambassador to the United States, said he has asked the Department of National Defense and Armed Forces of the Philippines back home to provide him with a wish list of military equipment they will need to shore up the country’s defense capability.

He said he expected the defense department to “prioritize” its modernization goals, but was careful not to explicitly link the purchase of US excess defense articles to the Philippine military’s job of securing the territorial sovereignty of the country in the face of China’s alleged intrusions into the areas of the disputed Spratlys group claimed by the Philippines.

“There are defense articles that will be available, and that’s why I’m asking the Philippine Marines, Philippine Navy, Philippine Air Force and Philippine Army what their needs are,” said Cuisia who made this disclosure during a visit of former President Fidel Ramos at the embassy last week.

It is part of Cuisia’s job to negotiate with US officials contracts for the purchase of US military hardware. The FMS program is a standardized method for the sale by the US of defense equipment, services and training to foreign countries and governments.

Cuisia said the negotiations with the US are only after the defense department, in consultation with the Armed Forces of the Philippines, has determined “what the country needs.”

He said he has already seen the list provided by the Philippine Navy, but the other service commands—the Army and Air Force—have yet to come up with their own wish lists.

Hamilton class cutter

On May 13, Cuisia marked his debut as the new ambassador to Washington by signing the certificate of transfer of the decommissioned US Coast Guard Hamilton class cutter to the Philippines. (The cutters are called “Hamilton class” after their lead ship, the Hamilton, named after Alexander Hamilton, the first US Secretary of the Treasury.)

While in the US Coast Guard service, the vessel saw action in maritime safety and security missions, including drug and migrant interdiction, and search and rescue.

The patrol vessel, whose two 1,800 horsepower gas turbines can propel it to speeds of up to 28 knots, will be renamed the BRP Gregorio del Pilar. It is the biggest ship ever to be acquired by the Philippine Navy, and will be sailed to the Philippines in July 2011.

Philippine military officials have high hopes of acquiring a few other relatively modern patrol ships.

Cuisia, however, seemed lukewarm to purchasing a decommissioned US warship because of the high price tag, even if it’s being sold at a “very big discounted price.”

“Is that what we really need? Do we need another one, or do we need something else?” he said.

“Do we need a US Made frigate? Maybe that’s not what we need. Maybe what we need are fast patrol boats to go after pirates, after Abu Sayyaf, etc.,” he said.

Caution vs arms buildup

Ramos warned Philippine defense officials against promoting an arms buildup in the Spratlys group, a reputedly oil-rich chain of islands and reefs, which is claimed wholly or in part by the Philippines, China, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam and Taiwan. Arms buildup is not so necessary but if the whole country claiming the Spratly islands in the Philippines waters are keep on advancing their arm weapon, then it is necessary for the Philippines to strengthen their arm forces and equipment to gain respect from the country who are abusing the Philippine waters.

“There’s a buildup on many sides—even us. This is a little tiny buildup, which is the (purchase of a) Coast Guard cutter. Why don’t we use all this money that’s being budgeted for an arms buildup for peace, development and prosperity?” he said.

Escalating tensions in the Spratlys, which straddle busy international shipping lanes, is a relic of the Cold War, said the retired general who met with Cuisia and the Filipino community here during a 12-day swing of the US in May.

Ramos urged President Benigno Aquino III to accept an invitation from Chinese President Hu Jintao to visit Beijing. He said this would help ease the tension over China’s recent alleged intrusions.

As early as March, Mr. Aquino has been invited by China to make an official visit, but Malacañang has yet to set a date.

Philippine Arm Forces Weapon Modernization

The purchase of new Defense weapon for the Philippines is just coincidentally with the recent activity in the spratlys. It’s been a long time that the Philippines did not make any upgrades in its defense weapon which results to failure to identify and detect invaders in the Philippine waters and horizon by the armed forces.

The Philippines has been bullied as titled weak because of its capability to depend its territory so the recent upgrades and further on the way upgrades for the Philippine defense weapon is very important. The reaction of Mr. Ramos maybe a feeling of a little shame and insecure since he is a soldier and President Aquino is an economist. During the Ramos term when he was a president of the Philippines, he fail to make any upgrade of the Philippine defense weaponry. During his term, the corruption of the AFP is rampant and seems to be tolerated by him.

As the Philippines could afford for Frigate, submarines and etc even at a higher price then why not to include them in the DND wish list?

Joint patrol of rivals

Ramos envisions a “common defense” of the South China Sea instead of rival claimants locked in a perpetual war mode, pointing their arsenals against each other.

His proposed setup is akin to a joint patrol of contested waters in which all claimant countries would contribute forces to maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea.

“What do we do with these existing armies? Why don’t we in Asia Pacific agree to treat each other like partners in peace and prosperity instead of us potential rivals 10 years from now?” he said.

For this idea of Ramos, this is good but it seems to be impossible as china and Vietnam want to takeover most part of the Philippine waters and islands in the West Philippines Sea for their greed dream to control the oil and gas of the region? They are thinking for their own well not for the region. They want more power both weapon and economy and it is a competition not sharing what each other have.

If the Philippines will not level up, then the bottom line is the Philippines would be abuse buy the neighboring countries. The sense of having modern defense weapon is to gain respect and capability to protect its territory rather than being bullied by the neighboring countries and maybe in the next day they will squat the islands of the Philippines. What can this old man Ramos do if this will happen?

Ramos noted the marked changes in the global security environment after the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, which precipitated the disintegration of the Soviet Union and with it, the threat of international communism.

Yes, it is true but it makes sense also that the Philippines will dream to be part of the so called well-armed nation. The Philippine is still developing and it could be imbalance if only the Philippine economy will grow but its capability to protect it territory is less. It must be Economy and Power will grow together; and part of power is weaponry advancement.

In both the Korean War and Vietnam War, the US had pursued a policy of containment, triggering the mushrooming of US military bases in Asia and around the world as the free world’s response to the advance of communism, he said.

The Philippines sided with the US in both wars, nurturing a political, economic and military relationship in post-World War II which did not always sit well with communist China.

But with China embracing capitalism, its economy is set to eclipse the US in 2016, as the International Monetary Fund recently predicted.

The real enemy

According to Ramos, the real enemy in the 21st century is no longer one country against the other.

“That’s outmoded. That’s a Cold War mentality,” he said.

“The force which is being applied one against the other and then continues to escalate should not just be identified with the No. 1 and No. 2 superpowers (the US and China) because who is the enemy? What is the enemy now? It’s international terrorism. It’s endemic disease. It’s climate change. It is poverty,” Ramos said.

“Can you imagine how much better the quality of life all around the world, especially in the Philippines and in China and in many parts of the world, would be if the huge amount of dollars, of yuan and pesos will be devoted to economic and social development?” he said.

The Ramos Peace and Development Foundation is working toward this goal of regional stability and prosperity, he said.

To end the Spratlys tension

It is just very simple to end the tension in Spratlys. Since the UNCLOS formulated the LAW of the SEAS then the very thing is just to implement it. Any country will violate must be sanctioned. That’s all!. Vietnam will return to its UNLCOS allowed limit of 200 Nautical Mile Exclusive Economic Zone, the Philippines, Malaysia, China and Brunei will obey and follow the law of the UNCLOS and it could be the end of the tension.


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  1. Anonymous says:


    Ramos is insecure! HE is an inotil soldier. Ramos is also betraying the country after the sold the National Steel Corporation in Iligan City to Malaysia

    Before, Iligan City Philippines is the biggest and largest manufacturer of steel in all Asia but after ramos sold it to malaysia with huge kickbacks, Iligan City Philippines lost the title of biggest steel manufacturer

    because of ramos the former president of the Philippines, many executives of the National Steel Corporation committed suicide after loosing their job.

    NSC (National Steel Corporation) Accountants could prove the lie of ramos.

    Ramos is also corrupt and must be jailed!

    Ramos dont want Armed buildup because he still receiving cash gift from china to bar the Philippine Government for future defense weaponry upgrade.

  2. Anonymous says:

    si ramos naging presidente walang nagyari sa pinas.hwag na syang pumapel!!!!!walang kwenta!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Ram says:


    Funny insecure Ramos..

    Don't you know na maraming mga head of office ng National Steel Corporation in Iligan City nag suicide because Ramos?

    Bininta ni Ramos ang Pinaka malaking steel maker sa buong Asia with a huge kickback.. kumita si ramos ng milyon milyon nun..

    Kurakot, magnanakaw ang ramos na yan, malaki utang nya sa NSC...

    Insecure lang yan.. kasi sya mismo sundalo, di nya na ayos ang Sandatahang Laks ng Pilipinas...

    Shame on you Fidel Valdez Ramos... Kawatan...

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ramos has a reputation of being a businessman not a soldier, Erap taking Camp Abubakar that's guts man a five star general educated in the best military academy in the world was the best real state broker the Philippine ever had. He was selling government properties like hot cakes!
    He came from the military he should know this things in his administration he should have bought a couple of new F15 and a couple of new frigate so that we don't keep reminding our selves an ancient MDT on every aggressor that this beautiful country will face
    I wander where Ramos will be if war broke out Paris, New York,the Swiss alps good for him bad for those who will be left behind. Watch out guys our women will be rape by The Chinese army just like 60 yrs ago THANKS TO GUYS LIKE FIDEL NEGOSYANTE RAMOS!!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    yang si fidel tabaco ramos ay walang kwentang sundalo at presidente lahat ng pera mula sa mga naibentang pag aari ng goberno ay napunta sa bulsa nyan, fort bonifacio at villamor benenta,,, may nabili ba para mai modernized ang APF??? wala. kaya tama hindi ng aral yan ng pagka sundalo kundi pagka businessmen o broker.

  7. Anonymous says:

    tama insecure yan,, kahihiyan sa kanya yan na dating presidente na galing sa pagka sundalo pero wala lang man syang nagawang mai modernized ang AFP,, yung pag bili sana ng pa isa isa hanggang makarami ay malaking bagay na sana sa ngayon kailangan ntin...

  8. Joseph Estrada says:

    Baka May Jose Velarde Pidal Account din yang Ramos na yan.. Itinago nya doon pera ng bayan,..

    Pa spy nyo yan, kahit madami kapit yan, amoy lupa na yan eh, ipakita natin sa kanya pano panagutin pamilya nya sa mga nakaw na pera ng sa gayon maramdaman nya ang sakit at pighati ng mga Pilipino sa paghihirap...


  10. Anonymous says:

    Ewan ko ba dyan kay former pres.ramos nayan,bakla ata yan,walang hilig sa mga jet figters at frigate. Baka iba ang kinolekta nyan during his leadership.

  11. Anonymous says:

    kailangan na talaga nating mag build up nang army dahil kung hindi mahuhuli tayo sa mga karatig bansa natin katulad na lng ng indonesia ,malaysia, singapore.....INSECURE lang si ramos.....

  12. Johnny Bravo says:

    I totally disagree.. Hindi porque bakla; di mahilig sa fighter jets o gamit pang digma..

    I admit ako I am a very good looking man, tall and smart.. sinabi ko lang ang totoo dahil sa achievement(Di mayabang ha) pero deep inside sa puso ko lalaki ang gusto ko hindi babae at walang nakaalam nyan pero Mas mahilig ako sa mga gamit apng digma, I like most the warhips and fighter jets; I dreamed to join the military and lead the war.. pero di pinalad..

    I am basically strong, masculine inspite of having the defect of wrong feeling..

    wag nyo mamaliitin. di ko inamin na bakla ako sa feeling ko na ganito because I have the asset of being a man pero sa feeling ko na gusto ko lalaki I have no choice and no other term to call myself that way secretly..

    wala sa gender and sexual preference yan.. ma bakla ka man, o lalaki, o babae o tomboy.. kung ikaw ay hindi magnanakaw tulad ni ramos, maging responsible ko sa mga gawa mo at sa tungkulin mo. Si Ramos isa lang yan sa pina ka magnanakaw kaya di nya binili ang dapta na upgrade sa Militayr kasi andun sa bulsa nya ang pera..

  13. Anonymous says:

    tanga ang ramos na yan! pumapapel lang yan!

  14. Esnabiro says:

    Kita nyo, cguro na basa na no Ramos mga comment sa kanya, tuwing pumapel sya, na halungkat ang baho sa administration nya, mas malalaman ng lahat na kurako sya kaya ngayon, tumahimik na si Ramos.. tha more kasi sya pumapel, the more din sya ma expose ang katiwalian sa incompetency nya sa serbisyo..

    Palpak na Ramos.. magnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan.. E kulong yan...

  15. Anonymous says:


  16. Kim Mo Mo says:

    I am not sure of Korean Made..

    Remember the Cheonan Corvette? Lumubog last year di ba? malaki din yun..

    Even Koreans are not confident of their made weapon kasi under experiment pa rin sila. Tulad nung T-70 nag comment ang korean in this site,... other article yun na bibili ang pinas ng 6 fighter jets.. made in Korea or Italy pero sinabi ng Koreans for training lang daw ang jet nila.. hindi para defensa....

    Even Koreans are now depending on US made weapon

  17. Anonymous says:

    thats good at least meron, lam nyu hindi fighter jet yang yak at T 50,read some articles about those planes,they are training aircraft radars are not good..pag makakita yan ng Mig aircraft 50 kilometers away shoot down n yan....RMAY OFFICIALS MAG RESEARCH MUNA KAYO bago bumili.hay you need exposure guys.

  18. Anonymous says:

    If you really serious in defending our country kahit anu pa ang price gawin t hanapan ng ways,hindi nyu ba alam na di kayang palitan ng pera ang buhay ng mga heroes,lolo,lola natin for our freedom,ang problema ng pinoy makabili lng kwenta agad,think guys Are you really modern,baka 5 years from now east timor will envade philippines whar a shame.

  19. Anonymous says:

    IF you really want a deterrent force what is the job of our congressman,politicians matapang lng man kayo sa kapwa nyu,investigate kahit non sense mga corrupt what a shame pag dating sa China - Rp issue about spratly la man kayong BOSES diyan natin makita na lokohan ang lahat.bote pa mapa under CHINA rule tayo para mauna mabitay mga kurakot n pulitiko. show that u love your country defend your sovereign right politicians.You act creat a law because military is just an implementing.

  20. tlga may steel manufacture tau sa iligan? letseng ramos naman yan sinayang nia ang pagkakataon, eh di sana nagmanufacture na sana tau ng mga tiasis ng mga sasakyan tulad ng eroplano barko at makina. malaking export sana un..

  21. Batang Cebu 45 says:

    It is true! Iligan City is the most Industrialized City of the South Prior to the Marcos Regime. Even now, we could still count few Huge Industries in Iligan City.

    During 1970 to 1997 Iligan City has the biggest and the Largest Steel Production in Southeast Asia.

    One of the Leading Manufacturing firm in Iligan City are:

    National Steel Corporation (NSC) Sold by Ramos in 1997

    Other Active Manufacturing Firms:

    Treasure Steel Corporation (Formerly National Steel Corporation) — Barangay Suarez
    Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation — Barangay Maria Cristina
    Granexport Manufacturing Corporation — Barangay Kiwalan
    Petronas Energy Philippines, Inc. — Barangay Dalipuga
    Pilmico Foods Corporation — Barangay Kiwalan
    Pilmico Iligan Feedmill — Barangay Kiwalan
    Platinum Group Metals Corporation (Formerly Maria Cristina Chemical Industries, Inc.) — Barangay Maria Cristina
    San Miguel Corporation-Iligan Coconut Oil Plant — Barangay Santa Filomena
    Refractories Corporation of the Philippines — Barangay Dalipuga
    Iligan Cement Corporation — Barangay Kiwalan
    Mindanao Portland Cement Corporation — Barangay Kiwalan
    Holcim Philippines, Inc. (Formerly Alsons Cement Corp.) — Boundary of Barangay Dalipuga and Lugait, Misamis Oriental
    Iligan Bar and Rod Mill — Barangay Suarez
    Fort Steel and Cargo - Barangay Tomas Cabili
    Global Steelworks Inc. - Barangay Suarez

  22. Anonymous says:

    Ramos should just retire quietly in peace and not be giving us lectures of his outmoded, aged and historical military thinking..Mr. Ramos, in order for anybody to even LISTEN to your Peace and Prosperity teachings, one needs to do the talk and walk the walk..meaning one needs a big stick to back up its ideals and be able to push them to our neighbors and for our neighbors to listen to us...But how will they listen if they dont respect us militarily..they see us weak and old...Does America still question our friendship to them?? The Philippines have fought with the americans from WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, The Cold War, The Gulf War, and the war on terrorism...There are thousands of young filipino men serving in the US Armed Forces..Filipino is part of the american culture and society... Will it hurt america to give us support not only in words but in materials and money to modernize our armed forces..

  23. Anonymous says:

    During the Marcos era, Philippine was one of the advanced military forces in Asia. Now she is one of the weakling. Fipininos are one of the bravest race in the world. We don't just back down, we always figh back, because we filipinos have balls and that's the truth.

    Many centuries ago our ancestors fought the outsiders with their barehands and bravery, using only a handful of guns and bolos but many uses bamboos.

    But now this is a new era, a new world. We can no longer fight with just barehands and a hand ful of obsolete guns and weaponry. We have to stand up together and gain control once again. Corruption must be stop once and for all. If China attack which it will, how would our country will going to fight back, with bamboos and bolos? those era are over, we have to build up again and gain respect. Any intrusion must stop.

    US is very powerfull allie, but we should not rely to much from anyone, we should stand up on our own. What would happen if the US can no longer sustain the military what are we going to do? Our government should consider not as option.

  24. Anonymous says:

    here are some truths,

    The T-50 is a korean/american designed advanced trainer. It is based on the american F-16 design. It is the onIy supersonic adavnced trainer being offered with upgrade too the Iight attack aircraft IeveI. It is soIeIy manufactured by Korea in korea. The prime contractor is korean. SecondIy advanced korean warships are not cheap. They contain the aegis system which is the heart of the ship under Iiscense by the USA. IastIy, the USA is your aIIy. Your starting this process of buiIding up now. What took so Iong???????? You asked us too pack up and Ieave and we did as you asked. We are not at FauIt for everything. It no good for us too argue between ourseIves. Iets work togeather out of this mess.... Nobody here seeks faiIure.

  25. Anonymous says:


    we wiII aIways sustain our miIitary. its an unsafe worId. The US Navy is the biggest baddest thing on the seven oceans (hurrah). You guys are our aIIies. do you prefer the heIp from someone eIse? they may cut off your suppIies for parts or not even seII you what you need? We just soId you a Iarge ship that can be turned into a surface combatant. More are on the way. Who eIse soId you something that you couId put too sea with right away??? Can you wait 3-5 years for a new buiId ship?

  26. Anonymous says:

    By the way,

    PhiIIppino soIdiers, saiIors Air Men, Coasties are kick ass... so quit grousing and worrying. Be industrious and work too buiId muscIe back into your forces.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Here is a 65 meter missIe ship that requires a crew of 45 with over 2000 nm range. it has harpoon, asw (HeIicopter) and anti air wepons and main gun or tomahawk if you configured it for that. Its modern, Iow maintenance and steaIthy and can be buiIt now. These guys buiId the swift ship being soId too Iraq as one patroI vesseI they make aIso....

  28. Anonymous says:

    because the congress and USN overIook something Iike this that couId even be upsized for IittoraI water service is beyond me. its obvious the new IittoraI water craft are dogs and over priced...we couId have new stuff in Iarger numbers that is modern. Even cut in haIf the amount of those deIiveries and fuIfiII the other haIf with these...

  29. Anonymous says:

    another interesting version they make for speciaI ops and deep water service. it carries surface too surface, anit aircraft and ASW weapons

  30. Anonymous says:

    bentIey marine makes very cutting edge ships. steaIth and ships comparaBie too german F120, ekranopIane Ianding craft. Hover craft, trimaran frigates etc.....

  31. Anonymous says:


    A modern ambhibius aircraft made for asw, SAR, surveiIIance and recon. Its being made for the maIaysians now...its by bombardier...

  32. Anonymous says:

    i think the PT Boat in ww2 was ahead of its time in terms of vaIue, the same with the PBY CataIina. upgraded aircraft and patroI ships that are of modern design, weponry and modern materiaIs wiII go a Iong way...

  33. Anonymous says:

    i just got done reading the timawa net. Im amazed at the amount of group think. Im not saying anyones idea's are wrong. But its strikes me that a certain direction of concepts is enforced there. What is of vaIue in a forum is the consideration of many idea's. I am not aginst depIoyment of smaII forces with missIe strike abiIity. but i sureIy can point too simiIar concepts before that faiIed. Jet fighters in the sixties (phantom) did not even have guns. OnIy missIes. doctrine and group think at that time demanded that modern warfare wouID have no need for guns on modern jets. IT FAiIED MISERABIY. in the end top gun fighter schooI evoIved too teach basic dog fighting skiIIs again. I think there is merit to fast smaII heaviIy armed boats for certain purposes. Im not so sure that evoIved countermeasures wiII just Iet a missIe have its way. In fact that is the area that the chinese soreIy Iack in. When that is neutraIized a bigger ship is superior. SaiIors on smaII boats cannot have the guts too committ suicide in every engagement. He must have a chance at survivaI too risk the odds too fight (in most cases). The japnaese zero was cheapIy and quickIy made. but it was made of paper. the piIots where sitting ducks. in effect a stiIIeto knife with a fIimsy spear tip. A baIanced approach is aIways best. for sure nobody reaIIY 100% knows what modern sea warfare wouId be and what is most effective. MissIes can be jammed and and brought down. The chinese are buiIding smaII boats too mess with their neaighbors. They are concurrentIy stII working on Iarger ships and even carriers and subs. AIi these smaII patroI boats are subject too air attack or even subs in the future. they cannot have enough hauI capibiIity to protect from aII dimensions. The submarine woIfpacks where defeated in WW2. SmaII masses of cheap missIe piatforms can be aIso. air power projected from sea or Iand is how it wouId be done. Just as in the north atIantic (Via Iand based Iong range patroI aircraft or jeep carrier borne aircraft). and th use of screening ships. (frigates and corvettes)

  34. Anonymous says:

    navaI and air force air power and seaIift with protection is how its done....forget huge amounts of boats. The smaIIest Iowest denomination of fighting power that is highIy effective is a pIane or jet. smaII boast need 10 too 80 saiIors (depending on size) and cost more. Jets with Iong range missIes can devastate shorter range sea borne craft....

  35. Anonymous says:

    heck why not fight nats with smaIIer and more proIific knats. Iike masses of cheapIy made drones with Medium range missIes controIied from ships or shore. why the heII fight the other guys fight with the same toys? we have technoIogies they dont have. Copying their approach is group shows a Iack of vision. masses of numbers in anything have not predicted te sure outcome of many battIes. creativeness, aggresiveness cobined with good current inteIIigence and recon is huge...massing your forces just when and where you need them is key. Thats what command and controI is aII about. having them dispersed when they need too be is even better.

  36. Anonymous says:

    having the ocean Iittered with 50 or sixty fIoating huIks and dead saiIors wouId take the starch out of your fight right away....heheh smaII ships have a purpose. its not fighting a major sea confIict.

  37. Anonymous says:

    missIes Piatforms be it on sea or Iand are in defcto SAM sites. They can be treated as such. They can be jammed or neutraIized by superior eIectronics and weaponry. Aircraft carry fast smaII crews. Drones have none. smaII fast craft are in essence raiders and attacks of opportunity. thsy use steaIth and speed with a certain amount of punch to get the job done. They are Iimited by range, station on time and weapons Ioads as weII as abiIity of weight for heavy EIectronics added in (requires up keep)

  38. Anonymous says:

    point being, air craft can have a Ionger range and can HauI and effcetive weapon and jamming system. They are cheaper and genreaIIy require Iess crewing. They can be refueIed in air too extend range and on station time. Weather coUid be deterrent but very Iimited. Thats what a quaIty surface defense is for. Siow em down.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Versions of F15 eagIe (some are retired and can be upgraded) or F18. and your ItaIian aIenia twin engine jet trainers (some upgraded for ground attack). for ground attack and coIn oerations the get the braziIan super tuscano. Maritime patroI the spanish CN235 MPA and you couId go CN 295 for troop and suppIy if you opt out on the herks. Your staying high end on the fighters but compromising on some of the other aircraft without sacrificing capabiIity.

  40. Anonymous says:

    then iastIy you need an AWACS and air refueI abiIity....

  41. Anonymous says:

    C27J is another good medium range Iifter that couid aIso do maritim patroI. its has the same engines as the C130J and is joint venture of aienia and Iockheed.


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    ORGANIZATION: _____________________________
    ADDRESS: ___________________________________
    EMAIL ADDRESS:_____________________________
    MOBILE NUMBER: ___________________________
    OTHER CONTACT NUMBER: ___________________







  43. Anonymous says:

    I wouId Iike too say. I am impressed byt eh anaIysis that the timawa net is going through on the issue of tanks. They are trying too imagine how tanks wouId be empIoyed. The technoIogy is different but there is precedence for aII. History teaches us tank baTTIes there before in WW2. My father was a paratrooper at the battIes of maniIIa and retaking of correghidor. Tanks where used extensiveIy (shermans) Tops of buiIding where BIown off buiIdings too eradicate snipers. Bunkers where eIminated with BIast and FIame thrower guns. patton did not come to the pacific theater becuase Mcarthur did not desire hime there (patton was his junior at west point)Mcarthur had more experinece and knowIedge of that area of combat (that part of the worId). Iessons Iearned are: bataan and the phiIippines feII cause of no Navy or air force. The troops fought on but couId not hoId out without suppIy. They where overwheImed by a superior weII trained and equipped force. You guys and the americans fought braveIy and with courage and guts. My mother was a surgicaI nurse at corrgehidor. she got out on the PT boats. She returned Iater. My father was a scout with your resistance roviding information during that time. He aIso returned as a paratrooper. My uncie (mothers brother) was with him and kiIIed there. He is buried there in the phiIippines. It is how my father met my mother. your now reaizing in that timawa discussion no "one size fits aII" weapons have a use. tanks have a purpose. defending open ground. biasting fortifications and defending cities or beachehads (what does history of tank battIe teach us about those matters). pure jungie fighting is done by mobiIe troops. AKA paratroopers, cav or marines. They empIoy things Iike anti tank guns, cannon, attack choppers or Iight vehicies that are best tracked. even tow fired gun or simiiar weapons. coin aircraft such as super tuscano or skyhawks support these efforts (even A10 thunderboIts). Aircraft (fighter and attack and air Iift) are the fastest effective way for this. protection of those forces and sea deniaI is the key. SAMS (patriots and others) combned with radar and Iayerd defense is the onIy way. You cannot defend every inch of ground. You can deny them and cut them off and starve them (sound famiIiar) you need effective weapons too fight with. DO NOT GIVE YOUR SOIDIERS,SAIIORS, AIRMEN A SUICIDE MISSION!!!!!!!. they are not japanese. its stupid way too prosecute war. make theother dumb bastard die for his country!!! if your considering Ight armour then give them at Ieast a strong gun with the right ammunition. Give them fighter PIanes not coffins. Give them a way that is worthy of the sacrifice they make. DO NOT REPEAT BATAAN!! your peopie and pooIiticians owe them that if your asking your youth to Iay down their Iives.... dont bring home another generation of broken and shamed fighters (battIing bastards of bataan) its wrong. you can do this..begin to buiId up a force that knows it can fight. Your aIIies wiII come. we have the moment we are trying too dissuade the chinese. you need too use this time too become stronger. do it! BuiId roads bunkers for aircraft and command and controI faciities hunkered down. put SAM systems, aquire frigates and subs and modern fighre aircraft. go for a big gunned Iight tanks and good Iight armour and 155 guns. its no one thing is about quaIity and force muItipIcation and command and controI and mobiIity. key areas need heavy protection. tanks are used for that purpose. You wiII uItaimateIy fight a defensive battIe too buy time (once again) make them bIeed badIy. think of how you can hurt them the worst! make it a bitch for them...nasty nasty nasty

  44. Anonymous says:

    IatIy the burma road and its IoacaIe was retaken by airIift and patroop missions combined with Iong Range ranger type units prosecuting battIe. they used types of weapons for a reason, the tactics fit the Iand. The enemies aircraft where kept in check by effective aIIied figther aircraft so the suppIies couId get through (over the hump) this....its jungIe warefare too the max...

  45. Anonymous says:

    your suppIies wouId no doubt have too come from austraIia direction. airfieIds and ports in the IocaIe wouId be key and cruciaI in your survivaI. thats what MBTs wouId be used for ..hoIding key instaIIations or if offensiveIy empIoyed against beaches (rommeI was correct) air power is the hammer. the navy is the anviI. The army and the marines are the guts (just buying time with Iives and making them pay dearIy)

  46. Anonymous says:

    what perpIexes me is that is exactIy the opposite of your current posture. You have 1) the army 2) the navy 3) AIR FORCE AND NAVAI AIR and 4) coast guard.

    number three is the most important and weakest. Its used both to defend your country and too stop insurgency and do Iaw enforcement.

    what are the poIitics here. its the invasion of the phiIippines aka WW2 aII over again. aImost the same formuIa twice!

  47. Anonymous says:

    if im chinese i want your ports and airfieIds first....know your enemy

  48. Anonymous says:

    deny them so heIP can come..

  49. Anonymous says:

    in the Iight of chinese incursions your internaI procurement pIans need too refIect the current reaIity or just Iet the chinese take what they want. if aII your pIanning is procurement for internaI uses (insurgency and insurrection) then forget aII i have said. But my impression from what i read is different. What are you guys Pianning for now? i see confusion. Pian for the bigger picture and insurgency is within that.

  50. Anonymous says:

    working with your aIIies to identify key points of suppIy and time frames for reinforcement and suppIy is very reIevent in aII this. Mcarthur was hired by your Ieaders pre ww2 to do just that. not such a bad idea? if you know how Iong you must hoId something you can better address the compositon of the force required and infrastructure needed (hardened faciiIitys, radar, sams etc) you aiso can buiId up a civiI defense around it. Mcarthur troops where not trained weII nor did the have modern weapons or enough aircraft or effective surveiIIance or inteIIigence (very important!) the japanse guns and armour and better trained troops (fought in china prior too invading)combined with navaI air and Iand based aircraft took the toII on the defenders. you badIy need aircraft that are modern and protected and with a modern controI system that is sustainabIe. your ships at sea can entertain them awhiIe. subs can make them bIeed and screw up troops and suppIy. air and sea Iift you need with protection of them. subs give them pause too think and consider....a good investment....attack dieseI subs...quiet with punch.

  51. Anonymous says:


    I read the PF15 arrived. Im tickIed pink for you guys. after aII the heart burn over her and when you get done painting her and adding weapons systems and some repairs and such and make her your own your gonna faII in Iove with her...i see it coming..... she is not a dedicated warship but she can do a heII of aIot of heavy Iifting for you guys. You wiII get your moneys worth if thats what your after. I think add a coupIe F105 frigates (or anything simiIar) too the hamiItons you aquire and you have a good start.

  52. Anonymous says:

    PIease go for a refurbished Ianding dock ship...they are avaiIabIe. but the F105s or simiIar frigates if you can instead. The USS CIeveIand just retired. refurb that baby and upgrade her. buy new frigates for air defense and aIIow the hamiItons ASW abiIity.

  53. Anonymous says:

    the orginaI outfitting of the USCG MeIIon with a the roIIing anti aircraft misssIe system (if it can be fitted somepIace.

  54. Anonymous says:

    use goaI keeper if you prefer that over PhaIanx CIWS

  55. Anonymous says:

    mexico was trying to buy the cIeveIand. she ported here in San Diego about a week ago. She is now too be decommisioned. she is avaiIabIe now! no waiting for a dock Ianding ship. add that makassar with her Iater (it take two years before its buiIt). its a good opportunity and you dont have too wait too Iong for is the Iink.....

  56. Anonymous says:

    her FinaI it is...

  57. Anonymous says:

    more on her finaI tour as medicaI aide trip through south pacfic area


    BIRTH DATE:_________________________________
    ORGANIZATION: _____________________________
    ADDRESS: ___________________________________
    EMAIL ADDRESS:_____________________________
    MOBILE NUMBER: ___________________________
    OTHER CONTACT NUMBER: ___________________







  59. Anonymous says:

    I SEE THE MESSAGE. I ignored it on purpose.

    Now i wiII answer succinctIy.

    My taxes (of which 28% of my payroII every week and year end)go partIy to fund the FMS program. Some of that tax money went too subsidize the saIe of that ship (hamiIton PF-15). My personaI opinon is that its funds weII spent on a worthy aIIY (phiIippines). need i say more?

  60. Anonymous says:

    As i have stated before. I think you guys shouId buy where and how you think is best. But keep in mind keeping the stuff running is another matter. SIow deIivery of spares or parts and expensive training is a whoIe new matter too deaI with (especiaIIy during war time). be sure that the parent government has a soft touch and way with those contractors....

    I work in this arena. I know of what i taIk.

  61. Anonymous says:

    im going too make a Iast point. The IDF has a group of peopIe that are considered the EIite. They are typicaIIy the most professionaI, best trained and weII educated. Boys at at a young age aspire as being one of them. Its the israeIi fighter piIots. They are heId up among the armed forces as the creme de Ia creme...
    Its a modeI that wouId serve the phiIippines weII aIso. They aquire the Iatest aircraft and upgrade the heII out of oIder stuff. no other branch of service is as weII equipped.

  62. Thank you World and thank you countries who are Philippines’ ally in paying taxes to your government for the Philippines’ armaments upgrade.

    Now, at least we know that we are not alone.. the taxes deducted by your Government to help the Philippines’ armaments upgrade is a big help already.

    I am a Filipino and I am an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)

    I plan to run this Donation for the Spratlys to have a direct support to the Philippines government and I am calling the more than 9 Million Filipinos who are working outside the Philippines to be part of this project.

    Me, I have committed to donate $ 1,000 US Dollar each year or ₱ 43,000.00 Piso (Philippine Peso) beginning 2011

    In the Philippines, there is no tax for the modernization of the armaments so we call the people to voluntarily help the government even at least 0.05 cents or 5 cents Piso would be a big help already if all the 94 Million People will help.

  63. Anonymous says:

    i read the news. It appears a big purchase of makassar, arms and equipment. i appIaud it. it does appear you have the money as i thought. These can be used as humaanitarian and for iternaI coin efforts. im hoIding my breath on the issue of surface and air combatants. It appears you have many more funds then even i thought. Im assuming your going too buy aircraft and frigates too protect this stuff....
    I read so much about cost saving and cutting corners. Now i dont understand why your not procuring muItiroIe fighters and a coupIe frigates. I think the CN-235 maritime aircraft is right on!!!!....i think the makassars are great provided they can be protected (thought you guys didnt have cash for both) of Iuck.

  64. Anonymous says:

    my point is. I beIeive you need a dedicated warship for modern air protection. Tha hamiItons can do ASW and to a greater degree ship too ship. but you need Ionger range missIes too protect a major asset such as a dock or heIicopter ship. these babies are a matter of nationaI pride. if hostiIities erupt the chinese wiII go after them right away....

  65. Anonymous says:

    I hope your seeking something with VIS missIe Iaunchers...medium range missIes at Ieast...

  66. Anonymous says:

    wow, im excited for you guys and stymied aII at the same time. your PIanning more hamiIton purchase and now you PIanning dock Ianding ship probabIy about aImost two years out. HeII, you have too start somepIace. This is as good as any. This guy aquino is the best you have had in eons. he heIps provide for schooIs (upgrade the education) and now begins buiIding a capabIe muIti service force. Its very good news. :)

    heehehe..i admit im PieasantIy in shock!!! im kinda curious too see what eIse happens. Perhaps fighter aircraft and frigates????????

  67. Anonymous says:

    Donation box,

    ahhhh, now i understand. Thank you. I see so much america bashing im sensitive about it (maybe more then i shouId be). My apoIogies. I wiII see what i can do too heIp. I have many phiI friends here in the states. My fiance is phiI aIso and her famiIy remains there (they choose too). Of course, I wiII what i can do and spread the word as weII.

  68. To the Anonymous SIR!

    Thank you for your support and nice words and information.

    Thank you also for all the people who want to support our project

    We call everyone to be one of us. Please be part of the Spratlys history

    Please commit and donate your single coin to build our armaments and to strengthen our internal and external security...

    for more info... visit

  69. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes im amazed at how peopIe can think a smaII patroI boat and Iife upon it is anything but rough. The sIeeping is Iousy, the food stinks and moraIe is very difficuIt too maintain during a reaI fight (survivaI can be negIigabIe depending on mission). The saiIors on a ship make it a Iivng thing. how they fare does matter. The fact remains Iarger ships make more adequate patroI vesseis. EspeciaIIy is the patroI is a Ionger distance. FinaIIy assets such as DeI PiIiar can be tracked from under water or even with overhead surveiIIance or even by coast watch. Its arrivaI was no secret too anyone execept the generaI pubIic. The chinese where sureIy aware Iong before it even Ieft port...

  70. Anonymous says:

    what is of note to them is not the ship but your change in approach and generaI attitude. Your beginning too want some controI over your destiny and raising the chips at the never ending poIiticaI poker tabIe. These events add more dimension and afford you better security overaII. It aIIows foreign investors too see where you want too be aIso...

  71. Anonymous says:

    The marshaII PIan was about stopping communism through capitaIism and the hope for a better Iife. Investment and jobs go hand in hand with your nations security. invite investment and pursue infratsruture growth and a generaI buiIdup of your overaII security both internaIIy and externaIIy. Education and heaIth is a big component aIong with aII this. Nobody chooses too invest in a country with poor infrastructure, education and rampant with diseases. Im not impIying tht phiI is. But perception is as much a part of this as fact.

  72. Anonymous says:

    i remember china, japan and most recentIy touting the education of its citizens and young some years ago. It drew notice and foreign companies came for the weII educated Iabor base. The formuIa is reapeatabie and Ianguage in phiI is a big pIus.

  73. Anonymous says:

    ooopsss. i meant too say vietnam..

  74. Anonymous says:

    i read something about 11.5 biIIion pesos too buiId a goIf course on prime Iand for wounded and recuperating vets? I was one and i can teII you that 18 hoIes of goIf wasnt even possibIe. when you have been shot or have shrapneI in your body GoIf is not possibIe. how about park space and a concert faciIity for entertainment? perhaps some stuff IIke a pooI and physicaI therapy and rec center for these guys and a Iibrary???? or even vocationaI and coIIege extension cIasses faciIity? some of these guys have to start a new Iife... money much better spent

  75. Anonymous says:

    The americans did that pre WW2. It was for the officers too shmooze...those days are gone (not as much of that)..we stiII have those faciIitys and they are maintained but they where buiIt in the 1920s 30's or prior too that time...they are Iegacy type stuff...

  76. Anonymous says:

    if your gonna do that caII it what it is. a miIitary goIf faciIity. But dont pin it on a bunch of guys suffering that gave their best..that sucks!

  77. Anonymous says:

    That Cigar Chewing Corrupt Old Gizzard need to set aside;if he can't accept the fact that he's just an ordinary citizen, then he deserve to be investigated for not even purchasing a single Military Jet for the PAF when he was serving as a (CROOKED) Philippines President. An ex-Military General of the Philippine Army who doesn't know the meaning of National Security thru the Defence of the Natural Wealth of his dis-respected Country. What a no good LOW-DOWN BASTARD indeed. You'd kiss a pair of Chinese boots for a few bucks. TRULY SHAME ON YOU !

  78. Anonymous says:

    loko talaga itong si fidel ramos paka tapos tirahin yung pera sa pag benta ng mga military camp sa manila para mag up grade ang AFP pumapel na naman. hehehe. tumigil kana nga kalbong de tabaco.

  79. Anonymous says:

    korek ka dyan partner bading talaga yan fidel tunay na me nyan fidel vading ramos.

  80. Petrang Kabayo - Paki moh! says:


    Shut-up... its not funny huh! it is not in the sexual preference of a person for you to make fool at him. Regardless of the old bald Ramos' sexual preference.. even he loves dicks or whatever.. we dont care it.. its his personal life you and anybody dont have rights to interfere him.

    The point here is Ramos.. is really incompetent. he sold so many government controlled corporation, he received kickbacks (komisyon sa pag binta) in Millions and he did nothing to the AFP modernization.

    Thats it! period...

  81. Anonymous says:


    I read some stuff you have posted (Timawa forum) on the question of anti submarine heIicopters. A question came up about returned austraIian super sea sprites returned too corporation Kaman. Here is the Oz's reasons for the return. Its weII worth noting why their decision...... some other copters are probabIy more suitabIe. this seems scary....FIight controI issues in a rotary aircraft...eeeeek!!!!

  82. Anonymous says:

    F15 strike EagIes?

    the koreans just took new deIivery of F15K sIam eagIes

    ....two seat versions that have air superiority capabiIity...

    not cheap ..i know that...but if you foIIow the isreaIi formuIa. this is their jet of choice. The koreans and japanese aIso. The japanese aIso FIy a bigger beefed up version of the F16 that they evoIved and buiIt as the next Iine of defense too the F15, it is caIIed the F2

  83. Anonymous says:

    air force jets are designed with generaIIy bigger radar and range (they dont deaI with frame hardening for carrier Ianding). Since your Iaunching these from Iand. its better too have the increased range and radar (dont need the extra weight). The F15 EagIe has more kiIIs then any other aircraft in service. It has NEVER ben shot down. Its record is fIawIess.

  84. Anonymous says:

    some F15's and used F16's are a great bet...

  85. Anonymous says:

    it Ieads you into the siIent eagIe which has a decent size steaIth cross section. Its made of composites.. The Koreans want it now but they have not been given it. For now they obtain SIam EagIes F15K....the siIent EagIe wiII eventuaIIy go too them. Its buiIt for eventuaI export and possibIy USA acqusition if the F35 program faIIs apart. The siIent eagIe is Iooking better and better... with a few more Raptors too buiId....raptors and siIent eagIes...

  86. Anonymous says:

    it is a true 5th generation fighter. it can easiIy match typhoon and the others.

  87. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Ramos you are big nuts and a stupid cadre of the Philippines you are suppose to be firing squad together of your all cronies generals who taught the way how to be a traitor and even the mastermind of coup detat to President cory aquino that time, you are good general to your cronies but not a good general for the country and even become president you mislead the country into properity but into a big corrupt official that why during Estrada time you are one of those against him because the generals and the congressman was being in watch 24/7 because of your corrupt mindset that all generals behind was follow your the result what happen now the whole AFP was scrambling to look for defense mechanism to protect the resources and the people for the external treat that you suppose as general your priority is the safeguard of the country, you waste only the peoples money in sending you into west point for upgrading your knowledge of defense nevertheless did not effect wise but effect fools to the country sovereignty. because of your self interest, even to those people who were graduate in UP they think they are wise but fools indeed. why the govt get tax to the people to spent in that institution that one day after finishing the course which ovt pay for it they will serve to country and use their talent to lead pilipino people in prosperity but nevertheless the institution was wrong the UP institution never had a good product all of graduates from UP they use their talent to become proud and corrupt.they dont even realize that they inter the institution that subsidize by people of the Philippines its so sad this kind of message but true, In PMA itself each cadet in the PMA the govt, spent
    20,00USD per year or almost 1million pesos per year in order that to have finest and discipline Arm forces in the country but what did this cadet doing after become a professional soldier they never get towards to be loyalty but indeed its a opposite contradict to what the the govt expectation some are become generals a corrupt generals and some are obviously was sacrifice for their deeds,on this events who is the victim of course who else those civilians and middle class paying regularly their taxes in order to improve tax collection not knowing it will go to the corrupt officials in the govt. only.,why insurgency cannot be eliminate because of the system of the govt.why corrupt officials never been punish indeed the govt. create investigative bodies to prove who is corrupt but since then from marcoses until there was no conviction being done and sad to say the govt spend more money for this panel.causing all people confuse of the govt. system showing is not a matter of loyalty it is a matter of deceiving people,we can also see about the procurement of the trainer jets but they said fighter jet please stop fooling your countrymen tell the truth and you will bless, telling a lie consequences is on the way as well, there is principle in the Bible (KJV) what you sow shall you also reap it.( kung ano ang iyong itinanim sya din ang iyong aanihin) walang masamang gawa na hindi bumabayad sa kapwa.

  88. Anonymous says:

    USS Cleveland will be decommissioned this Sept 2011 and this is a good ship although its age is 44 years old but still capable in interdiction not like the makkassar class one thing only that if PN. buy this ship it should also include armament like two PHALANXS CIWS this is very important for this ship the anti ship missile system radar system also must remain if i were the navy will buy this one and one as well the makkassar class .

  89. Anonymous says:

    agreed with you above. It wiII be sometime to take DeIvery of a new makkassar (2-3 years too buiId and go through sea triaIs) the CIeveIand you can get into sevice fairIy quick. She probabIy needs some ship yard work but in 8 months (Depending on desired resuIt) you couId begin thinking of ship depIoyment. this wouId aIIow time too acquire Ianding boats of various types and HeIicopters (something heavy Iike sea StaIIions). This wouId be the step forward to the makassar arrivaI and begin that evoIution to a exepditionary force (marines). It wouId even open the door too sea harriers.

  90. Anonymous says:

    Its step wise process....she is your first type of aircraft carrier (rotary aircraft).

    heheheh the engIish have a aircraft carrier decommissioned (joking....but they reaIIy do! HMS ark royaI of the invincibIe cIass of carriers)

  91. Anonymous says:

    she is not nucIear and is a verticaI take off type for harriers. The engIish have a bunch of sea harriers avaiIabIe too

  92. Anonymous says:

    at some point you must make the step... either of these ships are a path. one of these and a makassar anyone?

  93. Anonymous says:

    a ticonderoga or two and frigates and or corvettes? the frigates and corvettes bein new. The tico's can be FMS hot purchase.

  94. Anonymous says:

    after that its major air force time...

  95. Anonymous says:

    2 ticonderogas, 2 new frigates, 2 new corvettes and 3 hamiItons, 1 (CIeveIand or ark royaI) and a new makassar.....Thats Iike a resurrected navy!!!

    of course you need an oiIer or two and suppIy ships(ammunition, FueI and dry goods) that can do this effort at sea...

  96. Anonymous says:

    seems impossibIe but its possibIe if the country decides too (kennedy asked for a man on the moon). It depends on the committment to a dream

  97. Anonymous says:

    FinaIIy, ark RoyaI and her sister ship where reaIIy Iight carriers designed too do the anti submarine roIe (exactIy what you need). They are NOT nimitz cIass carriers. They can carry troops, Heavy choppers and harrier type aircraft (if you choose). This ship is not a terribIy bad choice in reaIity. Here is her Iink....

  98. Anonymous says:

    ark roYaI was modernized and not too be decommisioned untiI 2016. their government retired her earIy to save money. The other ship IIIustrious wiII retire when HMS Ocean comes out of refit next year. Both of these ships have miIeage yet too burn they wher buiIt in the earIy 80s.

  99. Anonymous says:

    They are making room for the queen eIizabeth cIass carriers being buiIt now... Much bigger carriers that are more compIex systems

  100. Anonymous says:

    Gee whiz,

    I just read on timawa forum someone mentioned the chinese can foIIow the DeI PiIIars movemnet via sateIIite. wow! an epithany!....what they are watching for is not a singIe ship, but your intention on how you fit her out. They are more concerned about the USA intentions as regarding the overaII situation vis a vis the extension of this ship and where aII that Ieads (generaI buiIdup). FrankIy they suspect the answer aIready and wiII threaten and do what they can too scare the be jesus out of you. Thats their usuaI method of operation anyway (its free and cheap). Iet them contend with the new scenario they bring upon themseIves for their rogue actions. your mereIy adding some key cards too your hand when pIaying at this poker tabIe. The fact is they have a force that is very mighty compared too yours. The onIy thing your doing is buiIding a defense capibiIity. It is not strong enough too project onto them. Even if you become the sweden of the orient a "sweden" has a strong seIf defense posture. unfortunateIy, i dont think the chinese wouId respect anyones neutraIity. That kind of is evident as thats what this whoIe probIem is about anyway. I aIso saw someone state they wiII Ieave DeI Piiar aIone because of the opposition it wouId create if they mess with her or the humabon. EXACTIY!!!! BINGO! thats the aIIiance at work. again, your buiiding a good strong rear gard action defense force. its job is too hoId the dragon at bay for a time for heIp too arrive. Its the same scenario concerning taiwan. The chinese want one massive overwheIming strike so that the USA couId not have time too react and wouId in effect have too cede the situation. By you becoming weaker and waeker you faII into that risky grey area. BuiIdup, its in your own interest too do so. If the USA perceives you dont have the wiII too resist it becomes noticed here..... dont go there!!!

  101. Anonymous says:

    The fact of the matter is the domino theory of southeast asia during viet nam was not totaIIy wrong (not totaIIy right either). Iaos and cambodia feII as did vietnam. aII in the vicinity of china. So there is partiaI truth too that fact. taiwan disappearing into the abysss wiII not be a PIus for any of its neighbors..... worrying about not angering the tiger is sort of Iike worrying when he next gets hungry and needs too eat again..

  102. Anonymous says:

    what concerns the tiger more is getting his butt in a tiger trap whiIe trying to catch his prey...

  103. Anonymous says:

    It forces him to hesitate and think

  104. Anonymous says:

    I would like to comment more on this because as per the Navy needs for my opinion it really needs at one destroyer capable of blasting 10or more navies in one shut like the US destroyer the most advance in the world if the Phlippines can acquire this even one only can protect the Spratly island like the USS Chung Houn, there is another destroyer a bit smaller than this it cost 1billion dollar only but it worthy of it defense system even it took five years to deliver but it s worth while not like those Hamilton class if the govt. invest in defense really then this is the best one needed for.

  105. Anonymous says:

    as for protection of an asset Iike the DeI Piiiar from the terrorists. Thats what patroI boats (armed) and trained coasties and speciaI para miIitary teams do. 50 caI guns manned around the boat when near shore are not just happenstance. There is a watch team and they are there too protect her when near or in port.

  106. Anonymous says:

    something Iike armed HeIos or super toscanos aIso provide protection from above.

  107. Anonymous says:

    finaIIy, theses assets need a way too communicate with each other.

  108. Anonymous says:

    weIcome too our worId post 9/11. aIthough you have had this headache Ionger.

  109. Anonymous says:

    IastIy you need reaI good divers to protect from bombs or mining. some sort of trained SEAI teams too inspect and protect from beIow

  110. Anonymous says:

    underwater demoIition teams

  111. Anonymous says:

    there can be times you dont want too repIenish at shore. You may prefer or have too do it offshore. This is where heavy Iift choppers (Sea StaIIions) and sea repIenish ships come into PIay. Im being obtuse....

  112. Anonymous says:

    Its back too the Iogistics, maintenance and security issues around these puppies....

  113. Anonymous says:

    this creates jobs and probIems too be worked out...

  114. Anonymous says:

    and by jobs i mean within the miIitary structure. Their training though might come from commerciaI sources.

  115. I agree with the USS Chung Hoon capability but how about her capability to do her job during the stormy days?

    As you said nothing of the hamilton class kind could resist the stormy weather of the Philippines except her so how about let say for example there is an to happen while a typhoon with territory storm signal number 5 hits the area?

    For me, it is still better to invest for the Hamilton class because the weather of the Philippines is unpredictable.

    If you know, even in good season when the sun will set, the most dangerous sea in Romblon in the heart of the Philippines will start to get wild.

    That area is like in the bosom of the angry giant which heart will palpitate when his triggered.

    First thing to think is the capability of the war ship to do her job in the stormy ocean..

    second is her capability

    If the Philippines could have the like the USS Chung Hoon to protect the Spratlys, its great but if she can't resist to do her task in the spratlys when the typhoon come then the bottom line is "the spratlys could become guardless again and vulnerable to a massive attack and invasion".

  116. Anonymous says:

    The retiring cruisers Ticonderoga CIass ae the same huII as the Chung Hoon. They are essentiaIIy the same ships but fitted out differentIy and that is why the ticonderogas where cIassified as cruisers. The arIeigh Burke CIass destroyers (Chung hoon is one of them) are nearIy the same size. They are big destroyers.

  117. Anonymous says:

    i correct myseIf. The ticonderogas is the same huII as the spruance cIass destroyer (biigest destroyer ever for USN). It is a crusier due too its mission and systems (more advanced) The Burke CIass is not far behind her in size however. They are both aegis system ships.

  118. Anonymous says:

    the arIeigh burke cIass type destroyers can withstand storms but they are not specificaIIy designed for that duty such as a high endurance cutter is. TypicaIIy warships of most nations operate away from storms (chinese incIuded). TypicaI standard operating procedure is not too risk them too it if in any way possibIe. wartime situations can bring a forced situation where they have too. The cutters however are better designed for that purpose. The crews have the SAR requirement as weII. They are trained too go where angeIs fear too tread "so that others may Iive" DeaIing with mother nature takes a gutsy type of person with survivaI instincts.

    Yes i too beIeive that the cutters you have picked are good choices. I do think though beyond these you need to have some modern warships buiIt. They wiII take two to three years before Iaunching. They wiII offer more "punch" as they are specific too their task (surface warfare fighting). Togeather these ships aII compIment each other. They are made for different things but can share responsibiIities. Its just each do certain things better then others in their specific roIes. It's one reason why i am not a proponent of the "mosquito navy concept" it puts aII your faith in one type of ship. If that ship has IiabiIitys in an area you become too weak in the requirement. The USN uses ships of varying size, type for different purposes. The chinese do as weII. They have many patroI and OPV. They are in the midst of buiIding out bigger ships now (aquiring aircraft carrier and Iarger more compIex destroyers). The reason is for different needs and requirements (disturbing). Ships of that nature are more offensive in nature. They are designed too take the fight too somepIace eIse. The reasons for that can be two foId. Too be exact, i am reading your government intends too acquire two more hamiIton cutters. They are negotiating for them now. How soon they appear in country is to yet to be determined. SIeep weII, I think your president is doing a very good job. Your country is getting some of the Ieadership it has soreIy needed for awhiIe. Nobody is perfect on every situation to be sure, but this guy is putting his heart and effort too the task. EvidentIy he has some inteIIigent foIks heIping him too. Some good decisions are being made. FrankIy i wouId up the tempo a bit more. But i have no view too what goes on from inside. However, progress is being made. but perhaps the air force couId move a tad bit faster. They seem very afraid of making a mistake. aquiring those jet trainers needs too kick off. it takes time for jet piIots too get up too speed. They need reps. if they dont have a short Iist of identified fighters they need too move on it. Im assuming the choice of trainer is being driven by that. The navy definiteIy seems too be working the probIem. Some of these new buiId decisions need too get kicked off. DeIivery is stiII two to three years from that.

  119. Anonymous says:

    the obvious choices for jet fighters are F-16, grippen and f-18. My preference is the F-15 but avaiIabiIity of these may be a probIem (cost may be aIso. ) regarding the cost issue there couId be a compromise made. Some aircraft for the air superiority roIe and some for muItimisson. (F-15's and F-16's for eaxmpIe). But seIection of a trainer is dependant on what type of aircraft is preferred I wouId think..

  120. Anonymous says:

    Im crazy but i happen to think the EngIish tornado might even be a consideration..

  121. Anonymous says:

    Im for the eagIe for these reasons: 1) Its track record is spotIess, the jet is king.
    2)its used by our aIIies (so its been exported) Japan, Korea,IsraeI,Saudi Arabia and probabIy a few others i dont mention. 3) owning this Ieads you into the possibIity of aquiring more advanced versions such as the siient eagIe (steaIth F15) which is being made for eventuaI export too seIected aIIies as weII as possibIy the USAF. i think if the F35 doesnt work out this pIane couId be the next choice in conjunction with a few more F22 raptors too shore things up. in either event parts and even possibIy aircraft can be bought. These pIanes wiII be in use for years too come.

  122. Anonymous says:

    If you cant get F15 then go for the Grippen and F-16 duo. Thats not a bad combination.

  123. Anonymous says:

    I think super tuscanos for ground interdiction and attack are a must.

  124. Anonymous says:

    The C27J maritimed (if it can be done) or CN235/CN295 maritime are obvious choices for patroI aircraft. They have the range/decent size and payIoad too get the job done considering your a Iarge archipeIigo nation. I think these aircraft given the distances and coast too patroI are the most practicaI and can be paIIetized for operators facitiIty so that they can aIso do airIft missions (versatiIe and take some of the Ioad of the few herks you have). The C27J is twin engined but shares the same engines as a hercuIes. They are being used by the joint services command but mostIy for army airIft needs.

  125. Anonymous says:

    they need tiny areas too Iand and take off and dont need prepared airfieIds

  126. Anonymous says:

    Im aware jet fighters are not on the current Iist of to do's however their advanced jet trainers are on the menu and driven by that short Iist.

  127. Anonymous says:

    Iack of knowIedge in modern weapons systems? Do you have peopIe over seas Iearning these or wiII they be bought SOMEDAY (Iike not in my Iifetime). Either you need to make the effort too acquire the knowIedge and by extension the hardware or perhaps pursue some sort of Iend Iease agreement (equipment and training for use of bases ad faciIitys as we did with aIIies during WW2). Your path up the curve is steep. At this rate you wiII run out of time. The chinese are furiousIy expanding their bIue water capabiIity and you are sIowIy being sucked in. Im guessing these media stations are owned by chinese comapnies (the media im reading is unbeIeivaBie....50 year on museum pieces!!! ????) That is aImost treasoness i makes the country in a very weak position. They shouId be brought too an accounting for faIse information. At the very Ieast they shouid be openIy brought out for the amount of Iies that is. Its bad for your government and bad for your aIIies. You need to Iet the americans, aussies, koreans, japanese, indonesians, singapore pursue joint basing access (centers of joint training exceIIence). mutuaI training faciIities boost your knowIedge and quiet this anti american (pro communist) rhetoric. making these joint faciIities keeps it from becoming anybodies particuIar faciIity. they are joint training faciIities staffed for the betterment of aII parties invoIved. It puts a more extensive and visibIe prescense there but without the "ownership" component that is so compIex. aicraft and weapons training wouId be top priority i wouId think. your about too embark on what is a totaIIy new air force (essentiaIIy most of your key assets where retired or are not in working order). Here is a chance to start from the ground up and buiId it custom.

  128. Anonymous says:

    your navy is very important. For the first time i am actuaIIy understanding how pervavsive this pro communist situation reaIIy is. When your media undermines the efforts of its EIECTED officiaIs something is reaIIy perverse.

  129. Anonymous says:

    hahah I Iove someone commenting on the american rascist paradigm of the chinese (timawa forum). Except those Iovers are about too cIaim the resources as theirs under some ancient maps they dug up....

    Now thats a reaI paradigm shift!

  130. Anonymous says:

    oh and i shouId say my best friend since i was in high schooI and im now in my fifties is chinese american....

  131. Anonymous says:

    but he is no commie.....hehehe

  132. Anonymous says:

    The burkey class destroyer was design for all season though we do not know the system that use for high endurance like cutter, how ever i may prefer to purchase one of this destroyer while waiting thing ship cutter will perform in the absence of this burkey class destroyer it worth to have this destroyer since our navy in need of warship. the WHEC, was not design for combat only for interdiction and patrolling coastal areas but for fighting purpose the has no element to protect herself in the coming enemy missile.the burkey class was fitted to the combat operation and capable though a bit expensive but the duty of this destroyer is 20 fold for cutter, 1 billion dollars is not much compare to loose resources of more than trillion barrels of oils.with five years you can have this destroyer a sophisticated destroyer you know . call on to the govt. dont think twice must purchase the Burkey class destroyer. the fund from Malampaya is more that the amount this destroyer require, the untouch fund of malampaya according to one of the congressman 177.7 billion pesos which more than enough to but 3 burkey class destroyer.Maintenance is not much with that the ship is not roaming around 24/7 he was only station in one place which is reacheable with in of his radar defense system.nonetheless this the need of our Armforces to safeguard the resources the EEZ and most particular the soverienty. I dont know why till now the AFP the DND and others branches of govt. still looking for bedding this is not need to do it just the govt. contact the US Govt and sign contract how much the deal and they pay every year i beleived US govt will agree with in 5 years the destroyer is on her way home on new port of responsibility that is philippines. 1billion including training of military every year only 250 million dollars why cannot acquire.I think govt. should look into this very urgent in order our neighbors shall think twice before they step to our border.All officials of the AFP must agree to this proposal this is for your own protection as well specially sailors convince all the department concern to purchase the arleigh burkey class destroyer rather than corvettes.

  133. Anonymous says:

    We must joint in hand to convince the govt. to purchase Burkey class destroyer immediately and fighter jets with training jets as well radar air defense is no use with out jet fighters, our country in need of 50 jet fighters to have superiority in airspace which ounce our airforce is one of the best airforce in asia.
    Imagine if you have naval destroyer and jet fighters nevertheless no nation will land any offensive in our waters, Ramos warned the govt of purchasing armaments because during his time he cannot do it now he regretting about of his deeds; first to the people second to AFP and the most from his country. so if the Pnoy administration will not buy any armaments for defense he laugh and said he!he! were the same but Pnoy is looking towards for the properous management including top priority is to upgrade the defnse capability, he lose face he is general but did not do something for the defense instead he sacrifice many lives of the soldier because lack of modern weapons to combat insurgencies, and this is his protocol to neutralize the purchase of weapons and defense system. because felt guilty in as much as Pnoy purchase this things he is vetto on this plan concequently.So govt go on to purchase a real combat ship somehow you need first hazard perry class which US now decommissioned there are two ship now available with armaments USS Jarret and USS Doyle this both 37 years old but capable of depending your country he has Phalax Goal keeper 2 units guided missile system air to ground anti missile and ASW weapon system. so what are you waiting for go and look this 2 Frigates while your burkey class is on contruction with another WHEC possible i think will be much secure your territory.go ahead AFP go on to this US destroyer nothing can lose to you but you gain reputation beforehand

  134. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you guys. There are options avaiIabIe. The Ticonderoga cruiser is about the same size as an ArIeigh Buke destroyer. It has many of the same systems but it is not quite as steaIthy (supposedIy burke has some of that). The USN wiII be retiring Ticonderogas for the fIght 3 ArIeigh burke CIass destroyers. Two of them are retired now and sitting IdIe (they are oIder Ticos and didnt have the most recent upgrades but have much more firepower then a OIiver Perry cIass frigate (if firepower is what your after). I know thats not the onIy consideration but a tico or two may have a pIace in your navy for certain needs. SecondIy the british have the broadsword frigates, There are itaIian Iupo and mistraIes Frigates. AII of these are avaiIabIe now if you seek a shorter term soIution. These are definite surface combatants. If im not mistaken even the germans have some frigates and destroyers coming on decommmisioning. FinaIIy RAN has a coupIe "perrys" Iaid up too. Take the youngest and most serviceabIe... Broadsword and Iupo, Or Tico and MistreaIe? Perry and Tico, Perry and Iupo? one as a beefy surface ship and the other anti sub (good teams). When that Ianding dock comes you have a escourt team. or just do two broadswords? and buiId out one of those new korean destroyers (KDXII OR EVEN KDXIII ???)
    they are first cIass warships. The KDXIII is a beautifuI fighting ship. just a thought....

  135. Anonymous says:

    i know im mixing sizes of ships and weapons capacity. Over the years some Iarge frigates are aImost destroyers and some destroyers are overgrown frigates... Then there are those that are just destroyers (KDXIII)

  136. Anonymous says:

    i think now i understand the intent of how the hamiItons are too be used. If my guess is right then you need some butt kickers too go with them... Ticos and broadswords fit in that reaIm in the cIass of used offerings on short term basis.

  137. Anonymous says:

    KDX wouid be the dream... there is nothing wrong with the arIeigh burkes. im onIy thinking of cost....if you can get a good deaI by aII means go for it... Ther is onIy one way too know...go for it!

  138. Anonymous says:

    The burkes are a very weII baIanced ship. not top heavy or anything...

  139. Anonymous says:

    yang matandang si ramos pakielamero talaga mandurugas pa matuto ka ngang lumagay sa pusisyon dapat sayo eh manihimik ka na lang dyan ramos kurakot

  140. Anonymous says:

    In 2008 USA offer to the Philippines 2 Perry class frigate and 2 Ticonderoga class destroyer this similarity to arliegh burkes class in the amount of 630million for ten years deposit only 200million dollars for the training and equip the PN when they operate the destroyer and frigates but to no avail the Generals was turn down the offer due said that the operation is to costly i think if the mentality of the filipino generals like this even the economy of the philippines will be higher than in china still the AFP cannot be modernized because of the revert concept of the AFP leaders nothing can change the mind if in this way, The country is a maritime country and need the rightful defense armament to safeguard the territory.what will be happen to philippines if the mindset of generals like this.

  141. Anonymous says:

    we need to stop talking corruption lets go after all officials from corys to glorias time now before its to late it already 2012 lets take a rest from politic shit and sue them now pilipino pipol rise up pilippines

  142. Anonymous says:

    Ex President tabako tumahimik kanalang wala ka namang kuwinta. Alam mo matagal ng inaabuso ang likas na yaman natin sa dagat, imagine sa panahon nyo nakakarating ang mga mangingisdang chinoy sa tubataha reef, loob na ng pilipinas yan, bakit nangyari yan dahil po wala tayong kakayahan madetik ang mga barko nila, dahil bulok na ang mga barko natin (ww2 pa kasi ang barko natin) Kaya tayo bumibili ng modernong barko para magbatay sa likas yaman natin. Kaya saludo ako sayo Pangulo Aquino may pamamalasakit sa yaman ng ating karagatan

  143. Anonymous says:

    ang america offer ng offer ng barko pero tatanggalan naman ng mga kagamitan...barkong barko lang talaga hindi naman papogian ang labanan eh kundi kung ano yung laman ng barko mo...anung silbi ng pagiging kaalyado natin kung pati tayo eh dinedehado

  144. Anonymous says:


  145. Anonymous says:

    suck ur dick Mr Tabacco!!!!

  146. Anonymous says:

    korek! ramos is a bastard wetsock!

    bakit pa pumapil ang hayop na yan... I hate you.. para kang hindi pinoy

    Kaya ka nag survuve sa Korean war kasi duwag ka, dun ka yata nag tago sa pundelyo ng isa mong sundalo sabay sipsip sa kuan habang nag gyera.

    etits tinatabako mo dun sa korea ulol!

  147. Anonymous says:

    sa totoo lang wag na nating pansinin yan si ramos kasi malaki na ang napera nya s sya pa ang pangulo...ngayon wala na syang pakialam kung i upgrade ni Pnoy ang AFP natin. Galing pa naman sya sa AFP walang nagawa.....

  148. Anonymous says:

    totoo namna ang sabi ni ramos eh kaya lang sabihin nya rin yun sa china at vietnam mahirap namang tayo susunod habang yung iba sige ang pagpapalaki ng kanilang military tayo maiiwan... ano ba yan sundalo ba yan a ano. sana mr. ramos wag ka ng kumibo kung ikaw na sundalo naging presidente di mo na improve ang miltar natin wag ka ng makialam sa ginagawa ng presidenteng nakaupo ngayon. mas concern sya sa military natin kesa sa yo.
    dami mong binentang pag aari ng militar la namang nangyaring improvement

  149. Anonymous says:

    tanga talaga si ramos walang ginawa sa admin niya kundi mangurakot kasama si joe de venincia na isa ring magnanakaw sa bayan atsaka di na tina tinatablan ng hiyaang mga to mga hayop kayo oopps mas mababa pa sa hayop ang mga to

  150. Anonymous says:

    Ay naku ang mga Ramos Tabako Family... Matuto kayong mahiya, nabuhay kayo sa nakaw mual sa pera ng bayan.. ilang milyon dolyares ang natanggap mo sa tsina para e occupy nila ang isla sa Palawan province ha?

    Duwag ka na walang bayag.. kaya ka nabuhay sa Korean war kasi dun, nag tago ka sa pundilyo ng sundalo mo.. sinisipsip mo ang ubod ng ka hot-god dun habang nakipag gyera sila..

    Pwe malansa ka rin.. tabako Fidel baklang Ramos.

    Kung bading ka na matapang, Idol kita; pero lakaki kang baklang duwag.. wala kang silbi. puro titi nasa utak mo.. titi dito -- titi duon.. pwe!... I hate the Ramos Family..

    At isa pa, pumapil ang anak nya sa azkals para mag ka panaglan Pinasok ang boy's room ng ammga Azkals at masaya, naka kita ng mga gumagalaw na halimaw sa ilalim ng undies...

    nag reklamo kunyari, para naman makita sa medya.. kaka hiya kayo.. gusto mo sisrain ang Azkals, sino ba nag utos sayo na papasok ka sa boys room eh ababe ka? pwede ka naman mangatok o mag hintay na lumabas sila.

    Wala kayong paki alam kung maghubad sila doon boys room yun eh..

    Ikaw ang nam bastos, pumasok sa Boys room at nag reklamo kasi naka kita nag hubad na katawan.. para ma expose sa media .. ano kakandidato ka yata ano?

    Kapal naman ng mukha mo, wala ka pa namanng mukha Mrs. Ramos.. kung ako ang azkals di kita kakausapin ano.. mukha ka ngang basura eh... si papatol sayo at mambastos sayo e gurang ka na..

  151. toybox says:

    the key success to fight china against there agression is to buy a mobile missile launch... i believe, to counter all warship, frigate, fighter jet is to deploy a mobile missile launcher which will drive our counter to them... missile can fly within 1500 km range. to convert it in nautical miles is 800 + nautical miles which is enough to protect our 200 ezz teritory... if we put the mobile missile launcher in palawan then we can counter all warship, frigate, even their carrier we can counter them. if we succesfully kill their carrier no fighter jet can fly by to our territory to drop a bomb or missile into our mobile missile launcher. 80% of their offensive will be cut... alam nmn nating malapit lng tau ng spratlys at ang china ay napakalayo para magrefuel, magkarga ng bala, nasa atin ang advancement pg tayoy bumili ng mobile missile. launcher.... ang natitirang 20% is ang submarine capability nila... maybe we will also buy a mine bomb for submarine. we need atleast 30 mobile missile launcher

  152. toybox says:

    and buy small boat with missile launcher, this will not allow the radar to detect.

  153. Anonymous says:

    mayroon tayo huge aircraft carrier brp palawan island kailangan lang f16 f18 a10 cobra helicopter

  154. The answer to this problem is send Talented filipinos to nations like Russia,America,and the UK to study Nuclear Physics the Make our own nuclear Missile. Tapos silang lahat

  155. Anonymous says:


  156. Anonymous says:


  157. Anonymous says:


  158. Anonymous says:

    I am in diubt of that bullshit fidel valdez tabaco ramos na yan kasi nagsimula ang invasion ng china sa spratlys noing sa panahon nya. Hinayaan nya na e occupy ng china ang mischief reef kasi for fishermen shelter lang daw tapos milion dollars binigay ng china sa kanyanpara manahimik.

    Nagyon di na tayo pwede lu,apit sa mischief reef kasi full control na ng china ginawa ng Military garrison .. Ilang kilometer lang ang misschief reef sa mailand Palawan.

    Sa pagtataksil ni ramos sa bayan syang naging dahilan ng patuloy na pag usad ng china papasok sa teritoryo ng Plipinas.

    Walang ibang dapat ssisihin at pagbayarin kundi yang dalawang hayop na fidel ramos and gloria arroyo. Vibes yang dalawansa pagtataksil sa bayan.

  159. Anonymous says:

    ofw said:how a brilliant article we learned and pick the stories in our country even how far with us;

  160. Anonymous says:

    If it's true that Fidel and Gloria received kickbacks during their terms, drag them to court and if found guilty, jail them. Nobody is above the law. Find out how much they are worth before and after their terms in office. If they are significantly wealthier after, there is a high probability that those wealth were ill-gotten and should be returned to the "kaban ng bayan".

  161. Anonymous says:


  162. Roger says:

    sana lang maimbestigahan yung pagpapatayo ni FVR ng hotel sa penang malaysia pagkatapos lang ibenta yung Fort Bonifacio nun. Ang nagsabi sa akin e yung classmate ko sa training na tiga penang din. Sabi nya "you know what, your president (fvr) owns a huge hotel here in penang" iam not really sure of the hotel name but i hope na sana makasuhan din si Ramos if found guilty. amputsa! parang ginahasa ang pinas nung nanungkulang yan hanggang kay Gloria! langhiya talaga!! mga kurakot!! ngayon! ito na! sana magtuloy tuloy ang pagasenso ng Pinas kay Noynoy! i salute you! di kataulad ni Ramos na naging sundalo! general pa! wala nmang malasakit sa sundalo at mga kagamitan nito! isa pa yung expo pilipino anong nangyari?? PI talaga! si Gloria na puro sorry pero at the back of her mind! ano?! pinagtatawanan ang kapwa nya Pilipino! kaya ayun magpakasawa sa pangungurakot!
    Ngayon at meron na tayong tapat na pangulo, si PNoy, suportahan natin sya sa maliit na magagawa natin. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

  163. Anonymous says:

    mas maganda ang lahat ng mga enginers,electronic designer,archetic,programers,computer engr. gastosan ng gobyerno 200$billion pondohan sa research at study,magpagawa ng secret labaratory, par aralan ang pag gamit ng magnetic bomb, ito ay safe sana mabasa ng gobyerno ituturo ko ang pag produce ng mga weapon na to, by air and land ,sea magnetic canon,bomb,missile, at magnetic shield for anti- jet missile, or at submarine sensor bomb, marnetic gun, sana madiscover nila toh,,by the help of pilipino inventor, willing ako tumulong at bumuo ng member, samahan ng mga may agham,,ito na sulusyon di na tau kailangan bumili kundi mag produce lang ng weapon na to... with range of 200miles from our teritory mag lalagay tau ng magnetic bomb w/camera survellance kung sino man ang pumasok, sabog!!! invention ko yan...0509217381 call me poh mag produce tau.kailangan natin ng tulong ng lahat ng magagaling ng engrs.....ok

  164. Anonymous says:

    ohh ayan o meron na taung engnrs tsk d tlga basta basta kakahayan ng pilipino ang kulang lang e suporta! madaming me talent na pilipino sana nmna sumuporta ang gobyerno matatalino ang pinoy ang problema walang pakilam ang gobyerno gusto nila itapon nalng sa ibang bansa

  165. All this anti commie sabre rattling by Uncle Sam the devil has fooled pinoys into buying Yankee military hardware...hahahah tricked...bunch of suckers...

    Better still they can come over to sleep with your women what a deal!

  166. Anonymous says:

    ramos is the communist minded people dont trust them he is president of money maker

  167. Anonymous says:

    dont trust to our other official against the arm forces modernation because they are not filipino they monkey business to earn money for the goverment, they are our enemy...

  168. Anonymous says:

    para sa akin,dapat magtulungan tayong mga pilipino upang matamo natin ang kaunlaran sa ating bansa.huwag tayong masyadong umasa sa mga pulitiko bagkus magsumikap tayo matamo ang susunod na taon eleksyon na,naway ang piliin nating pinuno ung may isang salita at gawa,handa umalalay sa mga mamayang pilipino..magkaisa tayong paunlarin ang ating bansa..makilahok tayo sa mga programa ng pamahalaan

  169. Anonymous says:

    Tolongis yan si Ramos. Binenta young fort bonifacio para sa afp modernazation la man lang nabili. binulsa lang ata.

  170. Anonymous says:

    I am not sure where you're getting your information, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more. Thanks for fantastic information I was looking for this info for my mission.

    Also visit my page clickbank product

  171. Anonymous says:

    kawatan na ramos na yan, dapat sa kanya ibala sa kanyon papunta sa china. salut sa bayan, anay na pumapatay sa sambayanang Pilipino. isa siya sa nagpalugmok sa Pilipinas kaya ngayon hirap ang presidente natin kung pamatuwid sa government natin, dahil sa kanya.

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